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About the Author

Jeremy Tammik

Jeremy is The Building Coder and The 3D Web Coder. He is a prolific author and passionate about cooperation and sharing, working with the Forge Partner Development team on Autodesk APIs and web services, providing developer support, training, conferences, presentations, and blogging on the Revit API and cloud and mobile technologies.

Jeremy joined Autodesk in 1988 as the European technology evangelist driving AutoCAD application development in Europe, the United States, Australia, and Africa. He co-founded ADGE, the AutoCAD Developer Group Europe. He left Autodesk in 1994 to work as an independent HVAC application developer and rejoined the company in 2005.

Jeremy graduated with degrees in mathematics and physics at Marburg University in Germany, worked as a teacher and translator of both computer and human languages and as a C++ programmer on early GUI and multitasking projects. He is fluent in six European languages, vegetarian, has four kids, two grandchildren, loves cooking, climbing, hiking, sports, nature, literature, music, dancing, adventure, survival, problem solving and challenges of all kinds.

Here are a totally incomplete and out-of-date CV and snapshot of what I did in 2013.

Contact, Questions and Support

Jeremy can be contacted by email and @jeremytammik, but please don't expect him to provide support.

If you have questions on Autodesk product usage, customisation or programming, please visit the appropriate Autodesk community discussion forum.

For Revit API questions, you can go straight to the dedicated Revit API discussion forum. If you prefer, you can also use the revit-api tag on Stack Overflow.

I always prefer to discuss everything I do in public and enable the entire community to contribute and share when possible.

Therefore, please avoid misusing any of the personal channels listed below for Revit API related questions:

Getting Started

Here are some suggestions on getting started with the Revit API:

First of all, before getting started, learn the Revit product from an end user point of view. Understand the optimal workflow and best practices. If you do not, the API will be hard to understand and not make much sense.

It is also useful to learn the basic of programming in general, and of the language you choose for addressing the Revit .NAT API specifically.

A good understanding of event-driven programming is very helpful, since the Revit API is entirely event driven.

Once you have that under the hood, determine an optimal end user workflow for the task that you intend to address with your add-in.

Any step that cannot be solved through the user interface can almost certainly not be automated either.

After that, it is time to start exploring the programming environment.

The Revit SDK or Software Development Kit includes API documentation and samples. You can download it from the Autodesk Revit Developer Center.

The most important piece of documentation is the Revit API help file RevitAPI.chm listing all classes, properties and methods. That information is also available online at www.revitapidocs.com.

Another very important piece of documentation is the Revit API Developers Guide included in the Revit product help.

The most effective way to get started learning and programming with the Revit API, including installation and use of the SDK, is to work through the step-by-step instructions provided by the DevTV and My First Revit Plugin video tutorials.

Next, you can dive in deeper still by working through the self-documenting ADN Revit API Training Labs. They consist of a series of hands-on lab exercises in both C# and VB.NET accompanied by detailed step-by-step training instruction documents.

If you are in a hurry and want to skip everything else, you can just check out the hello world walkthroughs in the developer guide.

The section on Add-In Integration presents detailed information on all you need to know about installing an add-in.

Here is an overview of the the rich collection of getting started material currently available:

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Reproducible Test Case

The best and clearest way to describe an API problem is normally by providing a non-confidential reproducible test case including a minimal sample macro embedded in a minimal project file to run it in and detailed step-by-step instructions specifying exactly what you are trying to achieve, the behaviour you observe, the difference between the two and how to reproduce the issue to analyse it in the debugger:

The purpose of this is both to enable us to reproduce and analyse the problem and to verify that it really has been resolved.

Another even more beneficial aspect for all involved is that creating a minimal reproducible case like this often leads you to discover for yourself what you were doing wrong, and the issue becomes moot.

P.S. Here is an additional clarification on the importance of a minimal reproducible case directly from the development team for a specific case: With the new info it does indeed look as if we need to explore this issue in more depth. However, I doubt it is on the managed side. Unfortunately, even if it does not look like it, we really need a sample to reproduce. Unless the problem occurs every time no matter what geometry is and what happens to the element the face was taken from, it is practically impossible for us to test it (I mean, in a reasonable time). We do not necessarily need your code – I can write the code myself – but we need a workflow to reproduce, and the workflow needs to be quite detailed; like – create this wall, of this type and this position and length, at this level; put this specific window there at this exact location; etc. Let me put it this way: if I receive a case from our QA team and the description does not specify each click exactly to get to the point of failure, no matter how trivial the commands are, I cannot take the case and return it to the reporter. Naturally I always try my best to deduce the actual scenario, but I can only do so much. So, please, if you can give us something very detailed and specific it will benefit both of us. Thank you.

P.P.S. If your add-in is too large or complex: I would love to dive in and try to help you debug this, but I am sorry to say I do not have the time. You will have to continue exploring it yourself. All I can suggest is to keep at it. One approach to debugging a problem like this is: (i) Simplify it down to something absolutely trivial and stupid that is guaranteed to work – dumb it down. (ii) Once that is working, add the required complications one by one until it either works completely or fails. Once you have determined the exact point of failure, you can narrow that down further and create a minimal reproducible case: With the minimal reproducible case in hand, I can either take a look myself of pass it on to the Revit development team for further analysis.

P.P.P.S. In order to simplify installation and debugging for the development team, the preferred method to submit your sample code snippet is to include it as a macro embedded in a minimal RVT document.


Copyright (c) 2008-2023 Jeremy Tammik

All material provided by The Building Coder is licensed under the terms of the MIT License:

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of the software published on this blog and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions:

The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.



Please note I provide no guarantee whatsoever that anything published on this blog is useful or even legal. Some of the projects discussed here make use of experimental or risky workarounds not covered by the officially supported usage recommended by Autodesk. They are by no means production-level solutions and should not be used as is for production use. Some code presented here is just a test showing some aspects of possible uses of the Revit API and other programming functionality. Nothing published here is guaranteed to work under any conditions whatsoever. Some explorations making use of undocumented aspects may not even be legal. If you make any use of anything here, you are doing so at your own risk. You are responsible for yourself and all the software you create.

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Topic Groups

Here is a random collection of pointers to blog posts on specific topics that came up in recent developer queries:

5.1. Custom Exporter

5.2. 2D Booleans and Adjacent Areas

5.3. PostCommand

5.4. Dockable Panels

5.5. Material Management and Libraries

Please also note the related topic group 5.42 on Texture Bitmap and UV Coordinate Access.

Creating Materials with Revit API and C# | Complete Tutorial

5.6. Phase

5.7. Preview Control

5.8. RstLink

5.9. Retrieving Elements Using FilteredElementCollector

In addition to the discussions and samples below, a large number of additional real-world filtering examples is provided by The Building Coder samples in the module CmdCollectorPerformance.cs.

5.10. Filter for Family Symbols

5.11. Model Review

5.12. Wall Layers

Please refer to 5.17 – Wall Layers and Compound Structure.

5.13. GitHub

5.14. Moving a Cable Tray

5.15. Room Boundaries

5.16. Unit Testing

5.17. Wall Layers and Compound Structure

5.18. Room Properties

5.19. Pick Point

5.20. Visual Studio Revit Add-In Wizards

The Visual Studio Revit add-in wizards provide Visual Studio templates for generating C# and VB .NET Revit add-ins. They enable the instantaneous and automatic generation, installation and debugging of a new Revit add-in skeleton with one single click.

You can always get the most up-to-date version from the Visual Studio Revit Add-In Wizard GitHub repository.

5.21. RoomEditorApp – Room Editor Revit Add-In

Please also refer to 5.35 – Autodesk Technical Summit 2014 – a generic cloud-based round-trip real-time 2D Revit BIM editor.

5.22. Advanced Revit 2014 API Features and Samples

5.23. Extensible Storage

5.24. Control Element Colour and Material

5.25. Family API, Loading and Placing Family Instances

Families can be programmatically created, loaded and placed.

The Family API to create them is active in the RFA family context.

Family loading and instance placement works in both RVT projects and RFA family definitions.

5.25.1. Family API for Creating Family Definitions

5.25.2. Family Instance Placement

5.25.3. Loading a Family

5.26. PushButtonData Usage Examples

5.27. FamilyElementVisibility

5.28. Idling and External Events for Modeless Access and Driving Revit from Outside

5.28b Thoughts and Input on Revit I/O

Officially, you cannot currently use Revit as a server to create BIM models programmatically in a fully automated manner. However, several unofficial workarounds have been devised anyway, c.f. above, and the demarcation between driving Revit from a modeless context and using it as a server is vague.

The Autodesk Forge web services are currently being expanded to include support for RVT file read-write operations as part of the Forge Design Automation API.

5.29. ExtrusionAnalyzer

5.30. 3D Booleans, Cutting and Joining Elements

Please also refer to the topic group 5.48 – Element Intersection and Collision Detection.

5.31. Dynamic Model Updater Framework DMU

5.32. Detecting and Handling Dialogues and Dialogues

5.33. Need to Regenerate

5.34. BipChecker, the Revit Built-in Parameter Checker

5.35. Autodesk Technical Summit 2014 – A Generic Cloud-based Round-trip Real-time 2D Revit BIM Editor

Please refer to 5.21 – RoomEditorApp – Room Editor Revit Add-In, describing the initial base implementation for Autodesk Technical Summit 2013.

5.36. Source Code Colourizer

5.37. Creating and Setting Up a 3D View

5.38. Creating and Setting Up a Section View

5.39. Splitting an Element into Parts

5.40. The ADN Revit MEP HVAC and Electrical Sample AdnRme

5.41. Revit and Its API is Different

5.42. Texture Bitmap and UV Coordinate Access

5.43. Point Clouds

5.44. Creating a Floor

5.45. Creating Dimensioning

5.46. Autodesk View and Data API

5.47. Exporting Individual Element Geometry

5.48. Element Intersection and Collision Detection

Please also refer to the topic group 5.30 – 3D Booleans, Cutting and Joining Elements.

5.49. Edit and Continue, Debug without Restart, Live Development

5.50. DirectShape Element

5.51. Spatial Adjacency and Thermal Energy Analysis Model

Please also refer to the topic group 5.2 – 2D Booleans and Adjacent Areas.

5.52. The Revit API Util Classes are Often Overlooked

5.53. Handling Transactions and Transaction Groups

Please note that transaction handling is sometimes also related with the need to regenerate.

5.54. Structural Extensions, REX and Results Builder

5.55. DA4R – Design Automation for Revit

5.56. Element Identifiers in RVT, IFC, NW and Forge

Table of Contents

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Nr Date Title (Internet hyperlink) – ^ (local) Categories
00012008-08-22Welcome   ^  News
00022008-08-24Introduction to DevTech   ^  News
00032008-08-26Getting Started with the Revit API   ^  Getting Started
00042008-08-28The Revit SDK Contents   ^  Getting Started
00052008-08-30Managing SDK Samples   ^  Getting Started, SDK Samples
00062008-09-02The SDK Samples Solution SDKSamples2009.sln   ^  Getting Started, MEP, SDK Samples
00072008-09-04Loading SDK Samples   ^  Getting Started, SDK Samples
00082008-09-08Debugging a Revit Add-In   ^  Debugging, Getting Started
00092008-09-11What Next?   ^  Getting Started
00102008-09-16Selecting all Walls   ^  Filters, Getting Started
00112008-09-18Units   ^  Units, Getting Started
00122008-09-22Geometry Library   ^  Geometry, SDK Samples
00132008-09-24Geometry Viewers   ^  Geometry
00142008-09-26Wall Dimensions   ^  Geometry
00152008-09-29RoomsRoofs SDK Sample   ^  Element Relationships, Geometry, MEP, SDK Samples
00162008-10-01Relationship Inverter   ^  Element Relationships, Getting Started
00172008-10-03Filter Performance   ^  Filters, Performance
00182008-10-04AU 2008   ^  MEP, News
00192008-10-06More Filter Performance   ^  Filters, Performance
00202008-10-07Filter Performance Conclusion   ^  Filters, Performance
00212008-10-08SDK Update Posted   ^  MEP, News
00222008-10-10Picking a Point   ^  SDK Samples, User Interface
00232008-10-13RVT File Version   ^  External, Utilities
00242008-10-14Application Events in VB   ^  Events, Getting Started, VB
00252008-10-16Element Materials   ^  Geometry
00262008-10-20Family Instance Materials   ^  Geometry
00272008-10-23Azimuth   ^  Geometry
00282008-10-27Converting between VB and C#, and .NET Decompilation   ^  Debugging, External, Getting Started, Utilities, VB
00292008-10-28Obfuscation   ^  Utilities
00302008-10-29Element Bounding Box   ^  Geometry
00312008-10-31Slab Boundary   ^  Geometry, User Interface
00322008-11-03Model Line Creation   ^  Debugging, Element Creation, Geometry, SDK Samples
00332008-11-05Slab Side Faces   ^  Debugging, Geometry
00342008-11-06Creating a new Family Symbol   ^  Element Creation
00352008-11-07Loading The Building Coder Samples   ^  Getting Started, SDK Samples
00362008-11-10Adding a Shared Parameter to a DWG File   ^  DWG Getting Started, Parameters, SDK Samples
00372008-11-12Editing a Floor Profile   ^  Element Creation, Geometry
00382008-11-14Wall Compound Layers   ^  Geometry
00392008-11-17Wall Elevation Profile   ^  Geometry
00402008-11-18Visual Studio 2008   ^  Getting Started, News
00412008-11-18Another Revit API Blog   ^  AU 2008, Events, News
00422008-11-19Exploring Element Parameters   ^  Debugging, Getting Started, Parameters, Utilities
00432008-11-21Defining a New Parameter   ^  Parameters
00442008-11-24RealDWG and Object Enablers   ^  DWG
00452008-11-26Running AutoCAD inside Revit   ^  DWG
00462008-11-28Formatting Unit Strings   ^  Parameters, Units
00472008-12-01Wall Graph   ^  Element Relationships
00482008-12-02AU Begins   ^  AU 2008, Climbing, Events, News
00492008-12-03Document IsModified Property   ^  Element Relationships, Getting Started, Transaction
00502008-12-04Parameter Modification Performance   ^  AU 2008, MEP, Parameters, Performance
00512008-12-05Driving Revit from Outside   ^  External, Transaction, Win32
00522008-12-08Using Namespaces   ^  Getting Started
00532008-12-102D Polygon Areas and Outer Loop   ^  Algorithm, Geometry
00542008-12-11Web Service   ^  External
00552008-12-123D Polygon Areas   ^  Algorithm, Geometry
00562008-12-1364 bit Revit API Issues   ^  AU 2008, Getting Started, News
00572008-12-15Polygon Transformation   ^  Algorithm, Debugging, Geometry
00582008-12-16New Revit Applications   ^  AU 2008, Events, External, News, User Interface, Utilities
00592008-12-18PickOne   ^  Getting Started, SDK Samples, User Interface
00602008-12-19Linked Files   ^  Algorithm, DWG, Element Relationships, Filters, Parameters
00612008-12-20Happy Holidays   ^  Events, News
00622009-01-02Happy New Year 2009   ^  Climbing, Events, News
00632009-01-05Family Category and Filtering   ^  Element Relationships, Filters, Getting Started
00642009-01-06Revit Serial Number   ^  External
00652009-01-07Creating a Viewport   ^  Element Creation, Element Relationships, SDK Samples
00662009-01-08F# Programming Contest   ^  Algorithm, Events, F#, News
00672009-01-09Viewports and Sheets   ^  Element Relationships
00682009-01-12PlanTopology Class   ^  Element Creation, Element Relationships
00692009-01-14Hiding Linked Files   ^  DWG, Element Relationships
00702009-01-15Barcelona Questions   ^  Element Creation, Element Relationships, Events, Filters, Parameters, SDK Samples, Transaction
00712009-01-16Filter for Hosted Elements   ^  Element Relationships, Filters, Parameters
00722009-01-17Hello F# via C#   ^  F#, News
00732009-01-18Transactions   ^  Events, Transaction
00742009-01-19Toolbar Image List   ^  Getting Started, SDK Samples, User Interface
00752009-01-19Transaction Responsibility   ^  Events, Transaction
00762009-01-20Room and Wall Adjacency   ^  Element Relationships, Geometry, SDK Samples
00772009-01-21Database Integration   ^  Element Relationships, Events, External, SDK Samples
00782009-01-22Element Caching   ^  Element Relationships, Events, Filters, Performance
00792009-01-22Walls and Doors on Two Levels   ^  Element Creation, Element Relationships, Geometry, Getting Started, Parameters
00802009-01-23AutoHotKey   ^  External, News, User Interface, Utilities, Win32
00812009-01-24Happy New Year in the East   ^  News
00822009-01-26Unit Types and Format Options   ^  MEP, Units, User Interface
00832009-01-27Use F# Directly in Revit   ^  F#, Getting Started, News
00842009-01-28Room and Wall Adjacent Area   ^  Algorithm, Element Relationships, Geometry
00852009-01-29Mechanical Duct Types   ^  MEP, Parameters
00862009-01-30Category Comparison   ^  Element Relationships, Getting Started, SDK Samples
00872009-01-31Verona Revit API Training   ^  Geometry, Getting Started, News, User Interface
00882009-02-02Revit Window Handle and Modeless Dialogues   ^  Win32
00892009-02-03Creating a Group and How to Fish   ^  Element Creation, Element Relationships, Getting Started, SDK Samples
00902009-02-04Compound Wall Layer Volumes   ^  Element Relationships, Geometry, Parameters, Units, User Interface
00912009-02-05Creating a Wall with a Sloped Profile   ^  Element Creation, Geometry, Getting Started
00922009-02-05Developer Days Online   ^  Events, News
00932009-02-06Converting to Filters   ^  Element Relationships, Filters, Getting Started, Performance, SDK Samples
00942009-02-09Inserting a Column   ^  Element Creation, Element Relationships, Filters, Getting Started, Parameters, Units
00952009-02-10Bolt out of the Red   ^  External, News, User Interface, Win32
00962009-02-11Inserting a Beam   ^  Element Creation, Element Relationships, Filters, Geometry, Getting Started, Parameters, SDK Samples, Units
00972009-02-12List Railing Types   ^  Debugging, Element Relationships, Filters, Getting Started
00982009-02-13Boolean Operations for 2D Polygons   ^  Algorithm, Element Creation, External, Geometry, Utilities
00992009-02-16Locked Dimensioning   ^  Debugging, Element Relationships, Parameters
01002009-02-17Utilizing Revit API Resources   ^  External, Getting Started, News, Parameters, SDK Samples
01012009-02-18RvtMgdDbg   ^  Debugging, Element Relationships, Getting Started, News, Parameters, SDK Samples, User Interface, Utilities
01022009-02-23Revit Install Path and Product GUIDs   ^  2010, External, News, Utilities, Win32
01032009-02-24Getting the Journal File Path   ^  Events, External, Utilities, Win32
01042009-02-25UniqueId, DWF and IFC GUID   ^  Algorithm, Element Relationships, External, Utilities
01052009-02-26Selection Questions   ^  External, Getting Started, SDK Samples, User Interface, Win32
01062009-02-27List Linked Elements   ^  Element Creation, Element Relationships, External, MEP
01072009-03-03Create Room on Level in Phase   ^  Element Creation, Element Relationships, Geometry, Parameters, SDK Samples
01082009-03-04Real Break   ^  News
01092009-03-10Parameter Binding Performance   ^  Parameters, Performance
01102009-03-17Transform   ^  Geometry, Getting Started, SDK Samples
01112009-03-24Transform Instance Coordinates   ^  Algorithm, Debugging, Element Relationships, Geometry, Getting Started, SDK Samples
01122009-03-27Back Again   ^  2010, Element Relationships, News, SDK Samples
01132009-03-30More Questions   ^  Element Relationships, Events, News, Parameters
01142009-03-30DevDays Online Recordings   ^  2010, Events, News
01152009-03-31Filter for a Family   ^  Element Relationships, Filters, Getting Started, SDK Samples
01162009-04-01DWF View Definition   ^  Algorithm, DWF, External
01172009-04-03Revit Structure Resources   ^  Getting Started, RST, SDK Samples
01182009-04-06Deeper Parameter Exploration   ^  Getting Started, Parameters, SDK Samples, Utilities
01192009-04-07Revit API Cases 1   ^  2010, Element Relationships, Family
01202009-04-08Getting Started with the Revit 2009 API   ^  2010, AU 2008, Events, Getting Started, News, SDK Samples
01212009-04-09Installing the Revit 2010 SDK   ^  2010, Events, Getting Started, News, SDK Samples
01222009-04-10Happy Easter   ^  Events, News
01232009-04-14Add-In Keyboard Shortcut   ^  2010, Getting Started, User Interface
01242009-04-15Cylindrical Column   ^  2010, Debugging, Element Relationships, Family, Geometry, RST, User Interface, Utilities
01252009-04-17Create an Area   ^  Element Creation, Element Relationships, Geometry
01262009-04-20Access to Linked File Geometry   ^  DWG, Element Relationships, Geometry
01272009-04-21Area Boundary Segments   ^  Debugging, Element Relationships, Geometry
01282009-04-22Omni Class Numbers   ^  2010, External, News, Parameters, RME, RST, User Interface
01292009-04-24New 2010 Events   ^  2010, Events, News, Transaction
01302009-04-27MEP Connectors   ^  2010, Element Creation, Element Relationships, Family, News, RME, RST
01312009-04-29Tag Association   ^  2012, Element Relationships, Events, News, Transaction
01322009-05-01Hole in a Floor   ^  Element Creation, Element Relationships, SDK Samples
01332009-05-04Transform an Element   ^  2010, Geometry
01342009-05-06Nested Instance Geometry   ^  Algorithm, Debugging, Element Relationships, Family, Geometry, Utilities
01352009-05-08Model Line Sketch Plane   ^  Algorithm, Element Creation, Element Relationships, Geometry, News, SDK Samples
01362009-05-09Revit API Introduction Webcast   ^  2010, Getting Started, News, SDK Samples, VSTA
01372009-05-14VB Samples and Other Questions   ^  2010, Climbing, Events, External, News, SDK Samples, User Interface, VB
01382009-05-16Document Modification in an Event   ^  2010, Events, Transaction
01392009-05-18Revit 2010 Ribbon API   ^  2010, Getting Started, SDK Samples, User Interface
01402009-05-20Selecting Model Elements   ^  2010, Element Relationships, Filters, Getting Started, SDK Samples, VB
01412009-05-22Porting the Building Coder Samples   ^  2010, Debugging, Getting Started, SDK Samples
01422009-05-25Imports in Families   ^  2010, Algorithm, DWF, DWG, Element Relationships, Family, Geometry, Performance, Utilities
01432009-05-30New Material   ^  Element Creation, Element Relationships, SDK Samples
01442009-05-31Revit and Dragonfly   ^  Climbing, External, News, Utilities
01452009-06-02Core Structural Layer   ^  Element Relationships, Geometry, RST
01462009-06-03Host Reference   ^  2010, Climbing, Element Relationships, Geometry, RST, SDK Samples, Transaction, User Interface
01472009-06-08Adding a Shared Parameter to an RFA File   ^  Debugging, Family, Parameters, SDK Samples
01482009-06-09Add-In Ribbon Panel and Loading One Single Type   ^  Family, Ribbon, SDK Samples, User Interface
01492009-06-10Creating a Slanted Column   ^  Element Creation, Geometry, Parameters, RST
01502009-06-11Unload Family Type   ^  Family
01512009-06-12Auto-Confirm Save Using DialogBoxShowing Event   ^  2010, Events, User Interface, Utilities
01522009-06-15Creating a Curved Beam   ^  2010, Element Creation, Geometry, RST
01532009-06-16Revit Library Shape Type Catalogue Parameters   ^  Family, Geometry, Parameters
01542009-06-18Rename a Group   ^  Element Creation, Element Relationships
01552009-06-19Category Comparison and Model Elements Revisited   ^  2010, Algorithm, Filters, Getting Started, News, Performance, SDK Samples
01562009-06-22The Revit MEP API   ^  2010, Element Creation, Getting Started, RME, SDK Samples
01572009-06-23RFA Version and Context, Grey Commands, RDB Link   ^  External, Family, News, SDK Samples, User Interface, Utilities
01582009-06-24Model Group Shared Parameter   ^  Parameters
01592009-06-25Export Family Instance to gbXML   ^  External, RME, Transaction, User Interface
01602009-06-26Convex Hull and Volume Computation   ^  Algorithm, External, Geometry, Utilities
01612009-06-29Volume Computation Enable   ^  2010, Geometry, RME
01622009-06-30RVT and RFA Thumbnail Image   ^  External, User Interface, Win32
01632009-07-01Language Integrated Query Linq   ^  Algorithm, Filters, Parameters, Performance, RME
01642009-07-02Three Coding and Performance Hints   ^  External, Parameters, Performance, Win32
01652009-07-03Prompt the User for Pinning and IFC Export   ^  External, User Interface
01662009-07-04Get and Set Family Category and Parameters   ^  2010, Family, Parameters
01672009-07-06DWG and DWF Family Creation   ^  2010, DWF, DWG, External, Family, Parameters, SDK Samples
01682009-07-07Revit 2010 Web Update 1   ^  2010, News, SDK Samples
01692009-07-08Space Adjacency   ^  Algorithm, Element Relationships, Geometry, RME, Utilities
01702009-07-08Mirror an Element   ^  Element Creation, Geometry
01712009-07-09View Sketch Plane   ^  Element Relationships, Filters, Geometry, User Interface
01722009-07-10Retrieving Newly Created Elements   ^  Algorithm, Element Creation, Element Relationships
01732009-07-10Harvard Energy Model Survey   ^  News, RME
01742009-07-13Journal File Replay   ^  Climbing, Events, External, Family, SDK Samples, Transaction
01752009-07-14External Command Replay   ^  External, News, RME, Transaction, User Interface, Utilities
01762009-07-15Think Big in Revit   ^  Element Creation, Geometry, Units
01772009-07-16API Wishlist Survey   ^  News
01782009-07-16Language Independent Category Access   ^  Parameters, RST
01792009-07-17Revit Form Creation API   ^  2010, Element Creation, Family, Geometry, SDK Samples
01802009-07-20NewLineLoad   ^  Element Creation, RST
01812009-07-21Practical Notes on Impractical Things   ^  Element Creation, External, Family, Geometry, News, RST
01822009-07-21Revit Boot Camp on Mac   ^  External, News, User Interface
01832009-07-22Scale a Curve   ^  Algorithm, Element Creation, External, Family, Geometry, News, Units, Utilities
01842009-07-22Revit Family API Webcast   ^  2010, Family, Getting Started, News, SDK Samples
01852009-07-24Store Structured Data   ^  Algorithm, Parameters
01862009-07-27Debug Geometric Form Creation   ^  Debugging, Element Creation, Family, Geometry
01872009-07-27Integration with a Database or ERP System   ^  Element Relationships, External, SDK Samples, Utilities
01882009-07-28A .NET Language Learning Resource   ^  External, Getting Started, News, Utilities, VB
01892009-07-29Porting from C# to VB.NET   ^  Getting Started, SDK Samples, VB
01902009-07-29API Wish List Survey Reminder   ^  News
01912009-07-31Store Project Data   ^  Family, Filters, Parameters, SDK Samples
01922009-08-03Online Revit Help   ^  Getting Started, News, User Interface
01932009-08-03Free gbXML Webcast   ^  gbXML, News
01942009-08-03Default Family Template Path   ^  External, User Interface
01952009-08-04Service-Oriented Architecture   ^  Debugging, Getting Started
01962009-08-05Unit Conversion   ^  Family, Parameters, SDK Samples, Units, User Interface, Utilities
01972009-08-06Online Revit API Help   ^  External, News, SDK Samples
01982009-08-07Roof Eave Cut in AutoCAD Architecture and Revit   ^  ACA, Parameters
01992009-08-10The Revit Family API   ^  2010, Family, Getting Started, SDK Samples
02002009-08-12Electrical Settings and Lighting Fixtures   ^  Element Creation, Parameters, RME
02012009-08-13DWG Export Filename   ^  DWF, DWG, External, gbXML, SDK Samples, VB
02022009-08-14MEP Sample Ribbon Panel   ^  2010, External, Ribbon, RME, SDK Samples, User Interface
02032009-08-17Bottom Face of a Wall   ^  Geometry
02042009-08-18Fixing RvtMgdDbg for MEP Connectors   ^  Debugging, RME, SDK Samples, Utilities
02052009-08-19Deleting a Shared Parameter   ^  Parameters
02062009-08-21Library Paths   ^  Debugging, External, Settings, User Interface
02072009-08-22Happy Building Coder Birthday   ^  Events, News
02082009-08-24Shared Parameter Visibility   ^  Debugging, Parameters, Settings, User Interface
02092009-08-25Autodesk Search Beta   ^  External, News, User Interface
02102009-08-25Revit MEP API Webcast   ^  Events, News, RME, SDK Samples
02112009-08-26New Sweep and References   ^  Element Creation, Family, Geometry, SDK Samples, VSTA
02122009-08-28Obfuscation Tools   ^  Debugging, External, Utilities
02132009-08-31Creating a Non-rectangular Slab   ^  Element Creation, Geometry, SDK Samples
02142009-09-02Detail Lines   ^  Element Creation, Geometry, SDK Samples
02152009-09-04Elevation and Section Views   ^  Element Creation, Geometry, User Interface
02162009-09-07Remove all Geometry from a Family   ^  Element Relationships, Family, Geometry
02172009-09-09Duplicate Family Solids   ^  amily, Geometry, Parameters
02182009-09-11Room Boundary Location   ^  Geometry, Settings, VB
02192009-09-14The Revit MEP API   ^  Element Creation, Element Relationships, Family, gbXML, RME, SDK Samples
02202009-09-16Door Marks   ^  lement Relationships, Parameters
02212009-09-18Adding a Category to a Parameter Binding   ^  Parameters, Settings
02222009-09-22Getting Started with the Revit 2010 API   ^  2010, Family, Getting Started, News, Ribbon, RME, User Interface
02232009-09-24Revit Install Location   ^  External, Settings, Utilities, Win32
02242009-09-28Document Elements   ^  Filters, Getting Started, VB
02252009-09-29Display Strings and Enumerations   ^  Getting Started, Parameters, Units, User Interface
02262009-10-01Unit Suffix and the ProjectUnit SDK Sample   ^  Parameters, SDK Samples, Settings, Units, User Interface
02272009-10-05DUT versus UST   ^  Parameters, Settings, Units, User Interface
02282009-10-07Revit 2010 Web Update 2   ^  2010, Events, News, Parameters, SDK Samples
02292009-10-09Dismiss Dialogue using Windows API   ^  External, User Interface, Utilities, VB, Win32
02302009-10-12Unrotate North   ^  Climbing, Geometry, Settings
02312009-10-14Analytical Support Tolerance   ^  Element Relationships, Geometry, RST, SDK Samples, Settings, User Interface
02322009-10-15Namespaces   ^  Getting Started
02332009-10-19Modeless Pressure Drop Tool   ^  Parameters, RME, User Interface, Utilities, Win32
02342009-10-21System Versus User Family Category   ^  Family, RME, Settings
02352009-10-23AU 2009   ^  AU 2009, Events, Family, News, RME
02362009-10-26Revit 2010 Subscription Pack   ^  2010, News, Parameters, Ribbon, SDK Samples, User Interface, Win32
02372009-10-28Revit Family Creation API Labs   ^  2010, AU 2009, Element Creation, Family, Parameters, Performance, VB
02382009-10-29RvtMgdDbg for Revit 2010   ^  2010, Getting Started, SDK Samples, Utilities
02392009-10-30Revit API Forums   ^  Getting Started, News
02402009-11-02Adding a Column to RDBLink Export   ^  External, Parameters, SDK Samples, User Interface
02412009-11-04Model Review   ^  External, News, Settings, User Interface, Utilities
02422009-11-05Autodesk University Extension   ^  AU 2009, Events, News
02432009-11-05Product Support Subscription Videos   ^  2010, External, News, Utilities
02442009-11-06Ribbon Embed Image   ^  .NET, Ribbon, SDK Samples, User Interface, Win32
02452009-11-09Family Parameter Value   ^  Family, Parameters, SDK Samples
02462009-11-11Room Occupancy   ^  Debugging, gbXML, Getting Started, Parameters
02472009-11-13Title Block of Sheet   ^  Debugging, Element Relationships, Parameters, SDK Samples, Settings, User Interface, Utilities
02482009-11-16Extract Part Atoms   ^  2010, Family, Parameters, User Interface
02492009-11-18Revit API Flavours   ^  gbXML, Getting Started, RME, RST, SDK Samples
02502009-11-20Nested Family   ^  AU 2009, Element Creation, Family
02512009-11-23Change Family Parameter Value   ^  Family, Parameters, SDK Samples, User Interface
02522009-11-23New Project Document   ^  Element Creation
02532009-11-24Solid Material   ^  Geometry, Settings, Utilities
02542009-11-25Select Model Elements 2   ^  Filters, Geometry, Performance, SDK Samples
02552009-11-28Visible Elements   ^  AU 2009, Climbing, Geometry, SDK Samples, Settings, User Interface
02562009-11-29AU Virtual free for ADN Members   ^  AU 2009, Events, F#, Family, News, RME
02572009-11-29Handle Category Name Change   ^  Element Relationships, RST, Settings, User Interface
02582009-12-01AU Begins   ^ ^  AU 2009, Climbing, Events, News
02592009-12-02Crop 3D View to Room   ^  Element Relationships, Filters, Geometry, Settings, User Interface
02602009-12-03AU and Automated Testing   ^  AU 2009, Events, External, News, User Interface, Utilities
02612009-12-04AU Winds Down   ^  AU 2009, Events, Getting Started, News
02622009-12-07Distinguish Different Dimension Types   ^  AU 2009, Parameters, Settings, User Interface, VB
02632009-12-08Updated DevTV Introduction to Revit Programming   ^  2010, Getting Started, News
02642009-12-09Modify the DWF Export Filename   ^  Posted at 02:00 in DWF, External, SDK Samples
02652009-12-10AU is not done yet   ^  AU 2009, Events, News
02662009-12-11Modeless Dialogues in Revit   ^  Element Creation, External, Transaction, User Interface
02672009-12-14Parameter Filter Units   ^  2010, Filters, Parameters, SDK Samples, Settings, Units, User Interface
02682009-12-16Custom Ribbon Tab   ^  2010, External, Ribbon, User Interface
02692009-12-18Vertical Projection of Beam Analytical Model   ^  AU 2009, Element Relationships, Events, Parameters, RST, Settings
02702009-12-21Create a Real Revit Ribbon Tab   ^  2010, External, Ribbon, User Interface
02712009-12-22Revit Python Shell   ^  Debugging, External, News, Utilities
02722009-12-23UK Electrical Schedule Sample   ^  News, Parameters, RME, SDK Samples, Utilities
02732009-12-24RayTraceBounce Pool Table   ^  Geometry, SDK Samples
02742010-01-07Happy New Year 2010   ^  2010, External, News
02752010-01-07Analyse Building Geometry   ^  AU 2009, Geometry, Getting Started, SDK Samples
02762010-01-07Custom Ribbon Tab Context Switch   ^  2010, External, Ribbon, User Interface
02772010-01-07gbXML Webcast   ^  gbXML, News
02782010-01-08Geometry Options   ^  AU 2009, Geometry, Getting Started, SDK Samples
02792010-01-11Curve Parameterisation   ^  AU 2009, Geometry, Getting Started
02802010-01-12Import LandXML Surface   ^  Element Creation, External, Geometry, Utilities
02812010-01-13South Facing Walls   ^  AU 2009, Filters, Geometry, Parameters
02822010-01-14Model and Detail Curve Colour   ^  Element Creation, Settings
02832010-01-15Curves   ^  AU 2009, Geometry
02842010-01-16DevLabs and Training   ^  Events, Getting Started, News
02852010-01-18Rectangular Duct Corners   ^  Geometry, RME
02862010-01-19Faces   ^  AU 2009, Geometry, Getting Started
02872010-01-20Retrieving Project Parameters   ^  Parameters, SDK Samples, Settings, User Interface, VB
02882010-01-21Face Edges   ^  AU 2009, Geometry, SDK Samples
02892010-01-22Insert Face-Hosted Sprinkler   ^  Element Creation, Family, Filters, Geometry, Parameters, RME
02902010-01-25Transformations   ^  AU 2009, Geometry, Getting Started
02912010-01-26Extra Transaction Required   ^  Element Creation, Parameters, Transaction
02922010-01-27Project Location   ^  AU 2009, Element Relationships, Geometry, Settings
02932010-01-28Spot Elevation Creation on Top of Beam   ^  Element Creation, Geometry
02942010-01-29FindReferencesByDirection   ^  AU 2009, Element Relationships, Geometry, SDK Samples
02952010-02-01Find an Element in an Area   ^  Algorithm, Element Relationships, Filters, Geometry
02962010-02-02Material Quantity Extraction   ^  Algorithm, AU 2009, Element Relationships, Filters, Geometry, Utilities
02972010-02-04Creating a Dimension Label   ^  Element Creation, Family, Geometry, Parameters
02982010-02-05Retrieving Column and Stair Geometry   ^  Filters, Geometry
02992010-02-06Kean on Reflector   ^  Debugging, External, News, Utilities
03002010-02-08Nested Family Instance   ^  Element Relationships, Family, VB
03012010-02-10Detail Curve on Level   ^  Element Creation
03022010-02-12IFamilyLoadOptions and GEMini   ^  Events, Family
03032010-02-15GetPolygon Extension Methods   ^  Algorithm, Element Relationships, Geometry, SDK Samples
03042010-02-16Export 3D View to 2D DWF   ^  DWF, External, SDK Samples
03052010-02-18Wall Solid versus Face Materials   ^  Geometry
03062010-02-23Texture Data UV Coordinates and FBX   ^  External, FBX, Geometry
03072010-02-24Unmodified Element Geometry   ^  Element Relationships, Geometry
03082010-02-25Revit API Resources   ^  Getting Started, News
03092010-03-01NewEllipse Parameters   ^  Element Creation, Geometry
03102010-03-02Reload an Add-In to Debug   ^  Algorithm, Debugging, External, Utilities
03112010-03-03Ensure Valid Material is Set   ^  Element Relationships, Geometry, SDK Samples
03122010-03-04Connector Orientation   ^  Geometry, Parameters, RME
03132010-03-05Nested Family Utility Methods   ^  Element Relationships, Family, Filters, Performance
03142010-03-08Object Relationships   ^  Algorithm, Debugging, Element Relationships, Transaction, Utilities
03152010-03-10NewWall with Opening   ^  Algorithm, Element Creation, Geometry
03162010-03-11Dynamically Load and Debug Plug-ins   ^  .NET, Debugging, External, Utilities
03172010-03-12AddInManager   ^  Debugging, Getting Started, SDK Samples, Utilities
03182010-03-16Access Extrusions in a Family   ^  Element Relationships, Family, Geometry
03192010-03-17Object Relationships in VB   ^  Algorithm, Debugging, Element Relationships, Transaction, Utilities, VB
03202010-03-18NewSweptBlend   ^  Element Creation, Family, Geometry, SDK Samples
03212010-03-19MEP Hangers   ^  Element Creation, Family, RME
03222010-03-20Family Problems Missing Components   ^  2010, Family
03232010-03-22Duplicate Mark Values   ^  Algorithm, Filters, Parameters, Performance
03242010-03-23Using Process.Start to Open a Project or Family   ^  .NET, Events, User Interface
03252010-03-24Revit API Resource and Getting Started Guide   ^  .NET, AU 2009, Events, Getting Started, News, SDK Samples
03262010-03-25Revit 2011 is Coming   ^  2011, News
03272010-03-26API Wish List Survey Results   ^  2011, News
03282010-03-27Adding Non-Commands to the Revit Ribbon   ^  .NET, Debugging, External, Ribbon, User Interface
03292010-03-28DevCamp, Devlabs and Updated API Training Schedule   ^  2011, ACA, Events, Getting Started, Migration, News
03302010-03-29Porting the Building Coder Samples to Revit 2011   ^  2011, Migration
03312010-03-30Revit 2011 Product GUIDs   ^  2011, External, Migration, News, SDK Samples
03322010-03-31Performance Profiling   ^  2011, Algorithm, Debugging, Filters, Performance
03332010-04-01Collector Benchmark   ^  2011, Filters, Migration, Parameters, Performance
03342010-04-06Anonymous Methods in VB   ^  2011, Filters, VB
03352010-04-07RevitLookup and TextNote Alignment   ^  2011, Element Creation, Parameters, SDK Samples
03362010-04-08RevitAddInUtility   ^  2011, Events, External, Ribbon, SDK Samples, User Interface
03372010-04-09Beam Requires Curve   ^  Element Creation, RST
03382010-04-12User Visible Enumeration Value Labels   ^  2011, Parameters, User Interface
03392010-04-13ElementId Parameter Value   ^  Debugging, Element Relationships, Parameters, User Interface
03402010-04-14Element Level Events   ^  2011, Events, SDK Samples
03412010-04-14Public Revit 2011 SDK Posting   ^  2011, News, SDK Samples
03422010-04-14Debugging with Visual Studio 2010 and RvtSamples   ^  .NET, 2011, Debugging, SDK Samples, Settings
03432010-04-15XYZ Immutable   ^  2011, Geometry, Getting Started, Migration
03442010-04-16Retrieving Newly Created Elements in Revit 2011   ^  2011, Element Creation, Filters, Parameters, Performance
03452010-04-19Manual Regeneration Option Danger   ^  2011, Migration
03462010-04-20Retrieve Stairs on Level   ^  2011, Filters, Getting Started, Parameters, Performance
03472010-04-20Revit 2011 API Webcast   ^  2011, Events, Getting Started, Migration, News, RME, RST, SDK Samples, User Interface
03482010-04-21Regeneration Option Best Practices   ^  2011, Migration, Performance, Transaction
03492010-04-22Plug-In Migration Steps   ^  2011, Migration
03502010-04-23Failure API   ^  2011, Events, SDK Samples, User Interface
03512010-04-24Matt Mason's API News   ^  2011, Migration, News
03522010-04-26Idling Event   ^  2011, Events, External
03532010-04-27Asynchronous API Calls and Idling   ^  2011, Events, External, Transaction
03542010-04-29Add-In Manifest and Guidize   ^  2011, Getting Started, User Interface, Utilities
03552010-04-30Filter for Views and the IsTemplate Predicate   ^  2011, Filters, Migration
03562010-05-03Detail Curve Must be in Plane   ^  2011, Element Creation, Migration
03572010-05-04AutoJoinElements   ^  2011, Element Creation, Geometry, Migration, Transaction
03582010-05-05Detail Curve Must Indeed lie in Plane   ^  2011, Algorithm, Element Creation, Geometry, Migration
03592010-05-06Get Type Id and Preview Image   ^  .NET, 2011, Family
03602010-05-07Pipe to Conduit Converter   ^  2011, Element Creation, Getting Started, Parameters, RME, Utilities
03612010-05-10API Wishlist Survey   ^  News
03622010-05-11The Revit MEP 2011 API   ^  2011, Element Creation, News, RME, SDK Samples
03632010-05-12The Revit Structure 2011 API   ^  2011, Filters, Migration, RST
03642010-05-13Pre-, Post- and Pick Select   ^  Getting Started, Parameters, SDK Samples, User Interface, Utilities
03652010-05-14Solar Radiation Technology Preview   ^  2011, News, RME, Utilities
03662010-05-17Cable Tray Orientation and Fittings   ^  2011, Element Creation, Geometry, RME, SDK Samples
03672010-05-18Categories   ^  Element Relationships
03682010-05-18Voting Open for AU 2010 Sessions   ^  AU 2010, Events, RME
03692010-05-19RevitAddInUtility for 32 and 64 Bit Systems   ^  2011, External, Installation, Utilities
03702010-05-20RevitLookup Update   ^  2011, Debugging, Filters, Getting Started, SDK Samples, Utilities
03712010-05-21Determine Sheet Size   ^  2011, Element Relationships, Parameters
03722010-05-22Parameter Access and Scheduling   ^  External, Getting Started, Parameters, SDK Samples
03732010-05-24Add-In Visibility Mode   ^  2011, Installation, Ribbon, User Interface
03742010-05-26Curtain Wall Geometry   ^  Element Relationships, Geometry, Utilities
03752010-05-27Model Curve Creator   ^  Algorithm, Debugging, Element Creation, Geometry, Utilities
03762010-05-30API Wish List Survey Reminder   ^  Events, News
03772010-05-31Duplicate Legend Component   ^  Element Creation
03782010-06-01Add-In Applications for Multiple Revit Products   ^  2011, Installation, Ribbon, User Interface
03792010-06-03Grabbing an Internet Webcam Image   ^  .NET, Algorithm, External, Utilities
03802010-06-04Display Webcam Image on Building Element Face   ^  .NET, 2011, Algorithm, AVF, Geometry, SDK Samples
03812010-06-05Highlight Elements   ^  Getting Started, SDK Samples, User Interface
03822010-06-06Voltage Units   ^  Parameters, RME, SDK Samples, Units
03832010-06-07Parameter Filter   ^  2011, Filters, Parameters, Performance
03842010-06-07Element Name Parameter Filter Correction   ^  2011, Filters, Parameters, Performance
03852010-06-08DevCamp Session on What's New   ^  2011, Events, News, SDK Samples
03862010-06-09MEP System Creation   ^  Element Creation, RME, SDK Samples
03872010-06-10Hashing and DevLabs   ^  Events, External, News
03882010-06-10To Regenerate or Not to Regenerate...   ^  2011, Element Creation, Geometry, Performance, Transaction
03892010-06-11DevLab and Birthday   ^  2011, Events, News, Transaction
03902010-06-11ClientId Versus AddInId   ^  .NET, 2011, Installation, Utilities
03912010-06-14Open Revit OLE Storage   ^  .NET, External, Utilities, Win32
03922010-06-15Export Data to XML   ^  .NET, External, Filters, Getting Started
03932010-06-16TextNote Rotation   ^  Algorithm, Geometry, Parameters
03942010-06-17Revit API Introduction Webcast Recording   ^  2011, Events, Getting Started, News, Parameters, SDK Samples, User Interface
03952010-06-18Set Tag Type   ^  Element Creation, Filters, Getting Started
03962010-06-21IFC GUID Algorithm in C#   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Element Relationships, External, Utilities
03972010-06-22Do Not Filter For All Elements   ^  2011, Algorithm, Filters, SDK Samples
03982010-06-23Retrieve MEP Elements and Connectors   ^  2011, Filters, RME
03992010-06-24Intersection Between Elements   ^  Element Relationships, Geometry, SDK Samples
04002010-06-25Revit Parent Window   ^  .NET, External, User Interface, Win32
04012010-06-28YouTube ADN Partner Channel   ^  External, News
04022010-06-29Place Family Instance   ^  2011, Algorithm, Element Creation, Events, Transaction, User Interface
04032010-06-30Revit 2011 Web Update 1   ^  2011, News
04042010-07-01Retrieve Structural Elements   ^  Algorithm, Filters, RST
04052010-07-05Populating a Data Grid View   ^  .NET, Algorithm, External, RME, User Interface, Utilities
04062010-07-08IFC Import and Conversion Journal Script   ^  2011, External, User Interface
04072010-07-13Modeless Loose Connectors   ^  .NET, 2011, Algorithm, Events, External, Performance, Transaction, User Interface
04082010-07-15API Training and AEC DevCamp Material   ^  2011, Events, External, Getting Started, News, Training
04092010-07-16Shared Type Parameter   ^  Parameters
04102010-07-19Change Element Type   ^  Family, Getting Started, SDK Samples, Training, Utilities
04112010-07-20Visual Studio 2010 and the .NET Framework   ^  .NET, 2011, Debugging, External, Getting Started, News, Settings, VB
04122010-07-21Beam Maker Using a Void Extrusion to Cut   ^  Element Creation, Family, Geometry
04132010-07-23Family Element Visibility   ^  Debugging, Element Creation, Family, Parameters, Settings, User Interface
04142010-07-24Ribbon Tab Context Toggle   ^  Debugging, Ribbon, User Interface
04152010-07-26DevTV Add-In Templates   ^  External, Getting Started, Installation, Settings, Training, Utilities, VB
04162010-07-28Debugging in Visual Studio 2010 Express   ^  .NET, 2011, External, Getting Started, Installation, News, Settings, User Interface, Utilities, VB
04172010-07-29Linq Methods and Visual Studio Tips   ^  .NET, Debugging, External, News, User Interface, Utilities
04182010-08-01Structural Dynamic Model Update Sample   ^  2011, Algorithm, Element Relationships, Events, RST
04192010-08-03Transaction Migration Errors   ^  2011, Element Relationships, Migration, Transaction
04202010-08-05DWG and DXF Export Xdata Specification   ^  DWG, External
04212010-08-06Get Element Type   ^  2011, Element Relationships, Family, Migration
04222010-08-09Edit Wall Length   ^  .NET, Diving, External, Getting Started, Installation, Training, Utilities, VB
04232010-08-10ElementParameterFilter with a Shared Parameter   ^  2011, Filters, Parameters
04242010-08-11Surface Triangulation Tool   ^  Algorithm, Element Creation, Geometry
04252010-08-12Leaving Ko Tao   ^  Climbing, Diving, News
04262010-08-14Filtering for a Non-Native Class   ^  2011, Element Relationships, Filters, SDK Samples
04272010-08-15Queen's Birthday Fireworks in Pattaya   ^  Events, News
04282010-08-16Flex Duct Start Tangent   ^  Element Creation, Geometry, RME, SDK Samples
04292010-08-18Editing Elements inside Groups   ^  Element Relationships, Events, SDK Samples, Settings, Travel, User Interface, VB
04302010-08-23Suppress Unwanted Dialogue   ^  2011, Events, User Interface
04312010-08-25Add New Materials from List   ^  Element Relationships, External, Settings, Utilities
04322010-08-26Slope is Slope, Not Radians   ^  Geometry, Parameters, SDK Samples, Units
04332010-08-27Setting a Locked Parameter   ^  Family, Parameters, Settings
04342010-08-30Network Access to Add-In Manifest and Icons   ^  .NET, External, Installation, Ribbon, Settings, Utilities
04352010-08-31Modeless Form and Shared Parameter Disappearance   ^  2011, Migration, Parameters, User Interface, Win32
04362010-09-01AU 2010 Classes   ^  2011, AU 2010, Filters, Performance, RME
04372010-09-04Simulating a Ribbon Textbox Label   ^  2011, Ribbon, User Interface, VB
04382010-09-07Ribbon Icon Resolution   ^  Ribbon, Sailing, SDK Samples, Travel, Units, User Interface
04392010-09-08Immutable PointLoad Force   ^  2011, Geometry, Getting Started, Parameters, RST, Sailing, Travel
04402010-09-10Adding a Rebar inside a Rebar Cover   ^  Element Relationships, Geometry, RST, User Interface
04412010-09-13Speed Up Selection   ^  Performance, Transaction, User Interface, VB
04422010-09-14Access to Curtain Grid Panels   ^  2011, Debugging, External, Transaction
04432010-09-16Selection Watcher Using Idling Event   ^  .NET, Events, Ribbon, User Interface
04442010-09-20AutoCAD 2010 DWG Export   ^  2011, ACA, DWG, External
04452010-09-22View Location on Sheet   ^  Element Relationships, Geometry, Units, User Interface
04462010-09-24Filter for View and Phase   ^  2011, Filters
04472010-09-27DoorSwing Fix   ^  2011, Events, Installation, Ribbon, SDK Samples, Training, Transaction, Travel, Utilities
04482010-09-28Extract Part Atom Revisited   ^  2011, External, Family
04492010-09-29Revit 2011 Web Update 2   ^  2011, Events, News
04502010-10-03Place Detail Instance   ^  Element Creation, Family
04512010-10-04Revit 2011 DevTV   ^  2011, Getting Started, Installation, Training
04522010-10-05Subscription Release and Updated SDK   ^  2011, Events, gbXML, Getting Started, Installation, SDK Samples
04532010-10-06Selecting Model Elements   ^  .NET, 2011, Element Relationships, Filters, Geometry, Performance, Utilities
04542010-10-06Model Elements Revisited   ^  .NET, 2011, Element Relationships, Filters, Geometry, Performance, Utilities
04552010-10-10Revit AppStore   ^  External, Installation, News, Training, Travel, Utilities
04562010-10-11Closing the Active Document and Why Not To   ^  .NET, 2011, External, Migration, User Interface, Win32
04572010-10-12Cairo and Free .NET Books   ^  .NET, Getting Started, News, Training, Travel
04582010-10-14Model Review for Standards Compliance   ^  2011, Element Relationships, Events, Utilities
04592010-10-18C++ Revit Add-In   ^  .NET, Getting Started, Installation, Settings
04602010-10-19Power to the User (and Application)   ^  Algorithm, Events, User Interface
04612010-10-21MeasurePanelArea Update   ^  2011, Filters, Installation, SDK Samples
04622010-10-22Plane Normal and Points on Plane   ^  Algorithm, Element Creation, Geometry, Getting Started
04632010-10-25Filtered Element Collectors   ^  2011, AU 2010, Events, Filters, Getting Started, Parameters, Performance, Transaction
04642010-10-26Level Filter Benchmark   ^  2011, AU 2010, Filters, Performance
04652010-10-27Access Deleted Element   ^  2011, Events, SDK Samples, Transaction, Utilities
04662010-10-28RevitToday Add-Ins Import and Export Coordinates   ^  External, Family, News, Utilities
04672010-11-01Refresh Referencing Sheet Parameter Display   ^  Element Relationships, Parameters, User Interface
04682010-11-02Creating a Solid   ^  AU 2009, Element Creation, Family, Geometry
04692010-11-03Bienvenue à StructureBIM   ^  External, News, RST, User Interface
04702010-11-04NewBlend Sample   ^  Element Creation, Family, Geometry
04712010-11-05Place Site Component   ^  Algorithm, Debugging, Element Creation, Family, Utilities, VB
04722010-11-08Blends, Hermite Splines and Derivatives   ^  Algorithm, Debugging, Element Creation, Geometry
04732010-11-10Unit Testing in Revit   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Debugging, External, Utilities
04742010-11-10Setting Text Width Requires Regen   ^  Element Creation, Geometry, Regen
04752010-11-11Place Furniture Instance   ^  Element Creation, Family
04762010-11-12Purge Unused Text Note Types   ^  Algorithm, Element Relationships, Filters, Performance
04772010-11-15Read DWG Settings and Content Location from INI File   ^  DWG, External, Family, Installation, Settings
04782010-11-16Autodesk University 2010 Class Materials   ^  2011, Algorithm, AU 2010, Events, Filters, Performance, RME
04792010-11-17Launching a Revit Command   ^  .NET, 2011, Transaction, User Interface, Utilities, Win32
04802010-11-18Complexity versus Constructability   ^  Algorithm, Element Creation, Geometry
04812010-11-19Autodesk Project Vasari   ^  External, gbXML, Geometry, News, RME, Utilities
04822010-11-22Connector Direction and CreateAirHandler Sample   ^  Element Creation, Family, Geometry, RME, SDK Samples
04832010-11-23Project Vasari API   ^  Debugging, External, gbXML, Geometry, News, RME, Utilities
04842010-11-24Failure API Take Two   ^  2011, Element Relationships, Events, SDK Samples, User Interface
04852010-11-24C# and .NET Little Wonders   ^  .NET, Debugging, External, Training
04862010-11-25Ray Tracing to Place Family Instance   ^  Element Creation, Family, Geometry, RME, VB
04872010-11-28Pattern for Semi-Asynchronous Idling API Access   ^  .NET, 2011, Algorithm, Events, News, Transaction, User Interface
04882010-11-29Mirroring in a New Family and Changing Active View   ^  Algorithm, Element Creation, Family, User Interface, VB
04892010-11-30Access to Sketch and Sketch Plane   ^  Algorithm, AU 2010, Element Relationships, Transaction
04902010-12-01The Revit API Track at AU 2010   ^  AU 2010, Events, News
04912010-12-03Point in Polygon Containment Algorithm   ^  Algorithm, External, Geometry, Utilities
04922010-12-04Primary Design Option   ^  Data Access
04932010-12-06XML Family Usage Report   ^  2011, AU 2010, Family, Filters, Travel, Utilities
04942010-12-07Find Intersecting Elements   ^  2011, AU 2010, Element Relationships, Filters, Geometry, RST
04952010-12-08Flatten a Non-Planar Extrusion Profile   ^  Element Creation, Geometry
04962010-12-08Russian Add-ins for Revit   ^  2010, 2011, External, Filters, Parameters, User Interface, Utilities
04972010-12-09More Kevin Filtering Benchmarks   ^  .NET, 2011, AU 2010, Data Access, Debugging, Events, Filters, Performance, Travel
04982010-12-10Snow and Woe with Manifest Files   ^  2011, AU 2010, Debugging, Getting Started, Installation, News, Travel
04992010-12-13Filtered Element Collector Sample Overview   ^  2011, Algorithm, Filters, Parameters, Performance
05002010-12-13Pointless 500th Post with Candles   ^  External, News, Travel
05012010-12-15VSTA to Stay and Updater to Go   ^  .NET, 2011, AU 2010, Events, News, Travel, User Interface, VSTA
05022010-12-17Birthdays and Gaps in Shells   ^  Data Access, Events, Geometry, News, Travel
05032010-12-19More Snow Woe   ^  Events, News, Travel
05042010-12-21Modeless Door Lister and Deleter   ^  Events, User Interface, Utilities
05052010-12-23Sheet Manager and Copy Parameters   ^  External, Parameters, User Interface, Utilities
05062010-12-24Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!   ^  News
05072011-01-05Happy New Year, Ribbon Spying and UI Automation   ^  .NET, 2011, Algorithm, Debugging, External, Ribbon, User Interface, Utilities
05082011-01-06Finding Connected Structural Elements   ^  Element Relationships, Filters, Geometry, RST, Settings
05092011-01-07Modeless Door Lister Flaws   ^  Events, User Interface, Utilities
05102011-01-08Optimisation using Robot Structural Analysis API   ^  External, News, RST, Utilities
05112011-01-0984 Second Product Support Overview   ^  External, Getting Started, Installation, News, Settings
05122011-01-10Language Independent Subcategory Creation   ^  Debugging, Getting Started, Parameters, VB
05132011-01-11Type Filter Benchmark Update   ^  2011, Filters, Performance
05142011-01-12Subscribing to UI Automation Events   ^  .NET, Events, External, Ribbon, User Interface
05152011-01-13Access to Shared Family Parameter GUID   ^  .NET, 2010, 2011, Data Access, Family, Parameters
05162011-01-14BIM Apps, Project Galileo, and Piotr's Plug-In   ^  External, News, Utilities
05172011-01-17Further Ideas for Using UI Automation and Galileo   ^  .NET, Events, External, User Interface, Utilities
05182011-01-18Create a Navisworks File from Revit   ^  External, SDK Samples
05192011-01-19Setting Duct Width and Height Requires Regeneration   ^  2011, Geometry, Regen, RME
05202011-01-20Joined Beam Geometry Access   ^  Data Access, Element Relationships, Geometry, RST, SDK Samples
05212011-01-21Using Vault with Revit   ^  Data Access, External, News, Utilities
05222011-01-22Managed Windows API   ^  .NET, External, Utilities, Win32
05232011-01-24Automate DesignOption and 64 Bit Add-In Templates   ^  2011, Automation, External, Settings, User Interface, Utilities, VB
05242011-01-25NewFamilyInstance Overloads   ^  Element Creation, Family
05252011-01-26Family Instance Missing Level Property   ^  Data Access, Element Relationships, Family, Parameters
05262011-01-27Unit Conversion and New Blogs   ^  2011, External, Migration, News, RME, Units, Utilities
05272011-01-28Material Assets and FBX   ^  .NET, 2011, Data Access, FBX, Parameters, SDK Samples
05282011-01-31Family Instance Z Coordinate Lost   ^  Element Creation, Geometry, Parameters, User Interface
05292011-02-01Use of NewTakeOffFitting on a Duct   ^  Element Creation, Filters, Geometry, RME, SDK Samples
05302011-02-02Phase Dependent Room Properties   ^  Data Access, Element Relationships, Family, Settings
05312011-02-03Command and Conquer When Switching Views   ^  .NET, 2011, Automation, External, News, Ribbon, User Interface
05322011-02-04System Family Creation   ^  Element Creation, Family, VB
05332011-02-07Iterating Over an Unordered Set Property   ^  .NET, Data Access, Geometry, VB
05342011-02-09Status Bar Text   ^  .NET, Events, External, User Interface, Win32
05352011-02-10Set Elbow Fitting Type   ^  Element Creation, Family, Filters, SDK Samples
05362011-02-15Create a Pipe Cap   ^  Element Creation, Family, Filters, Geometry, Parameters, RME
05372011-02-16Explode a DWG   ^  Automation, Data Access, DWG, Ribbon
05382011-02-18Enable Ribbon Items in Zero Document State   ^  Installation, Ribbon, User Interface
05392011-02-21Dimension Walls by Iterating Faces   ^  Data Access, Element Creation, Geometry, SDK Samples
05402011-02-23Dimension Walls using FindReferencesByDirection   ^  Data Access, Element Creation, Filters, Geometry
05412011-02-24External Application Attributes   ^  2011, Getting Started, Installation, Migration, Settings
05422011-02-25Pimp my AutoCAD or Revit Ribbon   ^  .NET, 2011, Automation, Events, External, Ribbon, User Interface
05432011-02-26Family API Labs for Revit 2011   ^  2011, Element Creation, Family, Getting Started, SDK Samples, Training, VB
05442011-02-28Comparing Element Id for Equality   ^  .NET, Data Access, Element Relationships, Getting Started
05452011-03-01Structural Analysis Links to Revit Structure   ^  2011, Data Access, External, News, RST, Training, VB
05462011-03-02The FaceWall Class and Slanted Walls   ^  2011, Algorithm, Data Access, Filters, Geometry
05472011-03-02Room Renumbering Plugin of the Month   ^  News, Plugin, User Interface, Utilities
05482011-03-03Unreliable Room Properties   ^  Data Access, Debugging, Element Relationships
05492011-03-08Converting Between 2D UV and 3D XYZ Coordinates   ^  Geometry, Travel
05502011-03-09Ribbon Panel Title Conflict   ^  2011, Automation, Data Access, Ribbon, User Interface
05512011-03-10Reducing Revit Debug Verbosity   ^  .NET, 2011, Debugging, External, Installation, Ribbon, Settings, Utilities
05522011-03-11Application Versus Command Event   ^  Events, Family, User Interface
05532011-03-14Internal Imperial Units   ^  Getting Started, Settings, Units
05542011-03-15Distinguishing MEP Element Shape   ^  Algorithm, Data Access, Geometry, Parameters, RME
05552011-03-16Handling DPI Scaling in .NET Application Forms   ^  .NET, External, User Interface
05562011-03-18Toposurface Interior and Boundary Points   ^  Algorithm, Element Relationships, Geometry, Travel
05572011-03-19Khan Academy   ^  Algorithm, External, Geometry, Getting Started, Training, Travel
05582011-03-21Curve.Intersect Return Values   ^  AU 2009, Geometry
05592011-03-23Slanted Column Cross Section Rotation   ^  Data Access, Geometry, Parameters, RST
05602011-03-24Revit 2012 API Features   ^  2012, News
05612011-03-29Change Element Colour   ^  Data Access, Geometry, Settings
05622011-03-30Many Issues Resolved   ^  2012, Data Access, Element Creation, Element Relationships, Geometry, News
05632011-03-31ASHRAE Viewer Plugin of the Month   ^  .NET, Data Access, External, Family, Geometry, Plugin, RME, Utilities
05642011-04-01Use of NewTakeOffFitting on a Pipe   ^  Element Creation, Family, Filters, Geometry, RME
05652011-04-04Nested Lighting Fixture Instances   ^  Element Relationships, Family, Geometry, RME, Settings
05662011-04-06Ritchie's Revit API Introduction   ^  2011, Geometry, Getting Started, News, Training, VSTA
05672011-04-08Extensible Storage   ^  2012, Data Access, Parameters, SDK Samples, Storage
05682011-04-11Performant Hardware   ^  External, Installation, Performance, Settings
05692011-04-12Visual Studio Add-In Wizards for Revit 2012   ^  .NET, 2012, External, Getting Started, Installation, Settings, Transaction, Utilities, VB
05702011-04-14The REX SDK   ^  .NET, 2012, News, REX, Training, User Interface, Utilities
05712011-04-15Product GUIDs for Revit 2012 and Forever More   ^  .NET, 2012, External, Installation, Migration, Settings
05722011-04-18DevDays 2010 Online with Revit 2012 API News   ^  2012, Events, Geometry, Migration, News, SDK Samples, Training
05732011-04-19Revit 2012 WikiHelp Overview   ^  2012, External, News, User Interface
05742011-04-20Migrating the Building Coder Samples to Revit 2012   ^  2012, Migration, News, Regen, Utilities
05752011-04-21Updated SDK, 2012 Products, and Source Code Colourisation   ^  2012, News, Python, SDK Samples, Utilities
05762011-05-02Iteration and Springtime – Change is the Only Constant   ^  .NET, 2012, Data Access, Travel
05772011-05-03Cascaded Events and Renaming the Active Document   ^  2012, Data Access, Events, Migration, User Interface
05782011-05-06Improved MEP Element Shape and Mount Ararat   ^  Algorithm, Data Access, Element Relationships, RME, SDK Samples, Travel
05792011-05-10Set Preview Image   ^  2012, Settings, User Interface
05802011-05-12Revit 2012 API Webcast   ^  2012, Events, Getting Started, Migration, News, SDK Samples, Training
05812011-05-16New Room Computation Parameters   ^  2012, Data Access, Migration, Parameters
05822011-05-18Wiki API Help, View Event and Structural Material Type   ^  2012, Data Access, Events, Migration, Parameters, RST, Training
05832011-05-19List Linked Files and TransmissionData   ^  2012, Data Access, External, Utilities
05842011-05-20API Wishlist Survey   ^  Events, External, News
05852011-05-23My First Revit Plug-in   ^  External, Getting Started, Plugin, Training
05862011-05-25Loading Only Selected Family Types   ^  Algorithm, Data Access, Family, Performance, Transaction, User Interface
05872011-05-27Extensible Storage of a Map   ^  2012, Data Access, Storage
05882011-05-30Debugging an Add-in Without Restarting Revit   ^  .NET, 2012, Debugging, External, VSTA
05892011-05-31Chinese Revit 2012 API Webcast   ^  2012, Events, Getting Started, Migration, SDK Samples, Training
05902011-06-01File Upgrader Plugin of the Month   ^  2012, Family, News, Plugin, Utilities
05912011-06-02Set the Visual Style of a View   ^  Parameters, Settings, User Interface
05922011-06-06Subscription Packs   ^  2012, External, News, Utilities
05932011-06-07API Wish List Survey Reminder   ^  Events, External, News
05942011-06-08The Revit MEP 2012 API   ^  2012, Data Access, Element Creation, gbXML, Getting Started, RME, SDK Samples
05952011-06-10Placing a Line Based Detail Item Instance   ^  2012, Element Creation, Family, RST
05962011-06-13Creating and Inserting an Extrusion Family   ^  Algorithm, Element Creation, Family, Filters, Geometry, RST
05972011-06-14Reloading a Family   ^  Element Relationships, Family, Getting Started, Transaction
05982011-06-15Revit STL Exporter Released as Open Source   ^  2012, Data Access, External, Family, Geometry, News, Parameters
05992011-06-16Implicit Line Continuation in VB 2010   ^  .NET, External, News, Settings, VB
06002011-06-20Boolean Operations and InstanceVoidCutUtils   ^  2012, Family, Geometry, Getting Started, SDK Samples
06012011-06-21Extensions for Revit 2012   ^  2012, External, News, REX, Utilities
06022011-06-22The Revit Structure 2012 API   ^  2012, Data Access, Element Relationships, Migration, RST
06032011-06-23No Multithreading in Revit   ^  Algorithm, Filters, Performance, RST, SDK Samples, Win32
06042011-06-27Extensible Storage Features   ^  2012, Data Access, Parameters, Performance, Storage
06052011-06-28Get Transformed Family Instance Geometry   ^  2012, Data Access, Family, Geometry
06062011-06-29Updated SDK for Revit 2012 Update Release 1   ^  2012, News, SDK Samples, Utilities
06072011-06-30Modifying Cable Tray Shape   ^  Element Relationships, Family, Filters, Getting Started, RME
06082011-07-01Basic Parametric Cube Family Tutorial   ^  Element Creation, Family, Geometry, Getting Started, Parameters, Training, User Interface
06092011-07-04MEP Placeholders   ^  2012, Element Creation, Family, Filters, RME, Transaction
06102011-07-05Text Size   ^  Element Creation, Getting Started, Parameters, Settings, Travel
06112011-07-06Refresh Element Graphics Display   ^  DWG, Regen, Transaction, VSTA
06122011-07-07Section View Creation   ^  Element Creation, Geometry, SDK Samples, User Interface, VB
06132011-07-12ImportExport Update   ^  .NET, DWF, DWG, External, SDK Samples, Utilities
06142011-07-13Point Cloud Snap and Freeze   ^  2012, Filters, Settings, User Interface
06152011-07-15VendorId, DevTV, and My First Plugin   ^  2012, Getting Started, Installation, Migration, Plugin, Training
06162011-07-18Create Gable Wall   ^  2012, Element Creation, Filters, Geometry, Migration
06172011-07-19Python Shell in Revit and Vasari   ^  Data Access, Debugging, External, News, Plugin, Python, Utilities
06182011-07-20Translate Revit Tooltips   ^  .NET, Automation, Events, External, Plugin, Ribbon, User Interface, Utilities
06192011-07-21Retrieve Railing Elements   ^  .NET, Data Access, Filters, VB
06202011-07-25Top Faces of Sloped Wall   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Data Access, Debugging, Element Creation, Geometry
06212011-07-26Linked Element Geometry Access   ^  2012, Data Access, External, Geometry
06222011-07-27Revit API Training Material   ^  2012, Family, Getting Started, Training
06232011-07-28Revit API Training Preparation   ^  Getting Started, SDK Samples, Training
06242011-08-04Associative Section View Fix   ^  SDK Samples, Training, Travel
06252011-08-05PickObject Requires Valid View   ^  User Interface
06262011-08-08Built-in Parameter Name and LabelUtils   ^  Data Access, Parameters, User Interface
06272011-08-10MEP Sample Code for Revit 2012   ^  2012, AU 2011, Getting Started, News, RME, SDK Samples, Training
06282011-08-11Polylines in Imported DWG Files   ^  2012, Data Access, DWG, External, Geometry, Links
06292011-08-12Set Underlay Display Property to None   ^  Element Relationships, Parameters
06302011-08-15View Discipline Enumeration Values   ^  Parameters, User Interface
06312011-08-16Retrieving Materials   ^  2012, Data Access, Filters, RST, Settings
06322011-08-17Section View Geometry   ^  Geometry
06332011-08-18Reference to Analytical Curve   ^  2012, AU 2011, Element Relationships, Geometry, RST
06342011-08-19Set Copy Local to False   ^  .NET, Debugging, Getting Started, Migration, Settings, VB
06352011-08-22Wall Joins and Geometry   ^  Element Relationships, Geometry, SDK Samples, Transaction
06362011-08-23Retrieving Lines Within a Family Instance   ^  Data Access, Geometry, Getting Started
06372011-08-24Visual Studio, C# and VB Express   ^  .NET, Debugging, Getting Started, Installation, News, Settings, Utilities, VB
06382011-08-25Locking the Add-Ins Ribbon Tab   ^  Debugging, Getting Started, Settings, User Interface
06392011-08-26Modeless Loose Connector Navigator Update   ^  .NET, 2011, 2012, Events, Migration, RME, Utilities
06402011-08-29Changing the Type of Many Instances   ^  Element Relationships, Family, Performance
06412011-08-31Floor Creation   ^  Element Creation, Filters, Geometry, Parameters, SDK Samples
06422011-09-01Autodesk Lab Projects Spark and Storm   ^  External, News, Utilities
06432011-09-02TransTips ADN Plugin of the Month   ^  .NET, External, News, Plugin, Ribbon, User Interface, Utilities
06442011-09-05Bevelled Steel Beams   ^  Element Creation, Family, Filters, Geometry, RST
06452011-09-06Deleting a Group   ^  Element Relationships, User Interface
06462011-09-07TextNote Lost in Space?   ^  AU 2011, Data Access, Events, Geometry, News
06472011-09-08FilledRegion Coordinates   ^  Data Access, Debugging, Element Relationships, Geometry
06482011-09-12Modeless Forms in Revit   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Automation, Events, External
06492011-09-13Revit IFC Exporter Released as Open Source   ^  Climbing, Data Access, External, IFC, News
06502011-09-14Transfer Project Standards   ^  Element Creation, Links, Parameters
06512011-09-16Revit and AEC API Classes at Autodesk University   ^  AU 2011, Training
06522011-09-19Yet Another Modeless Update   ^  2012, Algorithm, Events, Performance
06532011-09-22Activate a 3D View   ^  2012, Parameters, Transaction, User Interface
06542011-09-23Analytical Model IsEnabled Method and Parameter   ^  2012, Data Access, Element Relationships, Parameters, RST
06552011-09-26Python Shell for Revit 2012 and Vasari 2.1   ^  .NET, 2012, Data Access, Debugging, External, Python, Utilities
06562011-09-28Unofficial Parameters and BipChecker   ^  Algorithm, Data Access, Debugging, Parameters, SDK Samples, Utilities
06572011-09-29Spiderinnet   ^  Getting Started, Links, News, Utilities, VB
06582011-09-30Exception on Copied Geometry   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Data Access, Debugging, Geometry
06592011-10-03Using the WriteTransmissionData Method   ^  2012, Data Access, Links, SDK Samples
06602011-10-04Reloading a Family Again   ^  Events, Family
06612011-10-05Getting Started with the Revit 2012 API   ^  2012, Getting Started, Installation, SDK Samples, Training
06622011-10-07Product and Add-In Wizard Updates   ^  Events, Installation, News, Update, Utilities, Wizard
06632011-10-11Set New Pipe Type Properties   ^  Family, Filters, Parameters, RME, Settings
06642011-10-12Families Guide   ^  BIM, Element Creation, Family, Storm
06652011-10-14Retrieving Duct and Pipe Endpoints   ^  Data Access, Geometry, Getting Started, RME
06662011-10-17Retrieving Detailed Wall Layer Geometry   ^  2012, Algorithm, Data Access, Element Creation, Geometry, Transaction
06672011-10-27String Search ADN Plugin of the Month   ^  .NET, 2011, 2012, Algorithm, Data Access, Parameters, Plugin, Travel, User Interface, Utilities
06682011-10-31Revit Add-in File Load Exception   ^  External, Installation, Plugin, Utilities
06692011-11-01Loading an Add-in With a Journal File   ^  2012, Events, External, Journal, SDK Samples
06702011-11-03Lock the Model, e.g. Prevent Deletion   ^  DMU, Events, Failure, SDK Samples, Utilities
06712011-11-07Planar Face Transform   ^  Algorithm, Element Creation, Geometry, VB
06722011-11-09Pick Corners and Create Floor   ^  2012, Element Creation, User Interface
06732011-11-10Undocumented ElementId Relationships   ^  Algorithm, Data Access, Element Relationships
06742011-11-11Editing a Group Take Two   ^  Element Creation, Element Relationships, Group
06752011-11-14Set Family Parameter Requires Type   ^  Element Creation, Family, Parameters
06762011-11-15Revit API Developer Guide on Autodesk WikiHelp   ^  2012, Getting Started, SDK Samples, User Interface
06772011-11-17Revit Server REST API   ^  2012, Data Access, External
06782011-11-18Read-only Workset API   ^  2012, Data Access, Workset
06792011-11-21Access Central File TransmissionData on Revit Server   ^  2012, Data Access, Server
06802011-11-22Intermediate API Update Releases   ^  2011, 2012, Migration, Update
06812011-11-23AU Virtual and Collaborative Translation   ^  AU 2011, Events, External, News
06822011-11-24Accessing Room Data   ^  Data Access, Filters, Getting Started, SDK Samples
06832011-11-25My First Revit Plug-in in VB   ^  Getting Started, Plugin, Training, VB
06842011-11-26Project Structure Generator on Autodesk Labs   ^  Climbing, News, RST, Storm, Travel, Utilities
06852011-11-28AU Begins and Point Cloud Overview   ^  2012, AU 2011, Climbing, Cloud
06862011-11-29Pick a Point in 3D   ^  Element Creation, Transaction, User Interface
06872011-11-30AU Day Two   ^  AU 2011, News
06882011-12-05Unit Conversion and Display String Formatting   ^  Algorithm, Parameters, Travel, Units, User Interface, Utilities, VB
06892011-12-06Export Solid to ACIS   ^  Data Access, External, Geometry, Travel
06902011-12-08Interior Side of a Wall   ^  Algorithm, Geometry, Travel
06912011-12-10REX Content Generator   ^  2012, Element Creation, Family, Geometry, REX, RST, SDK Samples, Storm, Travel
06922011-12-12Top Faces of Sloped Wall Update   ^  Algorithm, Data Access, Geometry, Travel
06932011-12-13Copy a Model from a Revit Server   ^  2012, Data Access, External, Travel
06942011-12-14AVF Displays Intersections and Highlights Rooms   ^  2012, AVF, Element Relationships, Geometry, SDK Samples, Travel, VB
06952011-12-16Loading an Inventor ADSK Component   ^  2012, Element Creation, External, Family, Travel
06962011-12-19Finding a Development Partner   ^  External, Getting Started, Training, Travel, Utilities
06972011-12-21Keep Dialogues Modal!   ^  2012, AU 2011, BIM, Events, FBX, Python, User Interface
06982012-01-02Export Walls and Floors to SAT   ^  Data Access, External, Geometry
06992012-01-04Opening Geometry   ^  .NET, 2012, Data Access, Element Relationships, Geometry
07002012-01-06Materials Collection and Filtering   ^  .NET, 2012, Data Access, Filters
07012012-01-09Identifying Wall Compound Layers and Parts   ^  2012, Data Access, Element Relationships, Geometry, Parts
07022012-01-11Avoid Idling   ^  2012, Algorithm, AU 2011, DMU, Events, Idling, Transaction
07032012-01-12Preparing for a Hands-on Revit API Training   ^  .NET, Getting Started, Installation, SDK Samples, Training
07042012-01-13Timer Code for Benchmarking   ^  .NET, Debugging, Getting Started, Performance, Training, Utilities
07052012-01-16Drag and Drop to Revit   ^  .NET, External, User Interface, Win32
07062012-01-18The Genesis of Revit and its API   ^  Getting Started, News
07072012-01-20Curved Analytical Model Approximation and Etabs Link   ^  Data Access, External, Geometry, Links, RST, Utilities
07082012-01-23Point Cloud Unit Conversion   ^  Climbing, Cloud, Element Creation, External, Geometry, Units
07092012-01-24Point Cloud Feature Extraction   ^  2012, Cloud, News, Utilities
07102012-01-25Synchronize with Central   ^  .NET, Events, External, Idling, Win32
07112012-01-26Chinese New Year Impressions   ^  News, Travel
07122012-01-27The Performance Adviser API   ^  2012, Data Access, Element Relationships, Failure, Performance, SDK Samples
07132012-01-30Eliminating Compiler Warnings and Deprecated Calls   ^  2012, Migration, Update
07142012-01-31No Revit API Class Diagram   ^  Data Access, Debugging, Element Relationships, Getting Started, SDK Samples, Utilities
07152012-02-02Section View Geometry Not Cropped   ^  Geometry, RST, SDK Samples
07162012-02-03Level Generator ADN Plugin of the Month   ^  Element Creation, Plugin, Utilities
07172012-02-06Element in View Crop Box Predicate   ^  Element Relationships, Filters, Geometry
07182012-02-08Revit Webcam 2012   ^  2012, AVF, Events, External, Idling, Migration
07192012-02-10Add Reference Points and Markers Read from CSV File   ^  2012, Data Access, Element Creation, External
07202012-02-13Access Wire Sizes   ^  2012, Data Access, Filters, RME
07212012-02-14AEC DevCamp Coming Up Again   ^  2012, Events, News, Training
07222012-02-20Remove Imported JPG and BMP Images   ^  Algorithm, Debugging, Deletion, Element Relationships
07232012-02-22BIM versus Free Geometry and Product Training   ^  Family, Geometry, Getting Started, News, Training, User Interface
07242012-02-24Hosting a Light Fitting on a Reference Plane   ^  Element Creation, Geometry, RME
07252012-02-28Family Instance Room Phase   ^  Algorithm, Data Access, Element Relationships, Family, Settings
07262012-02-29Build Your Own Document Changed Event   ^  Data Access, Events
07272012-03-02Updating the Wall Compound Layer Structure   ^  2012, Data Access, Geometry, News
07282012-03-05Remove DWF Links   ^  2012, Data Access, Deletion, DWF, Element Relationships, External, Filters, Links
07292012-03-07A TXT File may be a Type List   ^  External, Family, Getting Started
07302012-03-09Rotate True North   ^  Data Access, Geometry, Settings
07312012-03-12Mixed Mode C++ in Revit 2012   ^  2012, Debugging, External, Installation
07322012-03-13Split a Duct or Pipe   ^  Element Creation, RME, SDK Samples
07332012-03-14Connecting Pieces, Like Navisworks   ^  Data Access, External, Parameters, Utilities
07342012-03-16Retrieve Geometry in Element Coordinate System   ^  Geometry, RME, Travel
07352012-03-19Determine Revit Demo Mode   ^  Algorithm, Data Access, Failure, Installation, Settings, Transaction
07362012-03-20Melbourne Day One   ^  Family, Filters, Getting Started, Parameters, Training, Travel
07372012-03-21Melbourne Day Two   ^  .NET, AU 2011, Climbing, Data Access, Element Creation, Geometry, Training, Travel
07382012-03-23Melbourne DevLab   ^  Data Access, Filters, Parameters, Training, Travel
07392012-03-26Great Ocean Road and Creating Your Own Key   ^  Data Access, Filters, Parameters, Training, Travel
07402012-03-28Revit 2013 and its API   ^  2013, Migration, News, SDK Samples, Update
07412012-03-29On Creating a Mass from 3D Points   ^  Algorithm, Element Creation, Family, Geometry, Python, Vasari
07422012-03-30New Revit 2013 SDK Samples   ^  2013, Events, External, Idling, RME, SDK Samples, User Interface
07432012-04-02Idling Enhancements and External Events   ^  2013, AU 2011, AVF, Cloud, Events, External, Idling, SDK Samples
07442012-04-04Migrating VSTA Macros to SharpDevelop   ^  .NET, 2013, Getting Started, Migration, Training
07452012-04-05GetElement method and Get Element Type   ^  2013, Data Access, Element Relationships, Getting Started, Migration, Parameters
07462012-04-11DevCamp and Refresh Display for a Kinetic Facade   ^  Events, Getting Started, News, Regen, Training, Update
07472012-04-13Revit 2013 Product GUIDs and GUID Algorithm   ^  2013, Algorithm, External, Installation, Migration, Update
07482012-04-16Drag and Drop API   ^  2013, DragDrop, Events, External, Idling, User Interface
07492012-04-17Add-In Wizard for Revit 2013   ^  2013, Getting Started, Migration, Update, Utilities, Wizard
07502012-04-18Scope and Dispose of Transactions   ^  Regen, Transaction, Update, User Interface
07512012-04-20Migrate Building Coder Samples to Revit 2013   ^  2013, Discipline, Migration, Update
07522012-04-23Failure Rollback   ^  Failure, Training
07532012-04-24Using Using Automagically Disposes and Rolls Back   ^  .NET, Transaction
07542012-04-25Adding a Category to a Shared Parameter Binding   ^  Algorithm, Parameters
07552012-04-26Munich API Training   ^  Getting Started, Training, Travel
07562012-04-27Xtra ADN Revit 2013 API Training Labs   ^  2013, Getting Started, Migration, SDK Samples, Training, Travel, Update, VB
07572012-04-30Developer Center and SDK Update   ^  2013, Getting Started, News, SDK Samples, Update
07582012-05-01Edit Family Requires No Transaction   ^  2013, Family, Migration, Transaction
07592012-05-02DevDays Online on What's New in Revit 2013   ^  2013, Getting Started, Migration, News, Training, Update, User Interface
07602012-05-03Read-only and Automatic Transaction Modes   ^  Data Access, Element Creation, Migration, Transaction
07612012-05-07The Schedule API and Access to Schedule Data   ^  .NET, 2013, Data Access, External, Schedule
07622012-05-08The Revit 2013 MEP API and External Services   ^  2013, External, RME, SDK Samples
07632012-05-09The ADN MEP Sample AdnRme for Revit MEP 2013   ^  .NET, 2013, Element Relationships, Migration, Parameters, RME, SDK Samples, User Interface, Utilities
07642012-05-10Create a Pipe Cap   ^  BIM, Element Creation, Geometry, News, Parameters, RME
07652012-05-14DevBlog, DevCamp, Element and Project Wide Data   ^  2013, Cloud, Data Access, Element Creation, Events, External, Getting Started, News, Storage
07662012-05-16Selecting a Face in a Linked File   ^  Algorithm, Data Access, Links, User Interface
07672012-05-16Revit API Webcast Tomorrow   ^  2013, Events, Getting Started, News, Training
07682012-05-17Prompt User to Avoid Modeless Interaction   ^  Events, Idling, User Interface
07692012-05-20Revit and Navisworks API Wishlist Surveys   ^  Events, External, News
07702012-05-21Family Usage Filtered Element Collector Performance   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Family, Filters, Performance, VB
07712012-05-22Change Section View Type and Hide Cut Line   ^  Element Creation, Parameters, View
07722012-05-24Pipe Insulation and Insulation Material   ^  2013, Algorithm, Data Access, Element Relationships, RME
07732012-05-28Connector Orientation   ^  Algorithm, Element Relationships, Geometry, RME
07742012-05-30Family Instance Element Coordinate System   ^  Algorithm, Family, Geometry, RME, Travel
07752012-05-31Revit 2013 API Webcast Recording   ^  2013, Getting Started, News, SDK Samples, Training, Update
07762012-06-01Create Structural Plan View   ^  2013, Discipline, Element Creation, Migration, RST, View
07772012-06-04Retrieve Embedded Resource Image   ^  .NET, 2013, External, Plugin
07782012-06-06DevCamp Day One   ^  2013, Events, Geometry, Migration, Training, Travel, Update
07792012-06-07DevCamp Day Two   ^  2013, DragDrop, Events, Filters, Idling, IFC, Migration, News, RME, SDK Samples, Training, Update, User Interface, View
07802012-06-08DevLab and Room Separation   ^  Element Creation, Training, Utilities
07812012-06-11API Wishlist Survey Deadline Looming   ^  Events, External, News
07822012-06-12The Revit 2013 Structure API   ^  2013, AVF, Cloud, Migration, RST, SDK Samples, Update
07832012-06-13DocumentChanged versus Dynamic Model Updater   ^  DMU, Element Creation, Events, Performance, View
07842012-06-15Create Section View Parallel to Wall   ^  2013, Algorithm, Element Creation, Geometry, View
07852012-06-18UIView and Windows Device Coordinates   ^  2013, External, User Interface, View, Win32
07862012-06-19AEC DevCamp 2012 Material   ^  2013, Cloud, Events, Family, Getting Started, News, Training
07872012-06-20Real-World Concrete Corner Coordinates   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Data Access, Filters, Geometry, RST
07882012-06-21Replacing Built-In Commands and Obtaining Their Ids   ^  2013, Data Access, Debugging, External, Journal, User Interface
07892012-06-22Worksharing Central Filename   ^  2013, Data Access, External, Migration, Server
07902012-06-25Getting Going with the Cloud   ^  2013, Cloud, Events, External, Getting Started, Migration, Training
07912012-06-27OBJ Model Export Considerations   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Cloud, Data Access, Filters, Geometry, News, Utilities, View
07922012-06-28OBJ Model Exporter Take One   ^  Algorithm, Cloud, Filters, Geometry, Group
07932012-06-29Update API Assembly References and Wizards   ^  .NET, 2013, AU, Getting Started, Installation, Update, Utilities, Wizard
07942012-07-02OBJ Model Exporter with Colours   ^  Algorithm, Cloud, Data Access, External, Geometry, View
07952012-07-03OBJ Model Exporter with Multiple Solid Support   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Data Access, External, Geometry
07962012-07-05OBJ Model Exporter with Transparency Support   ^  .NET, 2013, Algorithm, Data Access, External, Geometry, Getting Started, Training, Utilities
07972012-07-06Meetings, Football, and RevitRubyShell   ^  .NET, 2013, Debugging, Events, News, Python, Utilities, Vasari
07982012-07-09RevitRubyShell Implementation and Installer   ^  .NET, Climbing, Data Access, External, User Interface, Utilities
07992012-07-10Running Language Code and More Exporters   ^  Data Access, User Interface
08002012-07-11Multi-Version Add-in   ^  .NET, 2013, Algorithm, Plugin, Ribbon, User Interface
08012012-07-13Creating an Opening   ^  Element Creation, Regen, SDK Samples, Transaction
08022012-07-16View of NewGroup Duplicated Elements   ^  Element Creation, Group, View
08032012-07-18Elbow Fitting Selection and Dimensioning   ^  2013, Element Creation, Events, External, Family, Journal, RME, SDK Samples
08042012-07-23UR1 and Line Origin versus Start and End Point   ^  2013, Geometry, News, Travel, Update
08052012-08-01Vacation Time and Various Notes   ^  Data Access, Training, Travel, Update, View
08062012-08-15Structural Concrete Setout Point Add-in   ^  Algorithm, Element Creation, RST, User Interface, Utilities
08072012-08-16Cancel Family Creation and UK NBS and BIM News   ^  BIM, Events, External, News, Utilities
08082012-08-17Graphically Display Area Boundary Loops   ^  Data Access, Geometry, IFC, Parts
08092012-08-20Do Not Delete During Iteration   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Deletion, Getting Started, VB
08102012-08-21Room in Area Predicate via Point in Polygon Test   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Element Relationships, Filters, Geometry
08112012-08-22ADSK File Import and Phase of Room   ^  Data Access, External, Geometry, Parameters
08122012-08-23Updated Revit MEP 2013 Material   ^  2013, AU, RME
08132012-08-24Titbits of the Week   ^  Data Access, Journal, View
08142012-08-28Validate Roof Type and View OBJ on Android   ^  .NET, 2013, Cloud, Element Creation, Getting Started, Training
08152012-08-30AU Registration and ADN Open   ^  AU, External, Getting Started, News, Training
08162012-08-31Set View Section Box to Match Scope Box   ^  Algorithm, Data Access, Filters, Geometry, View
08172012-09-03Video Animated Ribbon Item Tooltip   ^  .NET, Automation, External, Ribbon, User Interface
08182012-09-04Group My Own Commands in the Ribbon   ^  Data Access, Getting Started, Parameters, Ribbon, Training, User Interface
08192012-09-05IFC GUID Generation and Uniqueness   ^  2013, Algorithm, DWF, External, IFC
08202012-09-05Updating Properties and Announcing Revit LT   ^  2013, Algorithm, News, Regen, Update, User Interface
08212012-09-07Parts, Assemblies, PartUtils and DivideParts   ^  Element Creation, Parts, View
08222012-09-10Sphere Creation for AVF and Filtering   ^  AVF, Geometry
08232012-09-12Filter for Touching Beams Using Solid Intersection   ^  Algorithm, Filters, Geometry
08242012-09-13Categories Collection Item Accessor Fails   ^  .NET, Cloud, Data Access, Settings
08252012-09-14Apollonian Sphere Packing via Web Service and AVF   ^  .NET, Algorithm, AVF, Cloud, External, Geometry
08262012-09-18DivideParts in F# and Line Styles   ^  .NET, Data Access, Element Creation, F#, Parts, View
08272012-09-19Picking Two Points Consecutively   ^  Cloud, Events, Getting Started, User Interface
08282012-09-20Exporting Parameter Data to Excel, and Re-importing   ^  .NET, Data Access, External, Filters, Getting Started, Parameters, Performance, SDK Samples, Utilities
08292012-09-21FamilyParameter IsShared Property   ^  .NET, Data Access, Family, Parameters, Performance
08302012-09-24Mobile Device Room Location   ^  .NET, Cloud, Data Access, External, Server, Training
08312012-09-25Disposal of Revit API Objects   ^  .NET, Transaction
08322012-09-26FindElement and Collector Optimisation   ^  .NET, Filters, Getting Started, Performance
08332012-09-27IFC Export Area Calculation and Other Enhancements   ^  Algorithm, BIM, Cloud, Data Access, External, IFC
08342012-09-28Create Dimension between Two Lines   ^  Element Creation, Family, Getting Started, SDK Samples, Transaction
08352012-10-01Element Intersection   ^  Element Relationships, Geometry, News, SDK Samples
08362012-10-03Ribbon Creation Utility   ^  Ribbon, User Interface, Utilities
08372012-10-05Detach Workset and TaskDialog Command Link Order   ^  2013, Parameters, Server, User Interface
08382012-10-08Wall Footing Relationship Revisited   ^  2013, Element Relationships, Migration, RST, Transaction
08392012-10-09Slab Boundary Revisited   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Data Access, Debugging, Geometry, Migration, Python, Utilities, Win32
08402012-10-10UIView, Windows Coordinates, ReferenceIntersector and My Own Tooltip   ^  .NET, 2013, Algorithm, AU, Data Access, Events, Geometry, Idling, News, SDK Samples, User Interface, View
08412012-10-11Point Cloud Request Batching   ^  Cloud, Data Access, SDK Samples, User Interface
08422012-10-12Porting an AutoCAD Application   ^  AU, BIM, DWG, Performance
08432012-10-16Sweep PickPath Tolerance Criteria   ^  Algorithm, Element Creation, Element Relationships, Family, Geometry, RME
08442012-10-17Deleting a GraphicStyle Element   ^  Deletion
08452012-10-18Beam Bottom Endpoint   ^  Algorithm, Data Access, Element Relationships, Family, Geometry, Parameters, RST
08462012-10-22Room Polygon and Furniture Picker in SVG   ^  Algorithm, Cloud, External, Geometry, SVG
08472012-10-23Revit 2013 Update Release 2   ^  2013, News, Update
08482012-10-25PowerPoint Slide Deck Text Extractor Ppt2txt   ^  .NET, AU, Utilities
08492012-10-26Stair Geometry and Roombook   ^  2013, Data Access, Geometry, Utilities
08502012-10-29Ensure WPF Add-in Remains in Foreground   ^  Data Access, FBX, Filters, Fun, Links, User Interface, Win32, WPF
08512012-10-30The Temporary Transaction Trick for Gross Slab Data   ^  Algorithm, AU, Data Access, Events, Geometry, News, Transaction
08522012-10-31Display a Geometry Debugging Point in the Model   ^  AVF, Debugging, Element Creation, Geometry
08532012-11-01Drive Revit through a WCF Service   ^  .NET, 2013, Events, External, Idling, RST, View, WCF
08542012-11-02Temporary Transaction Trick Touchup   ^  Data Access, Geometry, Transaction
08552012-11-06Geometry Object Subcategory   ^  Data Access, Element Relationships, Family, Geometry, Schedule, View
08562012-11-13Moving to the Mac   ^  AU, Data Access, Mac, Utilities
08572012-11-14Roll Your Own Toggle Button   ^  External, Fun, Mac, Ribbon, RST, User Interface
08582012-11-15Happy Bhai Dooj!   ^  .NET, Automation, Events, Fun, Ribbon, User Interface
08592012-11-16Updater Queues Multi-Transaction Operation for Idling   ^  Algorithm, DMU, Element Relationships, Events, Group, Idling, Utilities
08602012-11-20Building Performance Analysis and Face Tessellation   ^  2013, External, gbXML, Geometry
08612012-11-22Survey and Project Base Point   ^  BIM, Data Access, Element Relationships, Travel, Utilities
08622012-11-26Grand Canyon and AU Arrival   ^  AU, Climbing, Travel
08632012-11-28The Champions Roundtable at AU   ^  AU, BIM, Data Access, DMU, News
08642012-11-29AU Classes on the View, MEP and Link APIs   ^  2013, AU, Data Access, Element Creation, Links, RME, View
08652012-11-30AU Classes on Python, UI, Server and Framework APIs   ^  2013, AU, Cloud, Events, Idling, Python, Server, Transaction, User Interface, Vasari, View, Win32
08662012-12-03Extra Transaction or Regeneration Required   ^  AU, Data Access, Element Creation, Regen, Transaction
08672012-12-04Boost Your BIM and Dance with an Elephant   ^  BIM, Links, Macro, News
08682012-12-05Reload Add-in for Debug Without Restart   ^  AU, Debugging, Utilities
08692012-12-07The BIM 360 Glue Viewer and REST API   ^  BIM, Cloud, Glue, REST
08702012-12-11BIM 360 Glue REST API Authentication Using Python   ^  Cloud, Glue, Python, REST
08712012-12-12Accessing all Elements in a Schedule   ^  2013, Data Access, Filters, Schedule, View
08722012-12-13ToElementIds Performance   ^  .NET, Cloud, Filters, Getting Started, Performance
08732012-12-14Installing a Macro and Closing the Active Document   ^  Macro, View
08742012-12-19Solid Centroid and Volume Calculation   ^  2013, Algorithm, Geometry, Links, News
08752012-12-21GetInstanceGeometry Overhead and Invalid References   ^  Element Relationships, Family, Geometry
08762013-01-03Create FaceWall on Slanted Mass Face   ^  Element Creation, Geometry
08772013-01-04Family Symbols versus Types and SelectionFilterElement   ^  2013, Family, Filters, Vasari
08782013-01-08URL and Other Buttons, XYZ Points and Vectors   ^  Automation, Cloud, gbXML, Geometry, REST, Ribbon, User Interface
08792013-01-09Set Detail Curve Visibility   ^  Parameters, RST, View
08802013-01-10What I Do, Wall Layers and Open Transactions   ^  AU, Data Access, Idling, News, Training, Travel
08812013-01-11Determine Revit Demo Mode Revisited   ^  .NET, Data Access, Discipline, External, Installation, Migration, Ribbon, Settings, User Interface, Win32
08822013-01-14Revit 2013 Unit Conversion Utility   ^  2013, Data Access, Migration, Parameters, Units, Update, Utilities
08832013-01-16Determine Revit Demo Mode and Serial Number   ^  .NET, Data Access, External, Installation, Win32
08842013-01-17Implement a Progress Bar and Abort a Lengthy Process   ^  .NET, News, Photo, User Interface, Utilities
08852013-01-18Changing Viewport Type   ^  Element Relationships, Parameters, View
08862013-01-22Delux Database Enabled Loading and Updating   ^  BIM, Element Relationships, External
08872013-01-24Basic File Info and RVT File Version   ^  .NET, 2013, Algorithm, BIM, Data Access, External, Mac, RST, Utilities
08882013-01-28Duplicate Built-in Parameter Values and BipChecker Update   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Data Access, Parameters, Utilities
08892013-01-30Read Material Asset Parameter   ^  Data Access, Material, Parameters
08902013-01-31Change Element Workset   ^  Data Access, Parameters, Workset
08912013-02-01Parameters versus Properties   ^  .NET, Data Access, Material, Parameters, View
08922013-02-05Content Localisation   ^  Family, Parameters, RME
08932013-02-06Simple MEP System Traversal   ^  Data Access, RME
08942013-02-07Adding a Button to Existing Ribbon Panel   ^  .NET, Automation, Events, Ribbon, User Interface
08952013-02-08MP3 Manipulation Using Python, Mutagen and Ffmpeg   ^  Data Access, External, Fun, M3U, MP3, Music, Python
08962013-02-112D SVG Editing on Mobile Device with Raphael   ^  cmCloud, JavaScript, SVG
08972013-02-12Adjustable Versus Perpendicular Spud   ^  Element Creation, Family, RME
08982013-02-13Eliminating Compiler Warnings and Deprecated Calls   ^  2013, Getting Started, Migration
08992013-02-15Retrieving Schedules on a Sheet   ^  2013, Data Access, Element Relationships, Filters, Schedule
09002013-02-18ADN Revit API Training Material Update and Vacation   ^  2013, Getting Started, Training, Update
09012013-02-21What's New in the Revit 2010 API   ^  2010, News
09022013-02-25What's New in the Revit 2011 API   ^  2011, News, Travel
09032013-02-28What's New in the Revit 2012 API   ^  2012, News, Travel
09042013-03-04What's New in the Revit 2013 API   ^  2013, News, Travel
09052013-03-07Curve Evaluation and Song of the Gulls   ^  Algorithm, Geometry, News, Travel
09062013-03-11Export Wall Parts Individually to DXF   ^  Events, External, Parts, Photo, Transaction, Travel
09072013-03-12Sweep Family Performance Enhancement   ^  BIM, Element Creation, External, Family, Geometry, Performance
09082013-03-13LoadFamily and Collector Iteration Performance   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Family, Filters, Performance
09092013-03-14Units and RevitLookup   ^  Data Access, Getting Started, Parameters, Settings, Units
09102013-03-15Determining Purgeable Elements   ^  Algorithm, Deletion, Element Relationships, Performance
09112013-03-19Parameter DisplayUnitType, Bretagne and Decompilers   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Data Access, Debugging, External, Parameters, Photo, Travel
09122013-03-20Cloud & Mobile, Extensible Storage Data Use in Schedules   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Cloud, Data Access, External, News, REST, Schedule, Storage, SVG
09132013-03-21Rename View by Matching Elevation Tag with Room   ^  Element Relationships, Filters, Fun, Geometry, View
09142013-03-25Relax – Simple Free Cloud Based Data Repository with NoSQL, CouchDB, and IrisCouch   ^  cm   .NET, Cloud, External, Storage
09152013-03-27Revit 2014 and Supporting Columns   ^  2014, Algorithm, Element Relationships, Filters, Geometry, News, Update
09162013-03-28Revit 2014 API and Room Plan View Boundary Loops   ^  .NET, 2014, Algorithm, Data Access, Desktop, Geometry, News, SDK Samples
09172013-03-29Filter for Family Instances in a Room   ^  Element Relationships, Filters, Performance
09182013-03-31Sort and Orient Curves to Form a Contiguous Loop   ^  Algorithm, Desktop, Geometry
09192013-04-01Cloud-Based Restaurant Seating and Cleaning   ^  Cloud, External, Fun, JavaScript
09202013-04-02The Revit 2014 Pre-release API and SDK   ^  2014, Fun, Migration, SDK Samples, Update
09212013-04-03Extrusion Analyser and Plan View Boundaries   ^  Algorithm, Desktop, Failure, Geometry
09222013-04-04Curve Following Face and Bounding Box Implementation   ^  .NET, Algorithm, AU 2011, Desktop, Element Creation, Geometry
09232013-04-05Getting Started with the Revit API   ^  Fun, Getting Started, Installation, SDK Samples, Training
09242013-04-08GeoSnoop .NET Boundary Curve Loop Visualisation   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Desktop, External, Geometry
09252013-04-09Handy Utility Classes   ^  Utilities
09262013-04-10Setting up your ViewOrientation3D   ^  .NET, 2013, Algorithm, Element Creation, Geometry, Migration, View
09272013-04-11Desktop to Cloud via DreamSeat CouchDB Client   ^   cm   .NET, Cloud, Desktop, External, SVG
09282013-04-12Launching AutoCAD within a Revit Add-in   ^  .NET, ACA, DWG, External, VB
09292013-04-16Changing a Family Parameter from Type to Instance   ^  Family, Parameters
09302013-04-17Perpetual GUID Algorithm and Revit 2014 Product GUIDs   ^  2014, Data Access, External, Installation, Migration, Update
09312013-04-18Migrating The Building Coder Samples to Revit 2014   ^  2014, Migration, Units, Update
09322013-04-19Room Editor Project Overview and CouchDB Configuration   ^   cm   Cloud, Desktop, External, Mobile
09332013-04-22Grouping Schedule Headers and How to Do Something   ^  2014, Data Access, Schedule, View
09342013-04-23Accessing and Filtering by Ramp Material   ^  Data Access, Family, Filters, Geometry, Material
09352013-04-24Migrating a Built-in Category and Other Things   ^  2014, Data Access, Element Relationships, Family, Filters, Getting Started, Migration, Parameters
09362013-04-25Room and Furniture Loops Using Symbols   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Desktop, Element Relationships, Family, Geometry
09372013-04-26Compiling the Revit 2014 SDK   ^  2014, Getting Started, Installation, Migration, SDK Samples, Update
09382013-04-29What's New in the Revit 2014 API   ^  2014, News, RME, RST, SDK Samples, Update
09392013-04-30Transactions, Sub-Transactions and Transaction Groups   ^  Getting Started, Group, Transaction
09402013-05-02Revit 2014 SDK and Visual Debugging Tools   ^  2014, Debugging, DWF, gbXML, Geometry, Utilities, View
09412013-05-06My Cloud-Based 2D Editor Implementation and Status   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Cloud, Desktop, JavaScript, Mobile, Server
09422013-05-07A Simpler Dockable Panel Sample   ^  2014, Events, Ribbon, SDK Samples, User Interface
09432013-05-08Copy and Paste API Applications and Modeless Assertion   ^  2014, Element Creation, Idling, SDK Samples, View
09442013-05-09Add-In Wizards for Revit 2014   ^  .NET, 2014, Getting Started, Migration, Update, Utilities, VB, Wizard
09452013-05-11Source Code Formatting and Google Prettifier   ^  .NET, External, JavaScript, Utilities
09462013-05-12Removing Unused Mac Architectures, Languages and Files   ^  External, Mac, Utilities
09472013-05-14External Command Lister and Adding Ribbon Commands   ^  .NET, Installation, Ribbon, SDK Samples, User Interface, Utilities
09482013-05-15DWG Issues and Various Other Updates   ^  2014, Data Access, DWG, Geometry, Storage
09492013-05-17CouchDB Implementation and GitHub Repository   ^   cm  Algorithm, Cloud, Element Relationships, External, HTML, JavaScript, JSON, Mobile, REST, SVG
09502013-05-23Effortless Extensible Storage   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Data Access, Storage, View
09512013-05-26Revit API Wishlist Survey   ^  News, Update
09522013-05-27Load Your Own External Command on the Fly   ^  .NET, Debugging, Macro, Performance, Ribbon, VB
09532013-05-28Reloading and Debugging External Commands on the Fly   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Debugging, External, SDK Samples, Utilities
09542013-05-30Exchange App Webinar and Travel Plans   ^  2014, Events, Exchange, Getting Started, News, Training, Travel
09552013-05-31RevitRubyShell for Revit 2014   ^  2014, Debugging, External, News, Ruby, Travel, Utilities
09562013-06-02Python Mac Pasteboard Access   ^  HTML, Mac, Python, Travel, Utilities
09572013-06-03Auto PDF Print from Revit 2014   ^  .NET, 2014, Algorithm, Events, External, Idling, PDF, Print, Travel, Utilities
09582013-06-04Tech Summit and More AutoExport Considerations   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Events, Export, External, Idling, Print, Utilities
09592013-06-07Correct Detail Component Rotation in Elevation View   ^  Algorithm, Cloud, Data Access, Element Creation, Geometry, Mobile, REST
09602013-06-08Migrating the ADN Training Labs to Revit 2014   ^  2014, Getting Started, Migration, SDK Samples, Training, Update
09612013-06-09Super Insane MP3 and Songbird Playlist Exporter   ^  M3U, MP3, Music, Python
09622013-06-10Removing Deprecated API Compilation Warnings   ^  2014, Filters, Migration, SDK Samples, Update
09632013-06-11Wishlist Survey Reminder and New SDK Sample Overview   ^  2014, Events, News, SDK Samples, Training
09642013-06-12Python and Ruby Scripting Resources and the Sharp Glyph   ^  Fun, Getting Started, Python, Ruby
09652013-06-13The ADN Sample AdnRme for Revit MEP 2014   ^  2014, Migration, RME, SDK Samples, Update
09662013-06-14ADN Training Material for Revit Structure 2014   ^  2014, DMU, Getting Started, Migration, RST, SDK Samples, Training
09672013-06-17Structural Analytical Code Checking and Results Builder   ^  2014, Getting Started, REX, RST, SDK Samples, User Interface, Utilities
09682013-06-18Processor Architecture Mismatch Warning and Key Hook   ^  .NET, 2014, Getting Started, Migration, SDK Samples, Settings, Update, User Interface, Win32
09692013-06-19Sun Direction, Shadow Calculation and Wizard Update   ^  .NET, 2014, Geometry, RME, Settings, Update, Utilities, Wizard
09702013-06-21Behind the Scenes of the NBS Revit Add-in   ^  2014, External, Idling, Migration, User Interface, Utilities
09712013-06-23More on Structural Analysis Code Checking   ^  2014, Cloud, RST, SDK Samples
09722013-06-26Key Concepts of the Family Editor   ^  Events, Family, Getting Started, Training, Travel, User Interface
09732013-06-28Family API Add-in – Load Family and Place Instances   ^   cm  Element Creation, Family, Filters, Getting Started
09742013-07-01Family API – Create Type, Select and Modify Instances   ^  Element Creation, Family, Filters, Getting Started
09752013-07-02Family API – Nested Type, Instance and Symbol Retrieval   ^  Element Relationships, Family, Filters, Getting Started, Parameters
09762013-07-03Dynamically Hide and Display a Ribbon Panel   ^  Discipline, Fun, Ribbon, RME, RST, User Interface
09772013-07-04Recursively Disable Architecture Mismatch Warning   ^  .NET, 2014, RME, RST, SDK Samples, Settings, Training, Update, Utilities, VB
09782013-07-06Create a Filled Region to use as a Mask   ^  Element Creation
09792013-07-08Graphics Pipeline Custom Exporter   ^  2014, Data Access, Export, Geometry
09802013-07-09Texture Bitmap and UV Coordinates   ^  2014, Data Access, Element Relationships, Export, Family, FBX, IFC, Material
09812013-07-11ADN Mesh Data Custom Exporter to JSON   ^  cm  2014, Algorithm, Climbing, Data Access, Export, Fun, Geometry, JSON
09822013-07-12Revit Add-in Unit Testing   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Debugging, External, Utilities
09832013-07-15Football and Space Adjacency for Heat Load Calculation   ^  Algorithm, Data Access, Element Relationships, Photo, RME, Travel
09842013-07-16Revit 2014 OBJ Exporter and New SDK Samples   ^  2014, Export, External, News, SDK Samples, Utilities
09852013-07-17Curve Length, Idling, Units and RevitPythonShell   ^  2014, Geometry, Idling, Python, Units
09862013-07-19User MEP Calculation Sample   ^  2014, Algorithm, Data Access, External, RME, SDK Samples
09872013-07-24Earn $100 Submitting an Autodesk Exchange App   ^  Events, Exchange, Getting Started, Training, Travel
09882013-07-26Sydney Revit API Training and Vacation   ^  .NET, Debugging, Element Creation, Filters, Getting Started, Training, Travel, VB
09892013-07-31Create a Floor with an Opening or Complex Boundary   ^  Algorithm, Element Creation, Geometry
09902013-08-04Spanish Revit API Training in Mexico   ^  Getting Started, News, Training
09912013-08-06Animation and the DisplacementElement Class   ^  2014, Events, Idling, RST, SDK Samples, View
09922013-08-07Setting the Exact Same Location for two Views on a Sheet   ^  2014, Algorithm, Geometry, View
09932013-08-08The Revit Server REST API   ^  Data Access, Events, External, Getting Started, Idling, REST, Server
09942013-08-09Setting the Compound Structure Core and Shell Layers   ^  Climbing, Element Relationships, Geometry, RST
09952013-08-10Revit 2014 Update Release 1   ^  2014, Installation, News, Update
09962013-08-12Attributes, Relationships and Other Stuff   ^  2014, Data Access, Element Relationships, Geometry, Links, View
09972013-08-13Deleting and Updating Extensible Storage Schema   ^  Deletion, Storage, Update
09982013-08-14Language Independent Section View Type Id Retrieval   ^  Element Creation, Family, Filters, View
09992013-08-15Generating a MidCurve Between Two Curve Elements   ^  Algorithm, Element Creation, Geometry
10002013-08-16Exchange App Videos and DevTV YouTube Channel   ^  DevTV, Exchange, SVG, Training
10012013-08-19View Filter API   ^  2014, Data Access, Export, Filters, Parameters, SDK Samples, View
10022013-08-20Determining Absolutely All Visible and Hidden Elements   ^  2014, Algorithm, Export, VB, View
10032013-08-21ADN Training Material on GitHub and Portathon Reminder   ^  Exchange, Getting Started, News, Training
10042013-08-22Happy Birthday, Dear Building Coder!   ^  Events, Fun, News, RST
10052013-08-23Retrieving All Available Line Styles   ^  Data Access, Filters
10062013-08-26Exporting Image and Setting a Default 3D View Orientation   ^  2014, Export, Migration, View
10072013-08-27Determining Maximal Flow in HVAC Duct Connectors   ^  Algorithm, Data Access, Parameters, RME
10082013-08-28Open MEP Connector Warning   ^  RME, Utilities
10092013-08-29Revit Server API Access and VBScript   ^  .NET, Data Access, External, REST, Server, VBScript
10102013-08-30Issue Using a Preview Control in a Macro   ^  Macro, View, WPF
10112013-09-02Boolean Operations for 2D Polygons   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Data Access, Element Creation, Element Relationships, Geometry
10122013-09-03No Command Launching from Dockable Panel   ^  2014, Events, External, Idling, User Interface
10132013-09-04Set a Suitable View for Family Instance Placement   ^  2014, Algorithm, Events, Family, User Interface, VB, View
10142013-09-05Room Neighbours   ^  Data Access, Element Relationships, Geometry, User Interface, Utilities
10152013-09-06Cloud and AppStore Usage Grows – Portathon Reminder   ^  Cloud, Events, Exchange, Mobile, News
10162013-09-09Access to Individual Elements in Linked Projects   ^  Climbing, Data Access, Element Relationships, Filters, Links
10172013-09-10Determine Location Attributes and Retrieve Key Elements   ^  Data Access, Filters, Schedule, View
10182013-09-11Creating an Offset Wall   ^  Element Creation, Parameters
10192013-09-12Rotating a Plan View   ^  Element Relationships, View
10202013-09-12Registration Open for Autodesk University 2013   ^  AU, Events, News
10212013-09-13MultiReferenceAnnotation Example   ^  2014, Element Creation, Exchange, RST
10222013-09-14AppStore Advice and Zooming in a Preview Control   ^  .NET, 2014, Events, Exchange, View
10232013-09-17How to Save a Solid to a File   ^  2014, Data Access, Element Creation, Export, Family, Geometry, SAT, SDK Samples
10242013-09-1910.000.000.000th Post and Element Type Parameters   ^  Data Access, Family, Migration, Parameters, Update
10252013-09-25Back and Preparing for AU and DevDays Conferences   ^  AU, Events, Photo, Training, Travel
10262013-09-26Saving a Solid to a SAT File Implementation   ^  Data Access, Export, Filters, Geometry, SAT
10272013-09-27Max' Revision Wrapper Class   ^  Data Access, Parameters
10282013-09-30Family Instance Placement   ^  2013, Element Creation, Family, Getting Started
10292013-10-01AppHack 2, Training Material and the Developer Guide   ^  Cloud, Events, Getting Started, Material, Mobile, News, PDF, Training
10302013-10-02Set View Section Box to Match Scope Box for Revit 2014   ^  Algorithm, Data Access, Filters, Geometry, Migration, Update, View
10312013-10-03Viewport Positioning and Conceptual Design Automation   ^  2014, Data Access, External, Geometry, Migration, News, RST, View
10322013-10-04Programmatic Access to Duct Sizes   ^  Data Access, RME, Settings
10332013-10-09Handle Your Own Exceptions   ^  .NET, Debugging, Failure, Getting Started, WPF
10342013-10-10Handle Your Own Exceptions and Edit Slab Boundaries   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Data Access, Debugging, Transaction
10352013-10-14LINQ DIY Transformed Geometry Bounding Box   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Geometry, Migration
10362013-10-15The Building Coder Samples on GitHub   ^  External, Git, Mac, News
10372013-10-16Move Duct Join Add-In with Video and GitHub Support   ^  Algorithm, Data Access, Element Relationships, Geometry, Git, Mac, RME, Utilities
10382013-10-17Text File Driven Automatic Placement of Family Instances   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Element Creation, External, Family, Filters, Glue, Regex, Utilities
10392013-10-18Using the Built-In Revit AcGe Functionality   ^  .NET, AcGe, ARX, C++, External, Geometry, Utilities
10402013-10-21Programmatic Custom Add-In External Command Launch   ^  2014, Debugging, Git, Journal, Ribbon, SDK Samples
10412013-10-22The Dynamo Revit Unit Test Framework   ^  .NET, Debugging, External, Performance, Utilities
10422013-10-23RevitLookup on GitHub and Invitation to Collaborate   ^  Data Access, Debugging, Element Relationships, Geometry, Getting Started, SDK Samples, Utilities
10432013-10-24Move Tag to Host Location   ^  Element Relationships, Geometry
10442013-10-25ExportCncFab on GitHub and RevitLookup Update   ^  2014, DXF, Export, Git, Migration, Parts, RevitLookup, SAT, Transaction, Utilities
10452013-10-28RoomEditorApp for Revit 2014 on GitHub   ^  .NET, AU, Cloud, Desktop, Git, Migration
10462013-10-29Determining Room Boundary Segment Generating Element   ^  Algorithm, Data Access, Debugging, Element Relationships, Geometry
10472013-10-30Wall Compound Layer, Other Geometry and Licenses   ^  Data Access, Element Relationships, Geometry, Parts
10482013-10-31Invitation to Autodesk DevDays 2013   ^  Events, News
10492013-11-01RoomEditorApp Architecture and External Application   ^  2014, Debugging, Desktop, Events, Git, Idling, Migration
10502013-11-04Unit Abbreviations   ^  Data Access, Settings, Units, User Interface
10512013-11-05Mapping Display Unit Type to Unit Types   ^  2014, Algorithm, Git, Migration, Units
10522013-11-06Determining Host Document Location of a Linked Element   ^  2014, Element Relationships, Family, Links, Units
10532013-11-07Placing Equidistant Points Along a Curve   ^  Algorithm, Geometry
10542013-11-08User MEP Calculation Sample on GitHub   ^  2014, External, Git, RME, Server
10552013-11-11Singleton Application versus Multiple Command Instances   ^  .NET, 2014, Events, Git, Idling
10562013-11-12Revit 2014 Update Release 2   ^  2014, Family, Installation, News, RME, Update
10572013-11-13Intimate Revit Database Exploration with the Python Shell   ^  .NET, Data Access, Debugging, Element Creation, Element Relationships, Python, Ruby, Utilities
10582013-11-14The Developer Guide is Back on WikiHelp   ^  2014, DMU, News, Storage
10592013-11-15Multi-Version Visual Studio Revit Add-In Wizard   ^  .NET, 2013, 2014, Utilities, Wizard
10602013-11-17Revit 2014 Developer Guide PDF   ^  2014, Getting Started, News, SDK Samples
10612013-11-18Localised Unit Abbreviations   ^  2014, Git, Units, Utilities
10622013-11-19RoomEditorApp Idling and Benchmarking Timer   ^  .NET, 2014, Algorithm, AU, Debugging, Desktop, Events, Git, Idling, Performance, Utilities
10632013-11-20Translated Shared Parameter GUID Consolidation   ^  Algorithm, Family, I18n, Parameters
10642013-11-21Determining Whether Parameter is Type or Instance Bound   ^  Data Access, Git, Parameters
10652013-11-22Debugging Revit 2014 API with Visual Studio 2013   ^  .NET, 2013, 2014, Debugging, Installation
10662013-11-25Erasing Extensible Storage with Linked Files   ^  Cloud, Element Creation, Regen, Storage, View
10672013-11-26A Pee Cee Free Day   ^  Photo
10682013-12-02Arrival at AU and The Story of Stuff   ^  AU, External, News
10692013-12-03DevDay@au Chronicle Estorage View Depth Sound of Noise   ^  AU, Cloud, Mobile, Music, News, Utilities, View
10702013-12-04AU Day 1, Revit 2014 API Class and Bounding Box Rotation   ^  2014, AU, Geometry, News
10712013-12-05AU Day 2, Worksharing and Revit 2014 API Roundtables   ^  2014, AU, BIM, Events, News
10722013-12-06AU Day 3, ReCap & Cloud-based Round-trip Model Editing   ^  AU, Cloud, Desktop, Events, External, Idling, Mobile, ReCap
10732013-12-08Nightingale M3U and Denormalized Filename Characters   ^  External, I18n, Mac, MP3, Music, Python, Utilities
10742013-12-09Replacing an Idling Event Handler by an External Event   ^  .NET, 2014, Debugging, Desktop, Events, External, Git, Idling, Migration, Performance
10752013-12-10Triggering Immediate External Event Execute   ^  .NET, 2014, Desktop, Events, External, Idling, Performance, Photo, Travel, Win32
10762013-12-11Security, Framing Cross Section Analyser and REX   ^  .NET, Data Access, Geometry, Git, Migration, REX, RST, Utilities
10772013-12-12Saving a New Central File to Revit Server   ^  2014, Family, Server, Transaction, Travel, Workset
10782013-12-16DevLab Munich   ^  External, News, Travel
10792013-12-17Visual Studio 2013 May Partially Support Edit and Continue   ^  .NET, 2013, 2014, Debugging, Settings
10802013-12-19Driving CNC Fabrication and Shared Parameters   ^  DXF, Fun, Git, Parts, SAT, Transaction, Utilities
10812013-12-20Setting the View Display Background   ^  2014, Export, Fun, Settings, View
10822013-12-23Starting to Clean Up For the Break   ^  2014, AU, BPA, RME, Utilities
10832014-01-06Happy New Year!   ^  Geometry, Photo, Schedule, Update
10842014-01-07Sustainably Chugging Along   ^  AU, BPA, SDK Samples
10852014-01-08Calculating a Rolling Offset Between Two Pipes   ^  Algorithm, AU, Geometry, Git, RME
10862014-01-09No Inheritance and No Strong Naming   ^  .NET, ARX, BIM, Getting Started, Training
10872014-01-10Creating a Rolling Offset Pipe Between Two Pipes   ^  Element Creation, RME
10882014-01-13HTML5 for Teaching Maths and Physics   ^  HTML, JavaScript
10892014-01-14Connecting the Rolling Offset Pipe to its Neighbour Pipes   ^  Algorithm, Element Relationships, Git, RME
10902014-01-15Explicitly Placing Rolling Offset Elbow Fittings   ^  Element Creation, Family, Geometry, Git, RME
10912014-01-16Simpler Rolling Offset Using NewElbowFitting   ^  Element Creation, Git, RME
10922014-01-17Revit API Help Online and Hiking on La Palma   ^  Cloud, Data Access, Getting Started, Training, Travel
10932014-01-27Final Rolling Offset Using Pipe.Create   ^  Data Access, Element Creation, Git, Parameters, RME
10942014-01-28Lots of Clouds   ^  AU, Cloud, Git, Photo, RevitLookup, Travel, Update
10952014-01-29REST POST Request to Revit Server 2014   ^  2014, Getting Started, REST, SDK Samples, Server
10962014-01-30Future Proofing The Building Coder Samples   ^  2014, Element Creation, Git, Migration, SDK Samples
10972014-01-31The GEOM_VISIBILITY_PARAM Visibility Settings   ^  .NET, C++, Data Access, News, Parameters, RevitLookup, Settings, View
10982014-02-04Deleting Unnamed Non-Hosting Reference Planes   ^  2014, Deletion, Filters, Git, Migration, Parameters, Transaction, Utilities
10992014-02-05Skip Invalid Element Generation Using Failure API   ^  Element Creation, Failure
11002014-02-07Web Workshop, Tech Summit Plans and Security   ^  Cloud, External, REST, SVG
11012014-02-10Lots of Views, Families and Booleans   ^  BIM, Debugging, Element Creation, Getting Started, Performance, SDK Samples, View
11022014-02-11Getting Two Different Kinds of Joined Elements   ^  Element Relationships, Geometry, SDK Samples
11032014-02-12The 360 View   ^  cmCloud, External, Glue, News
11042014-02-13Daylighting Extension and Splitting with Taps   ^  BPA, Element Relationships, RME, Utilities
11052014-02-14Creating an Offset Wall Solution   ^  Element Creation, Parameters, Photo
11062014-02-17Wrangling Revisions with Ruby   ^  .NET, 2014, DMU, Events, External, Idling, Macro, Ruby, Utilities
11072014-02-18Different Revit API Aspects and Features   ^  Events, External, Getting Started, Migration, Update
11082014-02-19More on Revit API Aspects and Features   ^  .NET, BIM, External, Family, Fun, IFC, Performance
11092014-02-20TextNote Leader Alignment   ^  Element Creation, Travel
11102014-03-12Back from Desert and Two Happy Events   ^  Cloud, Desktop, Mobile, News, Photo, Travel
11112014-03-12AutoCAD and Revit API Training in Peru   ^  Getting Started, Training
11122014-03-13Detach Beam from Plane   ^  Algorithm, Element Relationships, Parameters, RST
11132014-03-14Determining the Quiescent State   ^  Algorithm, Events, External, Idling, Modeless
11142014-03-17Using Balloon Tips in Revit   ^  .NET, Automation, User Interface, Win32
11152014-03-18Storing Revit Add-in Settings   ^  .NET, Data Access, Settings, Storage
11162014-03-20Adding New Materials from List Updated   ^  .NET, 2014, Algorithm, Filters, Git, Material, Migration, Utilities
11172014-03-21Using Generic Collections with Filters and Forms   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Desktop, Filters, Git, View
11182014-03-24Another Balloon Tip Implementation   ^  .NET, User Interface, Utilities
11192014-03-25Selecting Visible Categories from a Set of Views   ^  .NET, Desktop, Git, Material, User Interface, View
11202014-03-26Cannot Get BindingMap of a Family Document   ^  2014, Data Access, Family, Migration, Parameters
11212014-03-28Creating a Sloped Floor   ^  Element Creation, Git, SDK Samples, User Interface
11222014-03-29Adding New Materials from List Enhancements   ^  Git, Material, Settings, Update, Utilities
11232014-03-31Category Analysis with and without Python   ^  Data Access, Python, Utilities
11242014-04-01Automating Large Scale Waste Recycling and Sustainability   ^  BPA, Fun, News, Print
11252014-04-02Selecting Sheets instead of Views in the RoomEditorApp   ^  .NET, Algorithm, BIM, Desktop, Git, View
11262014-04-03RevitLookup for Revit 2015   ^  2015, Data Access, Debugging, Element Relationships, Getting Started, Migration, RevitLookup, SDK Samples, Utilities
11272014-04-04WPF Fill Pattern Viewer Control   ^  .NET, Git, User Interface, Utilities, WPF
11282014-04-05BIM 360 Growing Fast   ^  360, BIM, Cloud, News
11292014-04-07Getting Serious Adding New Materials from List   ^  Element Creation, Git, Material, Update, User Interface, Utilities
11302014-04-08No DevCamp – Better – NY AEC Technology Symposium   ^  BIM, External, Hackathon, News, Training
11312014-04-09Revit 2015 API News – DevDays Online Recording   ^  2015, Migration, News, Update, User Interface, VB
11322014-04-10Transaction Group Regeneration for InstanceVoidCutUtils   ^  Element Relationships, Family, Git, Regen, Transaction
11332014-04-11Profiling Revit Add-ins and RoomEditorApp Enhancements   ^  .NET, Debugging, Desktop, Filters, Geometry, Performance
11342014-04-11Revit 2015 and Updated SDK Released   ^  2015, News
11352014-04-14Category Support for Shared Type and Instance Parameters   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Data Access, Parameters
11362014-04-15Compiling the Revit 2015 SDK and Migrating Bc Samples   ^  2015, Getting Started, Migration, Photo, SDK Samples, Update
11372014-04-16Migrating RoomEditorApp to Revit 2015   ^  .NET, 2015, Desktop, Git, Migration, Python
11382014-04-17Determining the Size and Location of Viewports on a Sheet   ^  Desktop, Element Relationships, Git, View
11392014-04-18RevitLookup for UR1, ADN, AEC and AU News   ^  AU, Git, Hackathon, News, ReCap, RevitLookup, Transaction
11402014-04-22WPF Fill Pattern Viewer Control Benchmark   ^  2015, Git, Performance, Utilities, View, WPF
11412014-04-25What's New in the Revit 2015 API   ^  2015, Getting Started, News, SDK Samples, Update
11422014-04-26Hackergarten Meetup   ^  Git, Hackathon, Utilities
11432014-04-27WAV Database, Python and GUI Tutorials   ^  MP3, Music, Python
11442014-04-28Element Id – Export, Unique, Navisworks and Other Ids   ^  Data Access, DWF, Element Relationships, Export, IFC
11452014-04-30Revit as a Service and Sheet-View-Element Transforms   ^  Desktop, Element Relationships, Events, External, Geometry, Idling, Server, View
11462014-05-02IFC Exporter Open Source Wiki   ^  2015, External, IFC, Update, Utilities
11472014-05-05New Revit 2015 SDK Samples   ^  2015, Migration, RevitLookup, RST, SDK Samples, Update
11482014-05-07On Handling Warnings and Failures   ^  2015, Failure, Getting Started, Migration, SDK Samples, Training, Update
11492014-05-08Multithreading Throws Exceptions in Revit 2015   ^  2015, Data Access, Debugging, Migration, Modeless, Update
11502014-05-09Room Editor Element Properties and the Async Trap   ^  Algorithm, Cloud, JavaScript, REST, SVG
11512014-05-12Add-In Wizards for Revit 2015   ^  2015, Getting Started, Migration, Update, Utilities, VB, Wizard
11522014-05-13AEC Hackathon, DevGuide URL and AppStore Webinar   ^  Apps, Exchange, Getting Started, Hackathon, News, SDK Samples, Training, Update
11532014-05-14Project Solon and BipChecker for Revit 2015 on GitHub   ^  2015, BPA, Data Access, Debugging, External, GBS, Getting Started, Git, Migration, Parameters, Utilities
11542014-05-15DirectShape Performance and Minimum Size   ^  2015, Element Creation, Performance
11552014-05-16New York Travel Preparation and ADN Job Opening   ^  Hackathon, News, Photo, Travel
11562014-05-18AEC Hackathon – From the Midst of the Fray   ^  Cloud, Desktop, Hackathon, JavaScript, JSON, Mobile
11572014-05-19RvtVa3c – Revit Va3c Generic AEC Viewer JSON Export   ^  Cloud, Desktop, Export, Geometry, JavaScript, JSON, Mobile, Utilities
11582014-05-20Views Displaying Given Element, SVG and NoSQL   ^  .NET, DWF, Export, Filters, Git, Hackathon, JSON, Performance, SVG, View
11592014-05-21RvtVa3c Assembly Resolver   ^  .NET, Git, JavaScript, JSON, va3c
11602014-05-22TessellateSolidOrShell – Holes Versus Wholes   ^  Algorithm, Export, Geometry, Performance
11612014-05-26Properties in DWF, IFC, Tables and Extensible Storage   ^  Climbing, DWF, IFC, Parameters, Storage, Update
11622014-05-27ADN Revit 2015 API Training Material   ^  2015, Fun, Git, SDK Samples
11632014-05-28Updated SDK, DevTV, BIM 360 News and Viewer   ^  BIM, Glue, JavaScript, News, SDK Samples, View
11642014-05-29Exchange Apps Webinar Recording and Resources   ^  Apps, DevTV, Events, Installation, Training
11652014-05-30Revit API Wishlist Survey   ^  News, Update
11662014-05-31Room Editor with Handlebars and Refresh   ^  Cloud, Git, HTML, JavaScript
11672014-06-01RoomEditorApp Plurals and Free Educational Software   ^  Desktop, Getting Started, Training
11682014-06-02The Revision API and a Form on the Fly   ^  .NET, 2015, Data Access, Git
11692014-06-04Technical Summit Day 1 and Removing RVT References   ^  Algorithm, Cloud, JavaScript, Links
11702014-06-10Room Editor Live and Unofficial Custom Ribbon Button   ^  .NET, Automation, Cloud, Desktop, Events, External, Git, Idling, Mobile, Ribbon, Travel, User Interface
11712014-06-23Back from Sweden   ^  Element Creation, Geometry, Photo, Travel
11722014-06-24Revit 2015 Update Release 3   ^  2015, Element Creation, Update
11732014-06-26Refresh Element Graphics Display   ^  Algorithm, JavaScript, Regen, Schedule, Transaction, View
11742014-06-27AdnRme Migrated to Revit MEP 2015 on GitHub   ^  2015, Git, Migration, Parameters, RME
11752014-06-30Write Revit Add-ins No Coding Experience Required   ^  .NET, Getting Started, Git, Training, Wizard
11762014-07-01Referenced Files as a Service   ^  2015, Data Access, External, SDK Samples
11772014-07-02IFC GUID Algorithm Update and Family Modification   ^  2015, Algorithm, Debugging, Family, Git, IFC, Parameters, Update
11782014-07-03Moving an External Command Button within the Ribbon   ^  .NET, Automation, News, Ribbon, User Interface
11792014-07-14Autodesk View and Data API   ^  Adva, AU, Data Access, Family, Installation, View
11802014-07-15Upgrading Family Files Silently   ^  Data Access, Family, Update
11812014-07-16The Road Ahead   ^  Cloud, Mobile, News, REST, Training
11822014-07-21CreateLinkReference Sample Code   ^  2014, DMU, Element Relationships, Filters, Geometry, Links
11832014-07-22Upgrading Family Files Silently, Part 2   ^  2014, Data Access, Family, Ribbon, Update, Utilities
11842014-07-23Wishlist, Blogging, Smartgeometry, Dynamo and FormIt   ^  Dynamo, FormIt, Geometry, News
11852014-07-24Teaching a Man How To Fish and Schedule Creation   ^  2013, Data Access, Element Creation, Getting Started, Schedule, SDK Samples, Training
11862014-07-29Basel.js Meetup View and Data API Demo   ^  360, Adva, Climbing, Cloud, Data Access, Git, JavaScript, Meetup, Mobile, REST, View
11872014-07-30Launching a Stand-alone Executable   ^  .NET, External, gbXML, Getting Started, User Interface
11882014-07-31View and Data API Presentation Material   ^  360, Adva, Cloud, Mobile, View
11892014-08-07Autodesk Exchange Apps Hackathon   ^  Apps, BIM, Exchange, Getting Started, Hackathon, News, Training
11902014-08-11Accessing a Revit Server Central Model Path   ^  REST, Server, Settings
11912014-08-12Activate Your Family Symbol Before Using It   ^  Debugging, Element Creation, Family, Regen, Transaction
11922014-08-19Accessing Discipline and Duplicating View Template   ^  2015, Data Access, Discipline, Element Creation, VB, View
11932014-08-20Setting the Phase of a View   ^  Data Access, Parameters, View
11942014-08-21Document Version, GUID and Number of Saves   ^  2015, Data Access, External, Git, Migration
11952014-08-22Three.js AEC Viewer Progress on Two Fronts   ^  Adva, Cloud, Hackathon, JavaScript, JSON, Mobile, REST, va3c, View
11962014-08-24Striving for Personal Peace Continued   ^  philosophy
11972014-08-25How to Fail, Still Win Big and Handle Duplicate Types   ^  Element Creation, Failure, Family, Fun, Philosophy
11982014-08-26Accessing Extensible Storage on OwnerFamily in Project   ^  2015, Algorithm, Data Access, Debugging, Events, Family, Migration, RevitLookup, Storage
11992014-08-27DevDay, Meetup and Hackathon Event Calendar   ^  2015, AU, Events, Hackathon, Meetup, News, Schedule, Training, Travel, View
12002014-08-28Exploring How to Remove a Shared Parameter Definition   ^  Debugging, Deletion, Getting Started, Parameters, RevitLookup
12012014-08-29Revit Server Thumbnail Requires Redistributable   ^  Fun, REST, Server
12022014-09-01Planes, Projections and Picking Points   ^  Algorithm, Geometry, Getting Started
12032014-09-02Custom Exporter GetCameraInfo   ^  2014, Data Access, Export, View
12042014-09-03AdnRme Update to Eliminate Obsolete API Usage   ^  Family, Git, Migration, RME, Update
12052014-09-04Debugging and Maintaining the Image Relationship   ^  Algorithm, Data Access, Debugging, Element Relationships, Links, RevitLookup, Storage
12062014-09-05Setting up a 3D View like a Section View   ^  Data Access, Element Relationships, Geometry, RevitLookup, Settings, View
12072014-09-08Autodesk View and Data API Webinar   ^  360, Cloud, Data Access, Getting Started, Hackathon, Mobile, Parameters, RME, Training
12082014-09-09Architecture Mismatch Warning Disabler Update   ^  .NET, Photo, Update, Utilities
12092014-09-10Unique Names and the NamingUtils Class   ^  Filters, Utilities
12102014-09-11ADN Labs Xtra on GitHub and RvtVa3c in Three.js   ^  Export, Getting Started, Git, JSON, Migration, RevitLookup, SDK Samples, Training, Utilities, va3c
12112014-09-17A Couple of Recent Issues   ^  Element Relationships, Family, Geometry, Ribbon
12122014-09-18Job Opportunities, Events, Plans and Planes   ^  Apps, Events, Exchange, Geometry, Getting Started, Hackathon, Training
12132014-09-22Hackathon, Climate and my CO2 Footprint   ^  Apps, Events, Exchange, Hackathon, News, Training, Travel
12142014-09-24Modifying, Saving and Reloading Families   ^  Family, Git
12152014-09-29Events, Again, and Creating an Extrusion Roof   ^  AU, Element Creation, Events, Git, Hackathon
12162014-09-30Revit 2015 R2, UR4 and Dimension Prefix & Suffix   ^  Data Access, News, Update
12172014-10-01Creating a Sloped Wall   ^  Climbing, Debugging, Element Creation, Family, Filters, Git
12182014-10-06Is a Given Element Hidden in a View?   ^  Filters, Geometry, Git, View
12192014-10-08ADVA Webinar, Free Student Software and AU   ^  Adva, AU, News
12202014-10-10Past, Future, Frameworks, RevitLookup and Hackathon   ^  Git, Hackathon, Migration, RevitLookup, Travel, Update
12212014-10-13Hackzurich, Fluelisee, Memento, Jobs and Books   ^  Hackathon, JavaScript, Photo, Travel
12222014-10-14Point Cloud Indexing Update   ^  Cloud, External, ReCap, Utilities
12232014-10-16New Text Note and Text Width Calculation   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Element Creation, Filters, Geometry, Git, Units, View, Win32
12242014-10-17Brussels Hackathon, Pipe Wall Thickness and Voids   ^  Adva, Data Access, Geometry, GIS, Git, Hackathon, Mobile, RME, Travel
12252014-10-20PoiPointer, View Depth Override and Destination BIM   ^  Cloud, Git, Hackathon, HTML, JavaScript, JSON, Mobile, Python, REST, View
12262014-10-21Autodesk View and Data API Notes and Samples   ^  cmAdva, AU, Cloud, Getting Started, Hackathon, HTML, JavaScript, JSON, REST, Server
12272014-10-22Worksharing and Duplicating Element Geometry   ^  AU, BIM, Export, Geometry, Hackathon, Workset
12282014-10-24Autodesk Open Source All Over – Germany and Japan   ^  Adva, AU, Dynamo, Hackathon, I18n, Music, Open Source, REST
12292014-10-25Berlin Hackathon Begin   ^  Export, Hackathon, JavaScript, PDF, Philosophy, View
12302014-10-26Attached Detail Groups and Inverse Relationships   ^  Data Access, Element Relationships, Group, Hackathon, Parameters
12312014-10-29Berlin Hackathon Results, 3D Viewer and Web News   ^  Adva, Cloud, Export, Git, Hackathon, JavaScript, JSON, Open Source, Server, Units, Update, va3c
12322014-10-30Updated SDKs for Revit 2015 R2 and UR4   ^  2015, Family, SDK Samples, Update
12332014-10-31NewCrossFitting Connection Order   ^  Algorithm, Element Creation, Geometry, RME
12342014-11-03Concrete Setout Points for Revit Structure 2015   ^  2015, Algorithm, Geometry, Migration, RST, Schedule, Utilities
12352014-11-04Functional Programming, View and Data API Demos   ^  Adva, JavaScript, Meetup, Training, View
12362014-11-05Creating Topography Contours and Building Masses   ^  Element Creation, Family, Geometry, GIS, Git, Migration, View
12372014-11-06The DevDays 2014 Conferences Have Started   ^  AU, Events, Travel
12382014-11-07Migrating Deprecated API and 2D Boolean Operations   ^  2015, Geometry, Getting Started, Git, Migration
12392014-11-10DirectShape versus Families, Category and Texture   ^  Element Creation, Family, Geometry, IFC, Material, Open Source, Parameters
12402014-11-11Rotation by π and NewSweptBlend Using Arcs   ^  Element Creation, Geometry, Getting Started, Git, Migration, Regen
12412014-11-12Picking Pairs and Dimensioning Family Instance Origin   ^  Element Creation, Family, Geometry, Git, Hackathon, RevitLookup
12422014-11-13Selection Filters, Adjacency and the Good Universe   ^  BPA, Dynamo, Filters, Git, Philosophy, RME
12432014-11-14Futureproofing and Determining Intersecting Elements   ^  Family, Filters, Geometry, Git, Migration, SDK Samples, Selection, Update
12442014-11-17The Revit API is Never Ever Thread Safe   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Events, External, Idling, Parameters, Performance
12452014-11-18.NET Open Source and Visual Studio Community   ^  .NET, Debugging, Getting Started, News, Open Source
12462014-11-19WebGL Goes Mobile and Sorted Level Retrieval   ^  .NET, Filters, Git, Mobile, News, Performance, WebGL
12472014-11-20Cloud Accelerator, VDC and Transaction Groups   ^  BIM, Cloud, Getting Started, Training, Transaction, VDC, Workset
12482014-11-25Robot Structural Analysis and Mac App Tabbing   ^  Mac, RST, SDK Samples, User Interface
12492014-11-27Traditional, 3D Printed & Vertical Compound Structures   ^  Element Creation, News, Photo
12502014-11-29Handling Transaction Status and Errors   ^  .NET, 360, Glue, Transaction, Travel
12512014-12-01DevDays Conference at Autodesk University   ^  AU, Events, Exchange, Geometry, Git, News, Parts, Update
12522014-12-02Porting an AutoCAD Application to Revit   ^  BIM, External, Getting Started
12532014-12-02Autodesk University Keynotes   ^  AU, News, Philosophy
12542014-12-03The Revit API Panel at Autodesk University   ^  AU, News, Training
12552014-12-04AU Ends and Batch Rendering Across Several Projects   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Events, External, Idling, Journal, Modeless
12562014-12-08DevDays Conference and Meetup in Paris   ^  DevDays, Geometry, Meetup, News, Travel
12572014-12-09SelFilter, a Powerful Generic Selection Filter Utility   ^  .NET, Selection, Travel, User Interface, Utilities
12582014-12-15DevDays, GitHub, STL and OBJ Model Import   ^  .NET, 2015, DevDays, Element Creation, Geometry, Git, Meetup, OBJ, ReCap, SDK Samples, STL, Travel, Utilities
12592014-12-15Embedding an Interactive View and Data IFC Model   ^  Adva, DevDays, IFC
12602014-12-16Milano Meetups and My New NFC Business Card   ^  Adva, DevDays, Meetup, NFC, Travel, WebGL
12612014-12-17DevDays in Milano, Links, Textures, UR4 vs R2   ^  DevDays, Links, Material, Update
12622014-12-23Back from The Conference Tour and Wrapping Up   ^  AU, DevDays, Family, JavaScript, Meetup, Travel, WebGL
12632014-12-25The Building Coder wishes you a Merry Christmas!   ^  Adva, JavaScript, News, WebGL
12642015-01-06Happy New Year and New Beginnings!   ^  Family, Geometry, News
12652015-01-07The Future – أنا تشار   ^  News, Philosophy
12662015-01-08Cloud Accelerator and More Revit Stuff   ^  Cloud, Geometry, Getting Started, IFC, Open Source, Training
12672015-01-09Autodesk Internship in California and Sorting Edges   ^  Geometry, Training
12682015-01-143D Viewing, vA3C and RevitLookup Updates   ^  Adva, Git, RevitLookup, Update, va3c, View, WebGL
12692015-01-15ExporterIfcUtils Curve Loop Sort and Validate   ^  Geometry, IFC, Utilities
12702015-01-16Vacazione in Sicilia   ^  Travel
12712015-01-23Getting the Wall Elevation Profile   ^  Geometry, IFC, Utilities, View
12722015-01-26Isolating Elements of a Given System   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Filters, RME, View
12732015-01-27Wall Elevation Profiles in The Building Coder Samples   ^  Geometry, Git, Migration, Utilities, View
12742015-02-02List Pipe Sizes and More Obsolete API Usage Removal   ^  Data Access, Filters, Git, Migration, RME, Travel
12752015-02-03Revit 2015 R2 and the Read-Write Workset API   ^  News, Update, VB, Workset
12762015-02-04Family Instance Area and Auto-Loading a Project File   ^  Algorithm, Family, Geometry, Git, Migration, Parameters, SDK Samples, Training
12772015-02-05Understanding the Use of the UniqueId   ^  Data Access, Element Relationships, External, Meetup, Travel, Workset
12782015-02-06Extensible Storage in a Worksharing Environment   ^  Storage, Workset
12792015-02-10Terminating a Family Instance Placement Loop with Esc   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Element Creation, Events, Family, Git, Meetup, User Interface, WebGL
12802015-02-11Using Transaction Groups   ^  Git, Group, Migration, Transaction, Update
12812015-02-12Displaying Progress Bar and Generating Animated GIF   ^  .NET, External, GIF, Git, Mac, Update, User Interface, Utilities
12822015-02-14Determining the Face Tangent at a Picked Point   ^  Algorithm, Data Access, Family, Geometry, Training, Utilities
12832015-02-17From Hack to App – OBJ Mesh Import to DirectShape   ^  Apps, AU, Exchange, Geometry, Getting Started, Git, OBJ, Open Source, STL, User Interface, Utilities
12842015-02-19View and Data API Sample in Swift and Mac OS Upgrade   ^  Adva, Cloud, Git, Mac, Update, WebGL
12852015-02-20Keyboard Shortcuts and Other News   ^  Data Access, Hackathon, News, User Interface, va3c
12862015-02-21Automation, Ribbon Panel, ItemExecuted and Vacation   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Automation, Events, Git, Journal, Ribbon, User Interface
12872015-03-02PostRequestForElementTypePlacement Sample   ^  2015, Element Creation, Family, Git, Transaction, User Interface, VB
12882015-03-03A Dockable Web Browser   ^  .NET, JavaScript, Migration, User Interface, Utilities, WPF
12892015-03-05Opening and Activating Document in an Event Handler   ^  Events, External, Git, Idling, News, VB, XAML
12902015-03-06Automatically Open a Project on Startup   ^  .NET, Events, Git, Migration
12912015-03-09Thin Lines Add-in Using UI Automation   ^  .NET, Automation, Data Access, Git, Settings, Update, User Interface, Utilities, Win32
12922015-03-10List and Switch Design Options Using UI Automation   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Automation, Data Access, External, Git, News, Settings, User Interface, Utilities, Win32
12932015-03-11State of the View and Data API, vA3C and Edge Ids   ^  Adva, Export, Geometry, Utilities, va3c, WebGL
12942015-03-12Framing Cross Section Analyser and REX in Revit 2015   ^   aec   NET, ACA, Git, Migration, REX, RST
12952015-03-16Element Selection Changed Event   ^  .NET, Automation, Events, Idling, Ribbon, Selection, User Interface
12962015-03-17Calculating Gross and Net Wall Areas   ^  Algorithm, gbXML, Geometry, Migration, Parameters, Transaction, VB
12972015-03-19FindInserts Retrieves All Openings in All Wall Types   ^  Element Relationships, Filters, Git, Performance, VB
12982015-03-23IFCExportUtils Determine Door and Window Area   ^  Algorithm, Data Access, Geometry, IFC, Parameters
12992015-03-25Split Personality and Revit API Class Diagram   ^  .NET, 3dwc, Cloud, Element Relationships, Git, Mobile, News, PDF, SVG
13002015-03-27First Cloud Accelerator Success – Second Coming Up   ^  360, Adva, BIM, Cloud, Mobile, News, ReCap, Training
13012015-03-31Re-Researching Lighting Family Instance Placement   ^  Element Creation, Family, Git, Parameters, RevitLookup, RME
13022015-04-01List All Import Instances   ^  Data Access, DWG, Element Relationships, External, Git, Utilities
13032015-04-02Revit API Trends and Team Meeting in Bretagne   ^  Data Access, Element Creation, Getting Started, Migration, News, RME, Travel
13042015-04-07Back from Easter Holidays and Various Revit API Issues   ^  .NET, Algorithm, BIM, Data Access, Fun, Geometry, SDK Samples
13052015-04-08Duplicate Add-In GUID and Driving Revit from Outside   ^  Algorithm, Events, Exchange, External, JSON, va3c, WebGL
13062015-04-09Sending a Room Boundary to an SVG Node Web Server   ^  .NET, 3dwc, Geometry, Git, Selection, Server, SVG
13072015-04-10Curved Wall Elevation Profile and Creator Class Update   ^  Element Creation, Geometry, Git, Update
13082015-04-14Exporting 3D Element Geometry to a WebGL Viewer   ^  3dwc, Export, Geometry, Git, WebGL
13092015-04-17Gross and Net Wall Area Calculation Enhancement   ^  Algorithm, Element Relationships, Events, gbXML, Geometry, Git, Hackathon, Meetup, News, Travel
13102015-04-21Revit 2016 API News and DevDays Online Recording   ^  2016, DevDays, Migration, News, RevitLookup, Update
13112015-04-23What's New in the Revit 2016 API   ^  2016, Migration, News, RevitLookup, Update
13122015-04-27Add-in Migration to Revit 2016 and Updated Wizards   ^  .NET, 2016, Getting Started, Installation, Migration, Update, Utilities, VB, Wizard
13132015-04-29Live Revit Element Rendering in Remote WebGL Viewer   ^  Cloud, Geometry, JSON, Mac, REST, Server, WebGL
13142015-05-05Transferring a Wall Type   ^  Data Access, Element Creation, Migration, Update, Utilities
13152015-05-07Cloning a Solid, AngelHack, 3D Web Fest and Dubai   ^  2016, Adva, Geometry, Hackathon, Meetup, Photo, Travel, WebGL
13162015-05-13How to Retrieve Dimensioning References   ^  Data Access, Element Creation, Geometry, Hackathon, View
13172015-05-14Live Development and a Share Bar   ^  .NET, Debugging, External, JavaScript, Macro, Python, Ruby
13182015-05-15CopyElements, Revit 2016 Scalability, Python and Ruby   ^  2016, Element Creation, Family, Git, Installation, Performance, Python, RevitLookup, Ruby, Update
13192015-05-19Compatibilizar entre versões – API Compatibility Helper   ^  .NET, 2016, Git, Migration, Update
13202015-05-20Autodesk University, Q1, ADN Labs and Wizard Update   ^  .NET, 2016, AU, BIM, BPA, Getting Started, Glue, News, Training, Update, VB
13212015-05-21Migrating The Building Coder Samples to Revit 2016   ^  2016, Getting Started, Migration, RevitLookup, SDK Samples, Update
13222015-05-22A360 Viewer Widget and Selecting a DWG Export Setup   ^  360, Adva, Data Access, DWG, Export, News, View, WebGL
13232015-05-26Connecting Desktop, Cloud, Lines and Grid Segments   ^  Algorithm, AU, Geometry, Git
13242015-05-27RevitLookup in Python Shell and Multi-Release Solution   ^  2016, Data Access, Debugging, Getting Started, Migration, Python, RevitLookup, Ruby, Update, User Interface, Utilities
13252015-05-28Geometry Creation and Line Intersection Exceptions   ^  2016, Algorithm, Element Creation, Geometry, Getting Started, Git, Migration, Parameters, Update, Utilities
13262015-06-01Revit 2016 SP1 and Sheets Missing from Print Dialogue   ^  2016, Debugging, Photo, Print, Settings, Transaction, Update
13272015-06-03Getting Started Creating Families and RFA Files   ^  Element Creation, Family, Getting Started, SDK Samples, Units
13282015-06-03Create Duct, Pipe and Point Transform   ^  Element Creation, Family, Geometry, Getting Started, RME
13292015-06-05ArchSample, Active Transaction and AdnRme for 2016   ^  2016, Data Access, Export, Getting Started, Migration, RME, SDK Samples, Update
13302015-06-06AngelHack Athens, Sustainability and Export Precision   ^  Export, Geometry, Hackathon, Meetup, News, Photo, WebGL
13312015-06-16CNC Direct – Export Wall Parts to DXF and SAT   ^  2015, 2016, DXF, Export, Geometry, Git, Migration, Parameters, Parts, SAT, Update, Utilities
13322015-06-18ADN Labs Xtra, Multi-Version Add-Ins and CNC Direct   ^  2016, Data Access, Material, Migration, Training, Update, Utilities, VB
13332015-06-22Revit API Task Solving Approach, Success, AppStore...   ^  2016, Algorithm, BIM, Exchange, External, Getting Started, News
13342015-06-23Dynamo, Centroid & Volume Calculation Migration Blitz   ^  2016, BIM, DMU, Dynamo, Geometry, Git, Migration, RME, Utilities
13352015-06-24The Responsive Building Coder   ^  HTML, I18n, JavaScript, Mobile, News, Update, User Interface
13362015-06-25Accelerator, AppStore, Disqus and AEC DevBlog Articles   ^  Accelerator, Apps, Cloud, DevBlog, Exchange, Mobile, News, Photo, RME
13372015-06-30IFC GUID Access, Life Span and Cloning of Geometry   ^  Geometry, IFC, Parameters, Photo, Transaction, Travel
13382015-07-02FireRating and the Revit Python Shell in the Cloud   ^  3dwc, Cloud, Data Access, Export, External, Python, REST, SDK Samples, VB
13392015-07-07Using ReferenceIntersector in Linked Files   ^  Cloud, Data Access, Element Relationships, Filters, Geometry, Links, REST, SDK Samples
13402015-07-08Intersect Solid Filter, AVF vs DirectShape Debugging   ^  AVF, Debugging, Element Creation, Filters, Geometry
13412015-07-09Type Catalogues   ^  Data Access, Family, Parameters, Units
13422015-07-10Grevit, FireRating in the Cloud Deployment, Vacation   ^  .NET, 3dwc, Algorithm, C++, Cloud, Dynamo, Element Creation, Export, External, Geometry, Git, Open Source, REST, SDK Samples
13432015-07-13Clicks, DMU, Surfaces, FireRating Feedback, Vacation   ^  .NET, 3dwc, Climbing, Cloud, DMU, Element Creation, Events, External, Geometry, Idling, Parameters, Win32
13442015-08-11Revit API Context and Form Creation Errors   ^  Element Creation, Events, External, Family, Geometry, Idling, Travel
13452015-08-12Revit Geometry Kernel and Cylinder Faces   ^  BIM, Geometry
13462015-08-13Internal vs. Base Point and Link to Host Coordinates   ^  Data Access, Element Relationships, Geometry
13472015-08-17Revit Future and Saving User Configuration Settings   ^  .NET, BIM, C++, Data Access, External, Performance, Python, Settings, Utilities
13482015-08-18Batch Processing, DWFx Links and Future-Proofing   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Data Access, DevBlog, DWF, Events, External, Idling, Installation, Links, Migration
13492015-08-20Stingray and Project Expo for Architects   ^  BIM, Cloud, External, News
13502015-08-21Revit Add-In Wizard GitHub Installer   ^  .NET, Cloud, Getting Started, Git, Installation, Python, Update, Utilities, VB, Wizard
13512015-08-28Markdown, Fusion Accelerator $$$, Revisions and Bulk Upgrade   ^  360, 3dwc, Accelerator, Cloud, Data Access, Fun, Hackathon, Markdown, News, Update
13522015-09-02RealDWG, AutoCAD I/O, View & Data API Meetup   ^  Adva, ARX, Cloud, DWG, Meetup, Mobile
13532015-09-03Family Category, Element Ids, Transaction Undo and Updates   ^  2016, Element Relationships, Family, RevitLookup, SDK Samples, Training, Transaction, Update, VB
13542015-09-04F# Procedural Modelling and Z3 Constraint Solving   ^  .NET, Algorithm, BIM, Dynamo, Element Relationships, External, F#
13552015-09-08DirectShape From Face and Sketch Plane Reuse   ^  Algorithm, Element Creation, Geometry, Performance
13562015-09-09Geometry Basics and No Modifying Linked Files   ^  Geometry, Getting Started, Links, Transaction
13572015-09-11Simple DirectShape on Face, RestSharp, PUT and POST   ^  .NET, 3dwc, Cloud, Element Creation, Geometry, REST, SDK Samples
13582015-09-15FireRating in the Cloud and RevitLookup Update   ^  .NET, AU, Cloud, CompHound, Export, REST, RevitLookup, SDK Samples
13592015-09-22Sharing, Dynamo and a Chinese Book   ^  Accelerator, BIM, Content, Dynamo, Getting Started, IFC, Library, News, Open Source, Philosophy, Photo, Training
13602015-09-24SVG, In-Memory Family, RevitLookup BoundingBox   ^  AU, Cloud, CompHound, Element Creation, Family, Migration, RevitLookup, RST, SVG
13612015-09-25Change Type, Iterate Elements, Create Family   ^  Element Creation, Family, Filters, Getting Started, Performance, Philosophy, RME, SDK Samples
13622015-09-28Revit Answer Day and Creating a Roof   ^  Element Creation, Events, External, Getting Started, Training, User Interface
13632015-09-29Lunar Eclipse and Custom File Properties   ^  .NET, Data Access, External, Photo, Python, Utilities, Win32
13642015-10-02PostCommand causes Internal Exceptions, a Break   ^  Cloud, CompHound, Events, External, Idling, Modeless, Update
13652015-10-19Autodesk DevDays 2015 and CAD Trends   ^  Accelerator, AU, BIM, DevDays, News, Photo, RTC
13662015-10-21Filtering Samples and RAC 2016 Features   ^  2016, Filters, Getting Started, News, User Interface
13672015-10-22Sheet to Model Coordinate Conversion   ^  Algorithm, Data Access, DWF, Element Relationships, Geometry, View
13682015-10-27RTC Classes and Getting Started with Revit Macros   ^  .NET, CompHound, Getting Started, Macro, News, Photo, RTC, SDK Samples, Training, Update, User Interface
13692015-10-31Happy Halloween!   ^  Fun, News, Photo
13702015-11-03RTC, Budapest and the Revit API Panel   ^  Dynamo, News, Photo, RTC, Travel
13712015-11-04Fill Pattern Viewer Fix and Add Materials for 2016   ^  2016, Library, Macro, Material, Migration, Update, Utilities, WPF, XAML
13722015-11-06Connecting Desktop and Cloud, Room Editor Update   ^  3dwc, AU, Cloud, CompHound, Desktop, Events, External, Migration, RTC, SVG, WebGL
13732015-11-09WorksharingUtils   ^  .NET, Data Access, Fun, Utilities, Workset
13742015-11-13Kids@Work and AEC Technology Symposium Videos   ^  BIM, Dynamo, Family, Fun, Hackathon, News, Open Source
13752015-11-17Flatten All Elements to DirectShape   ^  AU, BIM, Deletion, Element Creation, Export, Geometry, Utilities
13762015-11-18Connecting Desktop and Cloud at AU and DevDays   ^  .NET, Accelerator, AU, Cloud, Desktop, DevDays, DMU, Mobile, Regen
13772015-11-19PickPoint with WPF and No Threads   ^  .NET, Fun, User Interface, WPF, XAML
13782015-11-20Drop-down Enumerated Parameter Values   ^  Parameters, Selection, User Interface
13792015-11-30DevDay@AU and Using a Custom Exporter for 2D   ^  AU, DevDays, Export, External, Filters, Geometry, Photo, SVG, Travel, View
13802015-12-01AU Keynote and Revit API Panel   ^  AU, Events, News, Photo, SDK Samples, Transaction
13812015-12-03AU, IoC, Banks and Not To Delete While Iterating   ^  Algorithm, AU, Element Relationships, Filters, Migration, Transaction, Update
13822015-12-08Quick, Slow and LINQ Element Filtering   ^  .NET, Filters, Getting Started, Parameters, Performance
13832015-12-09External Event and 10 Year Forum Anniversary   ^  Events, External, Idling, Modeless, News
13842015-12-10REX Add-In Development and Migration   ^  2016, Installation, Migration, REX, RST, Settings, Update
13852015-12-15External Services   ^  AU, External, Fun, RME, Server
13862015-12-16Adding a Stacked Split Button to the Ribbon   ^  .NET, External, Ribbon, User Interface
13872015-12-17Retrieving Wall Openings and Sorting Points   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Data Access, Geometry, Performance, SDK Samples
13882015-12-18Shared Project Parameter GUID Reporter   ^  Algorithm, Data Access, Parameters, Settings, Utilities
13892015-12-22Wall Opening Profiles and Happy Holidays!   ^  Element Relationships, Geometry, Philosophy, Photo
13902016-01-06Happy New Top CAD Blog, Public Models and Forge   ^  360, Accelerator, BIM, BPA, Climbing, External, Forge, News, Photo
13912016-01-07All Model Text, StringSearch 2016 and New Jobs   ^  Data Access, Filters, Migration, Modeless, Parameters, Plugin, Update
13922016-01-08Retrieving All Model Elements   ^  Algorithm, Cloud, Data Access, Export, Geometry, Photo, ReCap, SDK Samples, Training
13932016-01-12Idling, DMU, DocumentChanged and Need for Regen   ^  Deletion, DMU, Events, External, Idling, Performance, Regen, Transaction, Update
13942016-01-13Loading an IES Photometric Web and Exciting Times   ^  Accelerator, Adva, BIM, DevDays, External, Forge, Parameters, RME, Travel, View
13952016-01-15Era of Connection, Families and Data Handling   ^  360, BIM, BPA, Cloud, Family, Getting Started, Philosophy, Storage, Training
13962016-01-19DevDay Conference in Munich and WPF DoEvents   ^  DevDays, Events, External, WPF
13972016-01-22Tracking Element Modification   ^  Accelerator, Data Access, Element Relationships, Events, Parameters, Performance, Utilities
13982016-01-29BIM Programming Madrid and Spanish Connectivity   ^  360, BIM, Cloud, Desktop, Events, Forge, Getting Started, Philosophy, Photo, Training, Travel
13992016-02-01Modelling Small Details   ^  Content, DWG, Family, Geometry
14002016-02-02What Can Revit on the Cloud Do For You?   ^  360, BIM, Cloud, Forge, Hackathon, Mobile, Server
14012016-02-03EstoreFile, Group Preview and RoomScheduleCloud   ^  .NET, Cloud, Data Access, Export, Git, Group, NoSQL, Performance, Schedule, SDK Samples, Storage, Utilities, View
14022016-02-05BIM 360 Docs, Add-In Folders, Stallman and Abc   ^  360, Apps, Docs, Events, Exchange, Installation, News, Philosophy, Plugin, Travel
14032016-02-06Richard Stallman for a Free Digital Society   ^  Events, External, Open Source, Philosophy, Photo
14042016-02-09Happy Monkey, How To Ask a Question and Debug   ^  External, Getting Started, News, Philosophy
14052016-02-23Reorg, FoMT, DevCon, TED, QR, Custom Exporter Quality   ^  DevDays, Events, Export, Forge, IoT, News, NoSQL, Photo, TED
14062016-02-24IFC Import Levels and MEP Element Shapes   ^  2015, Data Access, Family, IFC, RME
14072016-02-25Reading an RVT File without Revit   ^  Cloud, Data Access, Export, External, News, Parameters
14082016-02-26tbc – The Building Coder Source and Index on GitHub   ^  Content, Data Access, Desktop, Git, HTML, Markdown, Open Source
14092016-03-01API, SDK and View Section Box Element Intersection   ^  Filters, Geometry, Getting Started, Performance, SDK Samples, View
14102016-03-02Index, Debug, Curves, Distance, Deleting PrintSetup   ^  Data Access, Debugging, Deletion, Element Creation, Geometry, Print
14112016-03-03Implementing the TrackChangesCloud External Event   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Events, External, Performance, Win32
14122016-03-07Entitlement API, Trial Period and Floating License   ^  .NET, ACA, Exchange, External, Open Source, REST
14132016-03-14Pi Day, Meeting, Ski Tour, Revit Server Bar Separator   ^  Data Access, Dynamo, Fun, Photo, Server, Travel
14142016-03-18ADN Becomes Forge and Barcelona Accelerator   ^  360, Accelerator, Cloud, Desktop, Events, Forge
14152016-03-19Vipassana and Idling versus External Events   ^  Discipline, Events, External, Idling, Philosophy, SDK Samples
14162016-04-01Swami Ma Anand Mazaak Buddhoo   ^  Fun
14172016-04-04How to Distinguish Redundant Rooms   ^  Algorithm, Data Access
14182016-04-05Windows 10 Security Blocks External Command   ^  .NET, Exchange, External, Getting Started, Installation, Security, Settings, Update
14192016-04-06Location of Hooks in a Rebar Shape Family   ^  Algorithm, Data Access, Geometry, RST
14202016-04-07Forge DevCon, Spring, Impermanence, BIM Cloud   ^  Accelerator, BIM, Cloud, External, Forge, JSON, Modeless, News, Open Source, REST
14212016-04-08Determining Wall Cut Area for a Specific Room   ^  Algorithm, Data Access, Element Relationships, gbXML, Geometry
14222016-04-11Named Guid Storage for Project Identification   ^  Data Access, Element Creation, Filters, Storage
14232016-04-13Determining Wall Opening Areas per Room   ^  Algorithm, Analysis, BIM, BPA, Data Access, Element Relationships, Export, Geometry, Labs, News, RME
14242016-04-14More on Wall Opening Areas per Room   ^  Algorithm, Analysis, BIM, BPA, Data Access, Element Relationships, Geometry
14252016-04-18The pyRevit IronPython Script Library   ^  .NET, Debugging, Dynamo, Library, Open Source, Python, Utilities
14262016-04-19Revit 2017, RevitLookup and SDK Samples   ^  2017, Getting Started, Installation, Migration, RevitLookup, SDK Samples, Update
14272016-04-20RvtSamples for Revit 2017   ^  2017, Debugging, Getting Started, Migration, SDK Samples, Settings, Update
14282016-04-21What's New in the Revit 2017 API   ^  2017, Migration, News, SDK Samples, Update
14292016-04-22Reference Stable Representation Magic Voodoo   ^  Algorithm, Data Access, Element Relationships, Family, Geometry, Selection
14302016-04-25Room Editor – First Revit 2017 Addin Migration   ^  2017, Accelerator, BIM, Cloud, Events, External, Forge, Git, Meetup, Migration, NoSQL, Update
14312016-04-26Real-Time BIM Update with FireRatingCloud 2017   ^  .NET, 2017, BIM, Cloud, Events, External, Migration, MongoDB, NoSQL, REST, Ribbon, Update, User Interface
14322016-04-27Real-Time BIM Update via a Windows Forms Client   ^  .NET, 2017, BIM, Cloud, Data Access, Events, Export, External, JSON, MongoDB, NoSQL, REST, User Interface
14332016-04-28FireRatingCloud Context and Architecture   ^  .NET, BIM, Cloud, Data Access, Events, External, Idling, Server
14342016-04-29Forge and Autodesk University Call for Proposals   ^  Accelerator, AU, Cloud, Events, Forge, Getting Started, Hackathon, Mobile, News, Training
14352016-05-02DLL Signature, BIM 2 in UK and AutoCAD.NET   ^  .NET, 2017, ARX, BIM, Data Access, Docs, DWG, Events, External, Security
14362016-05-03The Building Coder Samples 2017   ^  2017, Getting Started, Installation, Migration, SDK Samples, Update, User Interface
14372016-05-11BCF API and Manually Setting Up an Add-In   ^  .NET, 2017, BIM, External, Getting Started, Migration, REST, Update
14382016-05-13Visual Studio 2015 Revit 2017 Add-in Wizards   ^  .NET, 2017, Getting Started, Installation, Migration, Update, VB, Wizard
14392016-05-17Forge Accelerator, DevCon and Answer Day   ^  Accelerator, Cloud, Events, Forge, News, Photo, Travel
14402016-05-20Idea Station and TextNote Bounding Box   ^  2017, Accelerator, Cloud, Photo, Regen
14412016-05-25Roomedit3d Console Test and Rendering Assets   ^  Accelerator, Cloud, Data Access, Forge, Philosophy, View
14422016-05-26Roomedit3d Live Real-Time Socket.io BIM Update   ^  .NET, BIM, Cloud, Events, External, Forge, JavaScript, JSON, Philosophy, REST
14432016-05-31My Mac Died and I am Alive in Greece   ^  Events, Forge, Mac, Meetup, News, Photo, Travel, View
14442016-06-01Filtering for View Specific Elements   ^  Algorithm, Filters, Geometry, Viewer
14452016-06-02Highlighting Revit Rooms in the Forge Viewer   ^  Accelerator, Algorithm, Cloud, Events, Export, Forge, Geometry, Meetup, Photo, Travel, View
14462016-06-13Point Boundary Condition and Revit 2017 SDK   ^  2017, Analysis, Element Creation, RST, SDK Samples
14472016-06-16Freeing your BIM Data and Roomedit3d Forge OAuth   ^  3dwc, BIM, Cloud, Deletion, Events, Forge, Photo
14482016-06-17Dynamic Model Updater Tutorial and Wizard Update   ^  .NET, DMU, Events, Forge, Photo, Python, Update, Utilities, Wizard
14492016-06-22Traversing and Exporting all MEP System Graphs   ^  .NET, Accelerator, Data Access, Element Relationships, Export, Forge, Photo, RME, SDK Samples, View
14502016-06-23MEP System Structure in Hierarchical JSON Graph   ^  .NET, Accelerator, Algorithm, Element Relationships, Export, Forge, JSON, Parameters, RME, Viewer
14512016-07-05Exporting RVT BIM to JSON, WebGL and Forge   ^  .NET, Accelerator, BIM, Cloud, Export, External, Forge, Geometry, JSON, Migration, Open Source, Photo, Unity, va3c, Viewer, WebGL
14522016-07-07Retrieving a C# out Argument Value in Python   ^  .NET, Dynamo, Python
14532016-07-11Selecting RVT 3D Views for Forge Translation   ^  Export, Forge, SVF, View, Viewer
14542016-07-14Self-Organising Architecture, Voxel-Based Energy Analysis   ^  .NET, 360, 2016, Analysis, BIM, BPA, Insight360, Python, RME
14552016-07-22IFC Import and Open Source   ^  External, Family, Forge, IFC, Open Source
14562016-08-15Vacation End, Forge News and Bounding Boxes   ^  Accelerator, Events, Filters, Forge, Geometry, Python, View
14572016-08-16Online Revit API Docs and Convex Hull   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Geometry, SDK Samples
14582016-08-17UnitUtils Converting Units for Unit Weight   ^  Data Access, Export, Parameters, RST, Units, Utilities
14592016-08-18Consistency of IFC GUID and UniqueId   ^  Element Relationships, Export, IFC
14602016-08-19Automatically Reload Links After Migration   ^  Links, Migration, Server
14612016-08-24Using Routing Preferences to Select and Place a Tap   ^  Element Creation, Geometry, RME, SDK Samples
14622016-08-26Trusted Signature and Revit 2017 API Resources   ^  .NET, 2017, DevDays, Getting Started, Migration, SDK Samples, Training, Update
14632016-08-29Revit Macro Samples Migrated to Revit 2017   ^  2017, Getting Started, Git, Macro, Migration, Update
14642016-08-31Voodoo Magic Retrieves Global Instance Edges   ^  Data Access, Family, Geometry, RST
14652016-09-01Trusted Signature Motivation and Fishing   ^  .NET, 2017, Docs, Dynamo, External, Installation, Migration, News, RST, SDK Samples, Training
14662016-09-06Stacked Ribbon Button Panel Options   ^  Ribbon, Settings, User Interface
14672016-09-08Forge and AppStore Online Hackathon Webinars   ^  Cloud, Forge, Getting Started, Hackathon, Training, Viewer
14682016-09-12HoloLens Escape Path Waypoint JSON Exporter   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Export, Geometry, JSON, Ribbon, Settings
14692016-09-13MacroManager, Materials and Getting Started   ^  Accelerator, AU, Deletion, DevDays, DevTV, Docs, Events, Forge, Getting Started, Macro, SDK Samples
14702016-09-15Avoid CAD Import in RFA, AAG16 and Endtrip   ^  Content, DWG, Family, Geometry, Music, Performance, Unity
14712016-09-19Roomedit3d Update for Connecting Desktop and Forge   ^  BIM, Cloud, Desktop, Forge, Mobile, MongoDB, Node, Viewer
14722016-09-22Forge Webinar Series and Roomedit Starting Points   ^  360, Accelerator, AppStore, Cloud, Events, Exchange, Forge, Getting Started, Hackathon, News, Training, Update, Viewer
14732016-09-24The Birth of Roomedit3dv3 and Forge Webinar 2   ^  360, Accelerator, Cloud, Events, Forge, Getting Started, Hackathon, Transaction, Viewer
14742016-09-26Flipping a Section View and Forge Webinar 3   ^  360, Accelerator, Cloud, Events, Filters, Forge, Getting Started, Hackathon, View, Viewer
14752016-09-28Roomedit3d Broadcast, Teigha BIM, Forge Webinar 3   ^  Cloud, Content, Data Access, Events, External, Forge, Getting Started, Hackathon, News, Viewer
14762016-09-29Warning Swallower, Roomedit3d Viewer Extension   ^  Algorithm, Cloud, Failure, Forge, Getting Started, Hackathon, Training, Viewer
14772016-09-30Solid From Bounding Box and Forge Webinar 4   ^  Cloud, Element Creation, Forge, Geometry, Getting Started, Hackathon, SDK Samples, Training, Viewer
14782016-10-03Retrieving and Broadcasting the Roomedit3dv3 Translation   ^  Cloud, Forge, JavaScript, MongoDB, RTC, Viewer
14792016-10-04Roomedit3dv3 Up and Running with Demo Recording   ^  360, Cloud, Desktop, External, Forge, RTC, Viewer
14802016-10-05Forge Webinars on Design Automation and BIM360   ^  360, BIM, DWG, Forge, Getting Started, Hackathon, Training
14812016-10-06Need to Commit Twice, Roomedit3dv3 and Forge   ^  360, Accelerator, AU, BIM, Cloud, Data Access, Desktop, DevDays, Forge, Regen, Transaction, Viewer
14822016-10-07Material Asset Textures, Forge Webinar Recordings   ^  360, Accelerator, BIM, Cloud, Data Access, Forge, Material
14832016-10-09DirectObjLoader for Revit 2017   ^  2017, Element Creation, Git, Migration, OBJ, Update
14842016-10-17Token Expiry and Online Revit API Docs   ^  AppStore, BIM, Docs, Forge, Getting Started, Hackathon, Photo, Travel
14852016-10-18Cool Forge Demos and Roomedit Caveat   ^  Events, Forge, Fun, Getting Started
14862016-10-19Forge Formats, Webinars and Fusion 360 Client API   ^  360, cURL, Data Access, Forge, Fusion, Getting Started, Hackathon, Parameters, REST, Training, Utilities
14872016-10-20Connecting Desktop and Cloud RTC Material   ^  .NET, Cloud, Desktop, Events, External, Forge, Material, MongoDB, Node, REST, RTC, SVG, Viewer
14882016-10-21RTC Revit API Panel, Idea Station, Edit and Continue   ^  Debugging, Events, News, RTC
14892016-10-22Revit API Connecting Desktop and Cloud @ TUDa   ^  Accelerator, BIM, Cloud, DevTV, Events, Forge, Getting Started, Material, Photo, SDK Samples, Training, Viewer
14902016-10-24How to Create a New Line Style   ^  2017, Element Creation, Events, Photo, RTC, Travel
14912016-10-26Revit Future Direction and Public Roadmap   ^  2017, Events, News, Performance, RTC, Update
14922016-10-27AI, Edit and Continue   ^  Debugging, External, Getting Started, Macro, News, SDK Samples
14932016-10-31AU, Revit 2017.1 SDK and REX FreezeDrawing   ^  2017, AU, Data Access, Geometry, REX, RST, SDK Samples, Update
14942016-11-02Roomedit3dv3 Diff from Forge Boilerplate Code   ^  BIM, Events, Forge, Getting Started, Update, Viewer
14952016-11-03BIM@TuDa, DevDays, Forge News and More Events   ^  Accelerator, AU, BIM, Cloud, Desktop, DevDays, Dynamo, Events, Forge, Getting Started, Labs, News, Training, Update, Viewer
14962016-11-09What's New in the Revit 2017.1 API   ^  2017, Getting Started, Migration, News, SDK Samples, Update
14972016-11-14DevDay Conference at Autodesk University   ^  360, AU, Cloud, Events, Forge, News, Photo
14982016-11-15AU Day One, Keynote and DevLab   ^  AI, AU, Cloud, DevDays, Events, Forge, News, Photo
14992016-11-16AU Day Two, IFC and Revit API Panel   ^  AU, Events, IFC, News
15002016-11-211500 Posts, DevDay and Storing a Dictionary   ^  Accelerator, AU, DevDays, Events, Forge, Hackathon, JavaScript, News, Storage, Viewer
15012016-11-23Using Other Events to Execute Add-In Code   ^  Events, Getting Started
15022016-11-30BIM 360, Docs, Issues, Forge, DevDay and Accelerator   ^  360, Accelerator, BIM, Cloud, Docs, Events, Exchange, Forge, Fusion, Getting Started
15032016-12-05Material Shared Parameters and ADN Xtra Labs   ^  2017, AU, DevDays, Forge, Getting Started, Labs, Material, Migration, Parameters, SDK Samples, Training, Update
15042016-12-07Determining Views Showing an Element   ^  Algorithm, Element Relationships, Filters, Geometry, Photo, View
15052016-12-08Restoring a Missing Project Information Element   ^  Element Creation, Settings, Utilities
15062016-12-09Need for Regen and Duplicate Parameter Access   ^  Accelerator, Data Access, Forge, Material, News, Parameters, Python, Regen
15072016-12-12Parameter Definition Overview   ^  Element Creation, Getting Started, Parameters, SDK Samples
15082016-12-14Forge Formats Python Script and IFC Open Shell   ^  cm  cURL, Forge, IFC, Philosophy, Python, REST
15092016-12-15Viewport Bring to Front and C++ Revit Add-In   ^  .NET, 2017, C++, Getting Started, Git, Markdown, View
15102016-12-20NuGet Revit API Package   ^  .NET, 2017, Getting Started, Installation, RevitLookup, SDK Samples, Settings
15112017-01-02Happy New Year, C++, Crypto and Content   ^  Audio, C++, Content, JavaScript, News, Utilities
15122017-01-09Distances, Switches, Kiss-ing and a Dino   ^  Algorithm, Dynamo, Geometry, Getting Started, Journal, Philosophy, Photo, Python, User Interface
15132017-01-10RevitLookup Supports Spot Dimension and Escape   ^  Git, RevitLookup, SDK Samples, Update, User Interface, Utilities
15142017-01-11AU in London and Deep Learning   ^  AI, AU, Deep Learning, Geometry, News, Philosophy
15152017-01-12Virtuous Reproduction, Research, Settings, Ontology   ^  2017, AI, Deep Learning, Docs, Getting Started, Open Source, Philosophy, RME, SDK Samples, Settings
15162017-01-17Vertical Dimensioning and Revit API QAS Research   ^  AI, Deep Learning, Element Creation
15172017-01-19TextNote Rotation, DevCon, TensorFlow and Keras   ^  AI, AU, Deep Learning, Element Creation, Forge, Installation, Mac, News, Python, Security
15182017-01-23Schedule Parameters and Shared Parameter GUID   ^  Algorithm, Data Access, External, Parameters, RevitLookup, Schedule, User Interface, Utilities
15192017-01-24Dynamic Scripts, Model Elements, Vertical Alignment   ^  .NET, Filters, Python
15202017-01-25UIView Windows Coordinate Ray Casting Tooltip   ^  Algorithm, Data Access, Events, External, Git, Idling, Migration, Update, View, Win32
15212017-01-26Family Category and Two Energy Model Types   ^  2015, 2016, Analysis, Data Access, Element Relationships, Export, Family, gbXML, Geometry, RME, VB
15222017-02-02Revit Server API Lib, Truss Members and Layers   ^  Data Access, Geometry, Open Source, REST, RevitLookup, RST, Server, Update
15232017-02-03Multiple Language RESX Resource Files   ^  .NET, Accelerator, Events, External, Forge, I18n, Ribbon, Settings, User Interface
15242017-02-06RevitLookup Reflection Cross-Version Compatibility   ^  .NET, Data Access, Debugging, Element Relationships, RevitLookup, Utilities
15252017-02-07Moving the Section View Location   ^  DMU, Element Relationships, Events, SDK Samples, View
15262017-02-09Setting Active View During Idling   ^  2015, Events, External, Idling, User Interface, View
15272017-02-13Revit MEP Connector Number   ^  C++, Element Relationships, RevitLookup, RME
15282017-02-14New Visual Studio Templates for Revit Add-Ins   ^  .NET, Debugging, External, Getting Started, Settings, Utilities, Win32, Wizard
15292017-02-17RevitLookup with Reflection Cleanup   ^  .NET, Data Access, Debugging, Element Relationships, RevitLookup, Update, Utilities
15302017-02-20Add-In Templates Supporting Edit and Continue   ^  .NET, Debugging, External, Getting Started, Installation, Update, Utilities, Wizard
15312017-02-22RevitLookup Extensible Storage Restored   ^  Data Access, Debugging, RevitLookup, Storage, Update, Utilities
15322017-02-27Revit API Docs 2.0 Beta   ^  Docs, Getting Started, Update
15332017-02-28RVT Properties to XLS and Forge Accelerators   ^  Accelerator, Data Access, Events, Forge, Getting Started, Parameters, Training
15342017-03-02RevitLookup and DevDays Online API News   ^  2018, AU, DevDays, DevTV, Events, Forge, Getting Started, Migration, News, RevitLookup, Update
15352017-03-04WPF Revit Family Browser and Vacation   ^  Content, External, Family, Modeless, Utilities, WPF
15362017-03-13Q4R4 – Revit API Question Answering System   ^  AI, Deep Learning, Q4R4
15372017-03-14Events, UV Coordinates and Rooms on Level   ^  Accelerator, AU, Export, Filters, Forge, Geometry, Hackathon, Material
15382017-03-15Family Bounding Box and AEC Hackathon Munich   ^  Algorithm, BIM, Dynamo, Events, Family, Forge, Geometry, Hackathon, RevitLookup
15392017-03-16Q4R4 tbc Import and RevitLookup   ^  cURL, Elasticsearch, NoSQL, Python, Q4R4, RevitLookup, Update
15402017-03-17Elasticsearch-Head, RevitLookup and Area Schemes   ^  cURL, Elasticsearch, Filters, Parameters, Q4R4, RevitLookup
15412017-03-20TTT to Obtain Section Marker Endpoint   ^  Data Access, Geometry, Transaction, View
15422017-03-23RvtFader, AVF, Ray Tracing and Signal Attenuation   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Analysis, AVF, Events, External, Filters, Geometry, Idling, Migration, Update
15432017-03-26WTA Elec, FireP and 3D Aimer Tools   ^  Accelerator, Element Creation, Family, Modeless, Parameters, Ribbon, RME, Settings, WPF
15442017-03-29Adding Custom Geometry to the Forge Viewer   ^  Accelerator, Debugging, Element Creation, Forge, Getting Started, JavaScript, Viewer
15452017-03-30Three.js Raytracing in the Forge Viewer   ^  Accelerator, Algorithm, Debugging, Element Creation, Forge, JavaScript, Threejs, Viewer
15462017-03-31WTA Mech and TTT for Provision for Voids   ^  Algorithm, Element Creation, Events, Family, Geometry, JavaScript, Modeless, Parameters, Regen, Ribbon, User Interface
15472017-04-05Work Half, AKS Opener, RvtFader and ForgeFader   ^  .NET, AVF, Element Creation, Family, Forge, Geometry, JavaScript, JSON, Parameters, Ribbon, Threejs, Viewer
15482017-04-06ForgeFader, Lookup Builds, Purge & Room Instances   ^  Algorithm, Deletion, Element Relationships, Events, Family, Filters, Forge, Material, RevitLookup, Threejs, User Interface, Viewer
15492017-04-18Forgify   ^  360, BIM, Deletion, Export, Filters, Forge, View, Viewer
15502017-04-22RevitLookup 2018 and Forge DevCon CFP   ^  2018, AU, DevCon, Forge, Getting Started, Installation, Migration, News, RevitLookup, SDK Samples, Update
15512017-04-25What's New in the Revit 2018 API   ^  2018, Migration, News, Python, RME, RST, SDK Samples, Update
15522017-04-27Revit 2018 Visual Studio .NET Add-in Wizards   ^  .NET, 2018, Debugging, Getting Started, Installation, Migration, Update, Wizard
15532017-04-28Women Coders, Forge and Revit API Docs Updates   ^  2017, 2018, Adva, AU, DevCon, Docs, Forge, News, Update, Viewer
15542017-05-03Wall and Opening Tessellation   ^  Export, Geometry
15552017-05-09External Access to the Revit API   ^  .NET, Cloud, Events, External, Forge, Idling, Modeless
15562017-05-11Prompt Cancel Throws Exception in Revit 2018   ^  .NET, 2018, Element Creation, Family, Migration, SDK Samples, Update, User Interface, VB
15572017-05-17API Access to Family Instance References   ^  2018, Data Access, Family, Geometry
15582017-05-19Finding the Right Project Location   ^  Data Access, Element Relationships
15592017-05-22Hotfix Resolves Export and Print Issue   ^  2018, Export, Print, Update
15602017-05-23Revit 2017 and 2018 SDK Samples   ^  2017, 2018, RST, SDK Samples
15612017-05-29Retrieving Elements Visible in View   ^  Algorithm, Element Relationships, Filters, Performance, View
15622017-05-31SDK Update, RvtSamples and Setting Grid Endpoint   ^  2018, Geometry, Migration, Ribbon, SDK Samples, Update
15632017-06-01AI News and Sub-Transaction Regen   ^  AI, Deep Learning, News, Regen
15642017-06-06Sensors, BIM, AI, RevitLookup, Fuzzy Comparison   ^  .NET, AI, Algorithm, BIM, Geometry, News, RevitLookup, Update
15652017-06-12Hatch Line Dimensioning Voodoo   ^  Accelerator, Data Access, Element Relationships, Geometry, Getting Started, Settings
15662017-06-13Aligning a Slightly Off-Axis Grid   ^  Geometry
15672017-06-15Handling Third Party Library DLL Conflicts   ^  .NET, Win32
15682017-06-16Determining Dimension Segment Endoints   ^  Algorithm, Data Access, Geometry
15692017-06-21Finding an Exit Path and ElementId Parameter Values   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Data Access, Dynamo, Geometry, Parameters
15702017-06-22Determining RVT File Version Using Python   ^  .NET, Data Access, External, Python, Storage
15712017-06-23FindInserts Determines Void Instances Cutting Floor   ^  Data Access, Element Relationships, Family, Filters, Geometry
15722017-06-27Copy Local False and IFC Utils for Wall Openings   ^  .NET, Data Access, Element Relationships, Geometry, IFC, Settings
15732017-06-30Picked Instance Face Geometry in LCS Versus WCS   ^  Algorithm, Data Access, Family, Geometry
15742017-07-16Dockable Pane, Point Cloud, AI, BIM360, Forge, AU   ^  360, Accelerator, AI, AU, BIM, Cloud, Forge, News, ReCap
15752017-08-07BIM 360 Hackathon and Bounding Boxes   ^  360, AppStore, BIM, Data Access, Family, Forge, Geometry, Hackathon, Server, Training
15762017-08-08Revit 2018.1 and the Visual Materials API   ^  2018, Dynamo, Material, Parts, SDK Samples, Update
15772017-08-10Revit versus Forge, Ids and Add-In Installation   ^  360, Accelerator, BIM, Cloud, Data Access, Forge, Installation, RevitLookup, Wizard
15782017-08-17Forge, Installed Version, Move Group, Name Filter   ^  .NET, AU, Data Access, Element Relationships, Family, Forge, Geometry, Group, Installation, Parameters, Performance, RevitLookup, Utilities, View
15792017-08-18Unit Abbreviations   ^  .NET, Parameters, Units, Utilities
15802017-08-22Birthday Post on the XYZ Class   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Geometry, Getting Started, News
15812017-08-28Edge Loop, Point Reference Plane and Column Line   ^  .NET, Data Access, Family, Geometry, RevitLookup, RST
15822017-09-01NuGet Package Update, Rooms and Views in Forge   ^  360, 2018, Cloud, Export, Forge, Update, Wizard
15832017-09-11Use Forge or Spreadsheet to Create Shared Parameters   ^  Forge, JSON, Parameters, Storage, Utilities
15842017-09-12ExtentElem and Square Face Dimensioning References   ^  Dimensioning, Family, Filters, Geometry
15852017-09-13Forge DevCon at AU in Darmstadt and Las Vegas   ^  AU, DevCon, Events, Forge, Getting Started, Training
15862017-09-19Revit 2018.1.1 API Docs and CropBox Setting   ^  2018, Docs, View
15872017-09-20ADN Xtra Labs and API Changes since Revit 2013   ^  Docs, Events, Labs, Migration, Photo, Ribbon, Training, Update
15882017-09-26My First Revit Plugin Enhancements   ^  Cloud, Getting Started, Git, Material, Plugin, SDK Samples, Training
15892017-09-27Revit Server Download and Hiding Point Cloud Scan   ^  Cloud, REST, Server, Settings, View
15902017-09-29Vacation and Open Source Code Licenses, Again   ^  News, Open Source
15912017-10-15Modeless Form Keep Revit Focus and On Top   ^  .NET, 2018, Modeless, Photo, User Interface, Win32, WPF
15922017-10-16Disjunct Planar Face Outer Loops   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Geometry, Utilities, VB
15932017-10-17Rational BIM Programming at AU Darmstadt   ^  AU, BIM, Cloud, Desktop, Forge, NoSQL, REST, Server, SVG
15942017-10-19AU Recording, Books, Education and Units   ^  AI, AU, BIM, Cloud, Desktop, Material, Photo, Units, Utilities
15952017-10-20Do Not Reuse an Existing GUID   ^  .NET, Getting Started, SDK Samples, Update, Utilities
15962017-10-23Material Texture Path   ^  Data Access, Export, Material, Settings
15972017-10-25Curtain Wall Panel Geometry with Basic Wall Panel   ^  Algorithm, Data Access, Element Relationships, Filters, Geometry
15982017-10-30Forge DevCon in Las Vegas   ^  Accelerator, AU, Cloud, DevCon, Events, Getting Started, Photo
15992017-11-01Forge DevCon Highlights   ^  AU, Cloud, DevCon, Events, Forge, Getting Started
16002017-11-09Purge and Detecting an Empty View   ^  Audio, Deletion, Filters, JavaScript, View
16012017-11-13Deleting a Global Parameter and RevitPythonShell   ^  Data Access, Debugging, Deletion, Python
16022017-11-16Migrating PlaceInstances to Revit 2018   ^  2016, Debugging, Getting Started, Migration, Update
16032017-11-20Modifying Material Visual Appearance   ^  2018, AU, Material, SDK Samples, View
16042017-11-22Revit API Panel @ AU Las Vegas 2017   ^  AU, Events
16052017-11-28Cloud Model Predicate, and Set Parameter Regenerates   ^  .NET, Cloud, Data Access, News, Parameters, Regen
16062017-11-29Avoid Exorbitant Coordinates   ^  Units, View
16072017-11-30Automatic Wall Creation   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Element Creation, Family, Filters, Geometry, Parameters
16082017-12-05Creating Face Wall and Mass Floor   ^  Element Creation, Photo, Utilities
16092017-12-11What's New in the Revit 2018.2 API   ^  2018, Docs, Getting Started, Migration, News, SDK Samples, Update
16102017-12-12How to Use GetAnalyticalModelSupports   ^  2015, Element Relationships, Python, RST
16112017-12-13Pipe Fitting K Factor, Archi+Lab and Installer   ^  AU, Data Access, DevCon, Forge, Getting Started, Installation, Ribbon, RME, User Interface
16122017-12-20Setting Parameter Varies Between Groups   ^  2014, Parameters
16132017-12-21Project Identifier and Fuzzy Comparison   ^  Algorithm, Geometry, Precision
16142017-12-22Magic Number, Magic Automation and Magic Season   ^  .NET, Automation, Fun, News, Schedule, Win32
16152018-01-09DirectShape Topics and Happy New Year!   ^  Element Creation, Family, Geometry, Material
16162018-01-10Transform Utils, DirectShape Builder and DevDays Online Webinars   ^  360, BIM, DevDays, Events, Forge, Geometry, Getting Started, Migration, Update, Utilities
16172018-01-16AreaLoad Force Direction, CMake and SDK Access   ^  C++, DXF, Export, Geometry, Getting Started, Migration, Parts, RST, SAT, SDK Samples, Utilities
16182018-01-17Autodesk University Past and Future   ^  AU, Dynamo, Family, Getting Started, News, Parameters, Python
16192018-01-19Revit Tools for MomenTUM Pedestrian Simulation   ^  Analysis, AVF, Export
16202018-01-24Create Swept Blend DirectShape in C++   ^  .NET, Algorithm, C++, Element Creation, Geometry
16212018-01-31Gathering and Returning Failure Information   ^  Data Access, Failure
16222018-02-01Efficiently Retrieve Crop Box for Given View   ^  Dynamo, Element Relationships, Filters, Performance, View
16232018-02-02Rotation Adjusts Conduit End   ^  Element Creation, Geometry, Regen, Transaction, Update
16242018-02-06DirectShape from BrepBuilder and Boolean   ^  Algorithm, Element Creation, Geometry
16252018-02-07MergedViews and Exporting to a Single DWG   ^  ARX, DWF, DWG, Export, Forge, View
16262018-02-11NewFamilySymbolProfile Sample Add-In   ^  Content, Element Creation, Family, RST
16272018-02-12DevDays, Keynote Manager and REX Extensions   ^  DevDays, Getting Started, Links, News, Parameters, REX, Ribbon, Units, Update
16282018-02-21Retrieving Newly Created Element Ids   ^  Algorithm, Data Access, Element Relationships, Labs, News, Utilities
16292018-02-27Changing Text Colour   ^  Data Access, JavaScript, Node, VB
16302018-03-01Updated ADN Web Site, Revit API Labs, Tag Creation   ^  2018, Getting Started, Labs, Migration, News, SDK Samples, Training, Update
16312018-03-02Export Geometry and Snoop Stable Representation   ^  .NET, Element Relationships, Export, Geometry, RevitLookup, Utilities
16322018-03-06Create 2D Arc and Filter for Intersecting Elements   ^  Algorithm, Data Access, Element Creation, Family, Filters, Geometry, Performance
16332018-03-08Switch View or Document by Showing Elements   ^  Algorithm, Utilities, View
16342018-03-12RevitLookup Search by Element and Unique Id   ^  Data Access, Debugging, Plugin, RevitLookup, Update, Utilities
16352018-03-13Contextual Help Best Practice   ^  .NET, Events, External, User Interface, Win32
16362018-03-19Connector, Neighbour, Conduit, Transition   ^  Algorithm, Element Creation, Element Relationships, RME
16372018-03-21Boston Forge Accelerator and Aligning Plan Views   ^  Accelerator, Element Relationships, Forge, View
16382018-03-26Dynamo on the Web?   ^  Climbing, Cloud, Dynamo, Forge
16392018-04-03Using Intersection Filter with Linked File   ^  Algorithm, Element Relationships, Filters, Geometry, Links, VB
16402018-04-05Standalone BasicFileInfo and ExtractPartAtom   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Data Access, External, Family, Utilities
16412018-04-10Revit 2018.3, SetValueString and External Events   ^  .NET, 2018, Algorithm, Events, External, Parameters, Python, Update
16422018-04-11Bounding Box Filter is Always Axis Aligned   ^  Filters, Geometry, Selection, View
16432018-04-13Compiling the Revit 2019 SDK Samples   ^  .NET, 2019, Debugging, Getting Started, Installation, SDK Samples, Update
16442018-04-16RevitLookup 2019 and New SDK Samples   ^  2019, Material, Migration, RevitLookup, RST, SDK Samples, Update
16452018-04-19Forge RVT to IFC, ADN Xtra, TBC, AdnRme Updates   ^  2019, Accelerator, BIM, Events, Forge, Getting Started, IFC, Labs, Migration, News, RME, SDK Samples, Training, Update, Utilities
16462018-04-24RvtSamples 2019   ^  2019, Migration, SDK Samples, Update
16472018-04-25What's New in the Revit 2019 API   ^  2019, Migration, SDK Samples, Update
16482018-04-26What’s New Webinar and Forge vs. A360   ^  360, 2019, BIM, Docs, Forge, Getting Started, News, Update, Viewer
16492018-04-27New Opportunities in the Forge Evangelist Team   ^  360, 2019, BIM, Forge, News
16502018-05-02Scaling a Bitmap for the Large and Small Image Icons   ^  .NET, Ribbon, User Interface, Utilities, Win32
16512018-05-08How to use FilterCategoryRule   ^  2014, Data Access, Filters
16522018-05-14Parameters, Walls and Driving Revit via WCF Service   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Data Access, Events, External, Filters, Idling, Migration, Modeless, Parameters, SDK Samples, Server, WCF
16532018-05-16Foreground Image Import and Visible DWG Geometry   ^  DWG, Geometry, Macro, Parameters, View
16542018-05-17Getting All Parameter Values   ^  Data Access, Export, Filters, Labs, Parameters, SDK Samples
16552018-05-18Installing the Revit 2019 SDK April Update   ^  2019, Getting Started, Installation, SDK Samples, Update
16562018-05-24FilterRule Use and Retrieving Exterior Walls   ^  Algorithm, Filters, Geometry, Transaction
16572018-05-25Multi-Target Add-Ins, AI, Markdown and Job Offer   ^  .NET, AI, BIM, Job, Markdown
16582018-05-31Exported File Path and Revit Structural Analysis SDK   ^  AI, Analysis, Data Access, Events, Export, RST, SDK Samples
16592018-06-01Forge Tutorials and Filtering for a Parameter Value   ^  Algorithm, Data Access, Filters, Forge, Getting Started, Parameters, Performance
16602018-06-04Revit 2019 SDK and My First Plugin Update   ^  2019, Getting Started, SDK Samples, Update
16612018-06-07Extensible Storage and Renaming Family in Project   ^  Family, Getting Started, Storage, Update
16622018-06-11Creating a Warning Using the Failure API   ^  2011, Failure, Labs, SDK Samples, User Interface
16632018-06-13Simplifying Nested Family Instances   ^  Deletion, Element Creation, Element Relationships, Family, Geometry, Group
16642018-06-14Forge for AEC and BIM360 Overview   ^  360, BIM, Cloud, Docs, Events, Forge, Glue
16652018-06-15REX SDK Templates for Revit Structure 2019   ^  .NET, 2019, Forge, Performance, REX, RST, SDK Samples, Unity
16662018-06-16BIM360 and Forge for AEC Message and Samples   ^  360, AU, BIM, Cloud, Data Access, Events, Forge
16672018-06-21BAM Digital Construction and Drawing a Model Line   ^  360, BIM, Climbing, Cloud, Data Access, Element Creation, Events, Forge, Getting Started, Insight360, Mobile
16682018-06-28Multi-Targeting Revit Versions, CAD Terms, Textures   ^  .NET, Data Access, External, Forge, I18n, Installation, Settings
16692018-06-29Add-In Registration – VendorId and Signature   ^  Apps, AppStore, Getting Started, Settings, Travel
16702018-07-17Vacation and Multi-Version Revit Add-In Template   ^  Getting Started, Photo, Settings, Travel, Wizard
16712018-07-29Mindful Living and Smiling to Myself   ^  Geometry, Philosophy, Travel
16722018-08-08Wall Profile Command Update   ^  Data Access, DMU, Geometry, IFC, Parameters, Storage
16732018-08-17Revit 2019.1, CEFSharp, Forge Accelerator in Rome   ^  .NET, 360, 2019, Accelerator, BIM, Data Access, Events, Forge, Parameters
16742018-08-20Revit Unit Test Framework Improvements   ^  .NET, AI, Debugging, Dynamo, External
16752018-08-22Ten Years Anniversary, MVVM, WPF and WinForm   ^  .NET, Events, External, Idling, Modeless, SDK Samples, User Interface, WPF
16762018-08-23What's New in the Revit 2019.1 API   ^  2019, Docs, Migration, SDK Samples, Update
16772018-08-27Colleagues Deleting Non-Shared Project Parameter   ^  Data Access, Deletion, News, Parameters, Performance
16782018-08-28Purge Unused using Performance Adviser   ^  BIM, Deletion, Element Relationships, Performance, Utilities, VB
16792018-09-04Reference Intersector and Deleting Reference Planes   ^  2019, Algorithm, Climbing, Deletion, Dimensioning, Element Relationships, Family, Filters, Geometry, Update
16802018-09-05Icon Access and Reference Plane in Family Instance   ^  Data Access, Family, Fun, Geometry, User Interface
16812018-09-06Revit 2019 Visual Studio .NET Add-in Wizards   ^  .NET, 2019, Getting Started, Migration, Update, Utilities, VB
16822018-09-10Five Secrets of Revit API Coding   ^  .NET, Climbing, Events, External, Getting Started, Macro, Modeless, Philosophy, Photo, Transaction
16832018-09-11Support DLL, Zero Doc State and Forge Accelerators   ^  .NET, 360, Accelerator, Algorithm, BIM, Events, Forge, Migration, Update
16842018-09-13Rebar, Wall Centreline, Core and Grid Dimensioning   ^  Algorithm, Data Access, Dimensioning, Element Creation, Geometry
16852018-09-14Reality Solutions SDK Enables RCP File Read-Write   ^  Cloud, Data Access, External, RCP
16862018-09-20Roadmap, CI for RTF, Geometry Library Limitations   ^  Geometry, News, Utilities
16872018-09-21DevCon Europe and Typepad versus Google Search   ^  Accelerator, AU, DevCon, Events, Forge, HTML, JavaScript
16882018-09-24That BIM Girl and AskNow   ^  BIM, Deep Learning, Getting Started, News, Q4R4, Training
16892018-09-25Swallowing StairsAutomation Warnings   ^  Accelerator, Automation, DA4R, Failure, Forge, SDK Samples
16902018-09-26Auto-Run an Add-In for Design Automation   ^  Accelerator, Automation, DA4R, Data Access, Forge, SDK Samples
16912018-09-27Floor Area Above Room and Mysterious Hide   ^  Algorithm, Analysis, Geometry, Getting Started, Parameters, Settings, View
16922018-09-28Protecting a Family from Tampering   ^  Accelerator, Algorithm, Content, Family, Forge, Geometry, Security
16932018-10-10Forge DevCon in Darmstadt and Las Vegas   ^  AU, DevCon, Events, Forge, News
16942018-10-15Revit Add-In Locations and BIM360 EU   ^  360, AppStore, BIM, Docs, Getting Started, Installation, News, Philosophy
16952018-10-16Forge Design Automation for Revit   ^  AU, Cloud, DA4R, Forge
16962018-10-17BIM 360 Issues API   ^  360, AU, BIM, DA4R, Docs, Forge
16972018-10-22Resources, Rotated Rebar Stirrups and Steel Stuff   ^  Element Creation, Geometry, Migration, Ribbon, RST, SDK Samples, User Interface
16982018-10-30Tailor Your BIM with F#, Forge, IFC and Takeoffs   ^  Algorithm, Data Access, Element Creation, F#, Forge, IFC, RME
16992018-11-01View Template Include Setting   ^  Data Access, Element Relationships, Settings, View
17002018-11-10More on Transaction Groups and Assimilation   ^  Events, External, Group, Transaction
17012018-11-14Design Automation for Revit at AU and in Public   ^  AU, Cloud, DA4R, Family, Forge
17022018-11-15Revit Window Handle and Parenting an Add-In Form   ^  .NET, 2019, Migration, Update, User Interface, Win32
17032018-11-19Dashboard, Regen and Revit API Panel at AU   ^  AU, BIM, Data Access, Events, News, Regen, RevitLookup
17042018-11-27Efficient and Elegant Code   ^  Algorithm, Data Access, Filters, Parameters
17052018-12-01AutoCAD Architecture 2019 API Documentation   ^  .NET, 2019, ACA, Docs, SDK Samples
17062018-12-04Forge DevCon Keynote and BIM360 Model Access   ^  .NET, 360, BIM, Cloud, Data Access, DevCon, Docs, Forge
17072018-12-07Using an Intersection Filter for Linked Elements   ^  Filters, Geometry, RME, RST
17082018-12-10Fire Rating Zone Intersection   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Analysis, Filters, Geometry
17092018-12-11Rebars in Host, .NET Framework, Importance of Fuzz   ^  .NET, 2019, Dimensioning, Element Relationships, Geometry, Migration, RST, Update
17102018-12-13Dynamo, Symbol vs Type and Exporter Exception   ^  Dynamo, Export, Family, Getting Started, Git, Threejs
17112018-12-17Accessing Dimension Line Weight   ^  Data Access, Dimensioning, Element Relationships, Parameters
17122018-12-18Python Rotate Picked Around Bounding Box Centre   ^  Data Access, Geometry, Getting Started, Python, RME, Utilities
17132019-01-07Room Boundaries to CSV and WPF Template   ^  BIM, DA4R, Export, Forge, Geometry, Getting Started, Utilities, WPF
17142019-01-08pyRevit Keynote Manager and Becker Forge Blog   ^  Filters, Forge, Getting Started, Python
17152019-01-15Retrieving Linked IfcZone Elements Using Python   ^  Data Access, Element Relationships, IFC, Links, Python, RevitLookup
17162019-01-18New RevitLookup Snoops Edges, Faces and Links   ^  Data Access, Element Relationships, Family, Geometry, RevitLookup, Update
17172019-01-22Face Methods and Custom Command Line Arguments   ^  Algorithm, C++, Cloud, External, Family, Geometry, Getting Started, SDK Samples
17182019-01-29Design Automation for Revit in Public Beta   ^  Cloud, DA4R, Forge, Getting Started, News
17192019-02-01Link in and Analyse IFC File Zones and Spaces   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Data Access, Geometry, IFC, JSON, Links
17202019-02-05Preparing a Revit Add-in for Design Automation   ^  Architecture, DA4R, Events, Forge, Getting Started, IFC, Logging, Migration, Settings
17212019-02-06Aborting Filtered Element Collection   ^  Filters, Performance
17222019-02-07Stable Reference Relationships   ^  Data Access, Element Relationships, Geometry
17232019-02-12Accessing and Modifying Settings in the Ini File   ^  .NET, External, Settings
17242019-02-14Creating a Sweep with Multiple Closed Loops   ^  Element Creation, Family, Geometry, Philosophy, TED
17252019-02-19Register for DevDays Online   ^  360, 2020, AppStore, DevDays, Docs, Forge, Job, Migration, News, Update
17262019-03-01Forum Français and Treeview Performance   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Architecture, BIM, Climbing, Fun, News, Performance, Photo
17272019-03-04AI, Trends and Yearly API Usage Cleanup   ^  2019, AI, Deep Learning, Migration, News, Update
17282019-03-06Assigning a Level to an Element Missing It   ^  Algorithm, Data Access, Element Relationships, IFC, News, Philosophy
17292019-03-13Before Getting Started with Design Automation   ^  BIM, Cloud, DA4R, Desktop, Forge, Getting Started
17302019-03-18Retrieving and Snooping Dependent Elements   ^  2019, Element Relationships, RevitLookup, Update, Utilities
17312019-03-20Scaling, Face and Mesh Triangle Normals   ^  2018, Export, Forge, Geometry, User Interface, View, Viewer
17322019-03-26Forge Picture, Debugging, Snooping Appearances   ^  .NET, Architecture, Data Access, Debugging, Forge, RevitLookup, Update
17332019-03-28Determine Exact Opening by Demolishing   ^  Algorithm, Data Access, Dimensioning, Element Relationships, Geometry, Transaction
17342019-04-01Binding a Shared Parameter to Revision   ^  Labs, Parameters
17352019-04-02Setting Material Texture Path in EditScope   ^  2018, Data Access, Element Creation, Material, Transaction
17362019-04-08Slow, Slower Still and Faster Filtering   ^  .NET, AI, Filters, News, Parameters, Performance, Photo, Python
17372019-04-10Set Floor Level and Use IPC for Disentanglement   ^  .NET, 2019, Architecture, External, Forge, Library, Parameters, Win32
17382019-04-12The Revit 2020 FCS, API and SDK   ^  2020, DevDays, Getting Started, Installation, Migration, SDK Samples, Settings, Update, Utilities
17392019-04-20RevitLookup and SDK for Revit 2020   ^  2020, Migration, RevitLookup, SDK Samples, Update
17402019-04-23What's New in the Revit 2020 API   ^  2020, Installation, Migration, News, SDK Samples, Update
17412019-04-24Close Doc and Zero Doc RvtSamples   ^  2020, HTML, Installation, Migration, SDK Samples, Update
17422019-04-25Batch Processing and Aspects of AsStringValue   ^  Cloud, Data Access, Export, Forge, Logging, Parameters, Performance, Server
17432019-04-26Forge DA4R IFC Support and Snoop Enhancements   ^  DA4R, Export, Forge, IFC, Links, RevitLookup
17442019-04-29New Revit 2020 SDK Samples   ^  2020, Element Creation, Export, SDK Samples, Travel, View
17452019-04-30Revit 2020 C# and VB Visual Studio Add-in Wizards   ^  2020, AI, Job, Migration, Update, Utilities, VB, Wizard
17462019-05-02Location Point and Filtering Hints   ^  Element Creation, Family, Filters, Performance
17472019-05-06AI, Boundaries, Loops and RevitApiDocs 2020   ^  2020, AI, Algorithm, Architecture, Docs, Geometry, SDK Samples, Update
17482019-05-07Spatial Geometry, Add-In Manager and Show Reels   ^  2020, Analysis, Debugging, Fun, Geometry, SDK Samples
17492019-05-09Rapid Prototyping, Testing and Deployment   ^  .NET, Debugging, Installation, Python
17502019-05-13Tagging a Linked Element   ^  2014, Data Access, Element Relationships, Filters, Links
17512019-05-16Filtered Element Collector Benchmark   ^  .NET, DA4R, Filters, Forge, Performance, Win32
17522019-05-20Precast API and Cloud Open Callback   ^  360, 2019, BIM, Cloud, RST
17532019-05-21Secret Reference Line Faces   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Content, Debugging, Family, Geometry
17542019-05-23Retrieving Section View Intersection Cut Geometry   ^  Algorithm, Data Access, Family, Geometry, Performance, View
17552019-05-28DirectShape Element to Represent Room Volume   ^  .NET, AI, Export, Forge, Geometry, JSON, News, Parameters, RME
17562019-06-03Access BIM360 Cloud Links, Thumbnail and Dynamo   ^  360, BIM, Cloud, Data Access, Docs, Dynamo, External, Mac, News, Python
17572019-06-04SketchIt, Lookup Family Types, Definition Names   ^  2020, DA4R, Data Access, Forge, Migration, Parameters, RevitLookup, Viewer
17582019-06-21Revit Camera Settings, Project Plasma, DA4R and AI   ^  Accelerator, AI, Algorithm, BIM, DA4R, Deep Learning, Forge, News, View, Viewer
17592019-06-25Accelerator, Dash Pattern Fix, Rotation and Phase   ^  Accelerator, Data Access, Forge, Material, Parameters, Travel, Update, WPF
17602019-06-28Room Closed Shell DirectShape for Forge Viewer   ^  Accelerator, Export, Forge, Geometry, IFC, Parameters, Viewer
17612019-06-29Room Volume glTF Generator   ^  Accelerator, Export, Forge, Geometry
17622019-07-08Element Identifiers in RVT, IFC, NW and Forge   ^  Data Access, Element Relationships, Export, Forge, IFC, JSON, Photo, Travel
17632019-07-11BIM365 Getting Started, Materials API, CPU Voltage   ^  2017, Getting Started, Mac, Material, News
17642019-07-24Roadmap, Rebar Curves, Wizard Zip and More   ^  .NET, DA4R, Export, Forge, News, RST, View, Viewer, Wizard
17652019-08-05Auto-Dimension Filled Region Boundary   ^  .NET, Data Access, Dimensioning, Element Creation, Geometry
17662019-08-09New PC, KLH Snoop, Annotations and Vertex Handling   ^  Data Access, Fun, Geometry, Mac, RevitLookup
17672019-08-14IFC Update, Instance Geometry, Parameters   ^  Family, IFC, Labs, News, Parameters, Update
17682019-08-15MEP Ductwork and Changing Pipe Direction   ^  Element Creation, Geometry, RME
17692019-08-16Revit API and Design Automation API Survey   ^  DA4R, Forge, News, Update
17702019-08-19Zero Touch Node Wrapper and Load from Stream   ^  .NET, Dynamo, Philosophy
17712019-08-2211 Years and Revit API Docs Full Text Search   ^  Analysis, Docs, Dynamo, News, View
17722019-08-23Auto-Executing an External Command   ^  Events, External, Journal, Logging, News
17732019-09-02Face Intersect Face is Unbounded   ^  Geometry, HTML, Wizard
17742019-09-03Parameters and Hiding DirectShape Edges   ^  Dynamo, Geometry, Parameters
17752019-09-04GetSimilarTypes, SnappingService and Title Labels   ^  Content, Data Access, Element Relationships, Family, Filters, Parameters
17762019-09-05API Survey and Forge DevCon   ^  AU, DevCon, Events, News, Training
17772019-09-06TLS Requirement, PDF Data and Collada DAE Exporter   ^  .NET, Data Access, Export, External, Migration, Settings, Update
17782019-09-10Cylinder Intersection and Vision of Online Assets   ^  Analysis, Cloud, Geometry, News
17792019-09-11pyRevit Home and ApiDocs Code Sample Collection   ^  Docs, Python, SDK Samples
17802019-09-17Scaling an Add-In for a 4K High Resolution Screen   ^  Settings, User Interface, View, Win32
17812019-09-18What's New in the Revit 2020.1 API   ^  2020, Docs, gbXML, Migration, RME, SDK Samples, Update
17822019-09-24DevCon, Sun with True North and RVT without Revit   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Cloud, DA4R, Data Access, DevCon, Events, Forge, Python
17832019-09-25UI Top Forms, Buttons, Web, etc.   ^  .NET, Events, External, Modeless, Ribbon, User Interface, Win32, WPF
17842019-09-26Extensible Storage, External Event, DLL, Pipe Face   ^  .NET, Data Access, Events, External, Geometry, Storage
17852019-10-01Get Project Parameter Id and Prevent Updater Loop   ^  DA4R, DMU, Filters, Forge, Parameters, View
17862019-10-03Pet Change – Python + Dynamo Swap Nested Family   ^  Content, Dynamo, Family, Library, Python
17872019-10-07Starter Kit, Books and Music   ^  .NET, AI, Deep Learning, Docs, Getting Started, Music, Philosophy
17882019-10-08TestRunner – Run Unit Tests in Revit   ^  .NET, 2020, Debugging, Docs, Installation, Utilities
17892019-10-15Secret Series 2, CAD Link Status and DWG Blocks   ^  Data Access, DWG, Export, Installation
17902019-10-17Dynamic Model Updater Macro   ^  DMU, Events, Macro
17912019-10-21Design Automation API for Revit Going Public   ^  AU, Automation, Cloud, DA4R, DevCon, Events, Forge, Photo, Utilities
17922019-10-24DevCon Invitation and Dynamo for Infrastructure   ^  360, AU, BIM, DevCon, Dynamo, Forge, Geometry, RST
17932019-10-31Generating Graphics and Collecting Assets   ^  BIM, Debugging, Installation, Job, Material, OBJ, Performance, SDK Samples, STL, Utilities, View, Viewer
17942019-11-04Initiating BIM360 Collaboration and Linking   ^  360, BIM, Cloud, Docs, Forge
17952019-11-05Material, Physical and Thermal Assets   ^  Data Access, Material, Parameters, Settings
17962019-11-06Visual Studio 2019 Revit Add-in Template Tags   ^  .NET, AI, Settings, Update, Wizard
17972019-11-07Automated PDF Report and 2D Sketch Booleans   ^  .NET, AU, COM, Geometry, Getting Started, Utilities
17982019-11-12Curve Projection, Detach and FBX in DA4R   ^  DA4R, Dynamo, FBX, Forge, Geometry, IFC
17992019-11-19DLL Conflicts and Replicating Schedule Sort Order   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Debugging, External, Installation, News, Schedule
18002019-11-20Integrating the Helix 3D Viewer with a WPF Add-In   ^  .NET, Export, External, Modeless, OBJ, STL, Viewer, WPF
18012019-11-21The Revit Batch Processor RBP   ^  Batch, Dynamo, Utilities
18022019-11-26Retrieving the Electrical Load from a Fixture   ^  .NET, Data Access, Parameters, RME
18032019-11-28Design Automation API, Stacks, Collectors and Links   ^  Cloud, DA4R, Forge, Ribbon, Selection, User Interface
18042019-12-02Cyrillic Lookup, Moving Grids and Combining Edges   ^  Cloud, Dynamo, Geometry, I18n, Python, RME, SVG
18052019-12-09Comparing Symbols and Comparison Operators   ^  .NET, Content, Family
18062019-12-10Forge Rooms, Effective Filtered Element Collectors   ^  .NET, Accelerator, Algorithm, DA4R, Element Relationships, Filters, Forge, Performance
18072019-12-18Dashboard, CreateViaOffset and Room Outer Outline   ^  360, Algorithm, AU, BIM, Data Access, Forge, Geometry
18082019-12-19DA4R, FindInserts, Deployment and SplitButton   ^  DA4R, Deployment, Forge, Installation, Ribbon, User Interface
18092020-01-08Extrusion Analyser and 2D Boolean Element Outline   ^  Algorithm, Clipper, Element Relationships, Geometry
18102020-01-10Unit Migration Toggle Imperial and Metric Project Unit   ^  AI, Getting Started, Migration, Settings, Units, Utilities
18112020-01-14Swissbau Basel and Comparing Family Part Atoms   ^  Algorithm, Content, Events, Family, Geometry, Music, News
18122020-01-16C# Book, Chinese Revit API Tutorial and Insight   ^  360, Analysis, BIM, Events, Getting Started, Insight360
18132020-01-21Torsion Tools, Command Event and Info in DA4R   ^  BIM, DA4R, Data Access, Events, Forge, Getting Started, RST
18142020-01-23Unit Testing and the UsesInstanceGeometry Method   ^  .NET, AU, Geometry, IFC, Utilities
18152020-01-28DevDays Online and Add-In Migration   ^  360, BIM, Cloud, Desktop, DevDays, Events, Forge, Migration
18162020-01-30Revit WPF Add-Ins and Template   ^  Architecture, Getting Started, User Interface, WPF
18172020-02-05External Communication and Async Await Event   ^  .NET, DA4R, Events, External, Forge, Job, Modeless
18182020-02-11Search for Getting Started Tutorials and Videos!   ^  .NET, AppStore, Clipper, Geometry, Getting Started, Macro, Material
18192020-02-12Ini File, Localisation and Torsion Tools Two   ^  Algorithm, Geometry, Getting Started, I18n, Settings, Utilities
18202020-02-13Getting Title Block Data and ViewSheet from View   ^  Data Access, Element Relationships, Filters, Parameters, View
18212020-02-19Lat Long to Metres and Duplicate Legend Component   ^  Algorithm, Element Creation, GIS, Python, Units, User Interface, Utilities
18222020-02-21Multi-Threading Family Instance Placement Monitor   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Events, External, Modeless, Selection, User Interface, Utilities
18232020-02-2524x24 StackedItem, Ribbon Utils, Journal Encoding   ^  I18n, Journal, Ribbon, User Interface, Utilities
18242020-02-27Adjust Wall Location Curve and Visual Presentation   ^  Algorithm, Element Relationships, Geometry, News
18252020-03-03Coding, Interior Elevations and Command Line Opts   ^  Getting Started, User Interface, Utilities, View
18262020-03-05Another Async Await, REX + Structural Analysis SDK   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Events, External, Idling, Modeless, REX, RST, SDK Samples, Utilities
18272020-03-11Split Pipe   ^  RME, User Interface
18282020-03-12Panel Schedule Slots and Changing Room Level   ^  Debugging, JavaScript, Parameters, RME, Schedule
18292020-03-17Splitting a Duct in More Depth   ^  Element Creation, Family, RME, User Interface
18302020-03-20Command Binding Conflicts and Face UV Coords   ^  Dynamo, Geometry, User Interface
18312020-03-26Autorouting and Reference for CreatePipeConnector   ^  Algorithm, Element Creation, Failure, Geometry, News, RME, User Interface
18322020-03-30Satellite Images and Instance Transforms   ^  Algorithm, Family, Geometry, GIS, Training
18332020-04-02Stair Point References, BIM360 Users, Zoom, Jobs   ^  360, Algorithm, BIM, Geometry, Job, Utilities
18342020-04-09Revit 2021 Cloud Model API   ^  360, 2021, BIM, Cloud, Data Access, Docs, SDK Samples, Update
18352020-04-14RevitLookup 2021 with Multi-Release Support   ^  .NET, 2021, Deployment, Installation, Migration, RevitLookup, Settings, Update
18362020-04-16What's New in the Revit 2021 API   ^  2021, Migration, News, SDK Samples, Update
18372020-04-20Revit 2021 Unit Types in Family Type Catalogues   ^  2021, Content, Family, Migration, Security, Training, Units, Update
18382020-04-212021 Migration, Add-In Language, BIM360 Research   ^  360, 2021, Accelerator, BIM, Cloud, Forge, Macro, Migration, Python, Units, Update
18392020-04-27DA4R I/O, Logging, Updater and Custom Properties   ^  Accelerator, DA4R, Data Access, Fun, JavaScript, Update
18402020-04-28Revit Camera FOV, Forge Partner Talks and Jobs   ^  Cloud, Data Access, Forge, Job, View
18412020-04-30References to Symbol versus Instance Geometry   ^  Element Relationships, Family, Geometry, VB
18422020-05-07Convex Outer Loop, Non-Migration and 15-Year Stint   ^  2021, Forge, Geometry, Job, Migration, Update
18432020-05-11Compiling the Revit 2021 SDK Samples   ^  2021, Getting Started, Parameters, SDK Samples, Update
18442020-05-14Setting up RvtSamples for Revit 2021   ^  2021, Getting Started, Installation, Migration, NoSQL, Ribbon, SDK Samples, Update, Utilities
18452020-05-19Using ReferenceIntersector with a Linked File   ^  360, Analysis, BIM, Forge, Geometry, Links, RST
18462020-05-29Automatically Open Correct RVT File Version   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Export, External, Geometry, Getting Started, Open Source, Philosophy, SDK Samples, Utilities
18472020-06-02Split Pipe Tutorial and Related Cases   ^  Element Creation, Geometry, Getting Started, RME
18482020-06-03Revit 2021 Visual Studio Add-in Templates   ^  2021, Forge, Migration, Parameters, Update, Wizard
18492020-06-08Changing Element Colour and Material   ^  Material, View
18502020-06-16Creating Material Texture and Retaining Pixels   ^  DA4R, Export, Forge, Fun, Job, Material, Properties
18512020-06-22Duct Shape, BipChecker Facelift and @ Fonts   ^  .NET, Data Access, Debugging, Parameters, Settings, Update, User Interface, WPF
18522020-06-25Section to Crop, Linked Boundary and Intersection   ^  Algorithm, Element Relationships, Filters, Geometry, Links, View
18532020-07-07Virtual AU and AEC Hackathon, Units and DAS Job   ^  .NET, 360, 2021, AU, BIM, Forge, Getting Started, Hackathon, Job, Units
18542020-07-10Selection in Link, Cancel in Export, Multithreading   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Export, Filters, Getting Started, Links, Modeless, RST, Selection
18552020-07-22Revit 2021.1 and Normalising Custom Export UV   ^  2021, Export, News, Units, Update, Utilities, View
18562020-07-24IFC 21.1 and AEC Hackathon Presentations   ^  2021, Hackathon, IFC, News, Update
18572020-07-28Cyrillic Encoding and Categories for Legends   ^  2021, Element Creation, I18n, Job, News
18582020-08-04Revit 2021.1 SDK and What's New   ^  2021, Migration, SDK Samples, Update
18592020-08-12Compile and Compare Revit 2021.1 SDK Samples   ^  2021, Migration, SDK Samples, Update
18602020-08-17RevitLookup Continuous Integration and GraphQL   ^  Cloud, Data Access, RevitLookup, Server, Settings
18612020-08-26Custom Parameters and Tile Packing   ^  2021, AI, Algorithm, Forge, Geometry, Parameters, Philosophy
18622020-09-01Preview, Code Signing and Element Type Predicates   ^  .NET, AI, Filters, Installation, Security, Settings, User Interface
18632020-09-09Optimising Parameters and Full-Text Search   ^  AppStore, Go, I18n, Parameters, Performance, Settings, Utilities, Win32
18642020-09-10Inside the Factory – Ask me Anything – Today!   ^  AU, Events, News, Philosophy, Update
18651020-09-21On Spaces in Help and Renaming a Parameter   ^  AI, Parameters, Ribbon, User Interface
18662020-09-22Quo Vadis Revit   ^  BIM, News, Open Source
18672020-10-01Forge Design Automation and DesignScript   ^  Accelerator, AI, DA4R, Dynamo, Forge, Getting Started, Philosophy
18682020-10-06High Performance Outline, Line-Plane Intersection   ^  360, AI, Algorithm, BIM, C++, Filters, Forge, Geometry, Library, Performance
18692020-10-13Avoid Brain Racking by Using Using   ^  .NET, Debugging, Music, Philosophy, Transaction
18702020-10-14Save and Restore 3D View Camera Settings   ^  Data Access, Python, Settings, View
18712020-10-21FireRevit, Deprecated API and Elbow Centre Point   ^  2021, Algorithm, Data Access, External, Geometry, Migration, RME, Units, Update
18722020-10-28Onbox, DirectContext Jig and No CDN   ^  BIM, Cloud, Docs, JavaScript, SDK Samples, User Interface
18732020-11-03Custom Export Precision, Sheet Metadata, Project Id   ^  360, AI, Algorithm, AU, BIM, Data Access, Forge, User Interface, Win32
18742020-11-11Doc Session Id, API Context and External Events   ^  Architecture, DA4R, Events, External, Forge, Philosophy, REST, Server
18752020-11-13BIM360 Scripts, Dotnet Template and Prism Goodies   ^  .NET, 360, BIM, Library, Template, Utilities, WPF, XAML
18762020-11-16DA4R Cannot Save Directly to Cloud   ^  360, BIM, Cloud, DA4R, Forge, Mac, Security
18772020-11-17Join the Revit API Expert and Feedback Roundtable   ^  AU, Events, News
18782020-11-20Expand your App – Integrate and Leverage Cloud   ^  360, BIM, Cloud, Events, Forge, Getting Started
18792020-11-26Revit API Roundtable Notes   ^  AU, Events, News
18802020-12-04Dynamo Book and Texture Bitmap UV Coordinates   ^  Algorithm, Analysis, AVF, Data Access, Export, News, Python, Units, View
18812020-12-09Simple IUpdater and other TBC Updates   ^  DMU, Parameters, Parts, RevitLookup, SDK Samples, Update, Utilities, View
18822021-01-06Line Subcategory Filter, Modification Tracker and NW   ^  C++, Data Access, Dynamo, Filters, NavisWorks, Node
18832021-01-11Forge at AU and Open Source Property Access   ^  Data Access, Export, Forge, JavaScript, Parameters, va3c
18842021-01-14Transient Graphics, Humane AI, BI and Lockdown   ^  AI, AVF, News, User Interface, View, Win32
18852021-01-19I18n, Forge Accelerators, AEC and BIM360 Focus   ^  .NET, 360, Accelerator, Architecture, AU, BIM, Cloud, Forge, Getting Started, I18n
18862021-01-20Sketch-Based Creation and Editing API Preview   ^  Data Access, Element Relationships, Geometry, News
18872021-01-21Sheet View Xform, Coords, Img Export and Title Block   ^  Data Access, Export, View
18882021-01-27Face Triangulation LOD, .NET 5 and Core   ^  .NET, Cloud, DA4R, Export, Geometry, NoSQL, OBJ
18892021-01-29Parameter Filter Checking Element Type and OCR   ^  Data Access, Filters, Parameters, Philosophy, Utilities
18902021-02-02Splits: Persona, Collector, Region, Tag, Modification   ^  Algorithm, DMU, Dynamo, Filters, News, Python, RevitLookup
18912021-02-05Birthday, DevDays, PostCommand + SendKeys   ^  .NET, Automation, DevDays, Forge, Getting Started, SVG, Training, Win32
18922021-02-11Model Group and DA4R Language in Forge   ^  .NET, 360, DA4R, Data Access, Forge, Group, I18n, JavaScript, RevitLookup, Update
18932021-02-17Addin File, Learning Python and IFC.js   ^  Deployment, Dynamo, IFC, Installation, JavaScript, Python
18942021-03-03Naughty Updaters, DIY Add-In Manifest, GD, AI, etc.   ^  AI, Deployment, DMU, Dynamo, Failure, Installation
18952021-03-10Exterior Walls and Room Bounding Elements   ^  Algorithm, Analysis, Element Relationships, Filters, Geometry
18962021-03-15Boundary Elements and Stirrup Constraints   ^  Algorithm, Analysis, Geometry, Philosophy, RST, User Interface
18972021-03-23Forge, RevitApiDocs, Materials and Stacked Items   ^  Docs, Forge, Material, News, Ribbon, Training, User Interface
18982021-04-06Sneak Peek, Automatic Column, Arc Angle, Career   ^  2022, Element Creation, Geometry, Job, News
18992021-04-08Revit 2022 Released   ^  2022, News, Physics, Update, User Interface
19002021-04-14PDF Export, ForgeTypeId and Multi-Target Add-In   ^  .NET, 2022, Export, Migration, Parameters, PDF, Settings, Units, Update
19012021-04-15Revit 2022 Migrates BIM360 Team to Docs   ^  360, 2022, BIM, Cloud, Migration, RevitLookup, Update, Utilities
19022021-04-21Revit 2022 SDK and The Building Coder Samples   ^  2022, Getting Started, Installation, Migration, RevitLookup, SDK Samples, Update
19032021-04-23What's New in the Revit 2022 API   ^  2022, Migration, News, SDK Samples, Update
19042021-05-04Roadmap Today and Sorting Non-Planar Curve Loops   ^  Algorithm, Analysis, Geometry, News, Roadmap
19052021-05-13Refreshment, Cloud Model Path, Angle and Direction   ^  360, BIM, Cloud, Docs, Group, Job, Regen, SDK Samples, User Interface
19062021-05-20RevitLookup Update, Fuslogvw and Override Joins   ^  .NET, 2022, Debugging, Geometry, Getting Started, Labs, Migration, RevitLookup, SDK Samples, Training, Update, Wizard
19072021-05-26Flip, Mirror, Transform and Transient Graphics   ^  2022, AVF, DA4R, Element Creation, Export, Geometry, Parameters, PDF, User Interface, View
19082021-06-14ForgeTypeId and Units Revisited   ^  2022, Architecture, Forge, Migration, Units, Update
19092021-06-22Painting Stairs and Shooting for the Beams   ^  Algorithm, Analysis, Element Relationships, Geometry, Material, View
19102021-06-30Topo from Lines, Asset Keyword and Regeneration   ^  Element Creation, Group, Material, Parameters, Parts, Regen
19112021-07-07Installer, List of Failures, Adjacent Rooms and Walls   ^  Element Relationships, Failure, Installation, RevitLookup, Update, Utilities
19122021-07-14Collaboration, Dockables, Railings, Pop-Ups, ILSpy   ^  .NET, 360, BIM, Geometry, Getting Started, User Interface, Win32
19132021-07-23Autodesk University 2021, Python, Fuzz and Break   ^  AU, Geometry, Getting Started, News, Python
19142021-08-18Triangle Count, New Floor and Slab Creation   ^  2022, Dynamo, Element Creation, Export, News
19152021-08-25Revit Roadmap, API and DA4R Survey   ^  2022, DA4R, Mac, News, Roadmap, Security, Update
19162021-08-31Nina and a VS Revit Add-In Extension   ^  .NET, News, Utilities, Wizard
19172021-09-06View Sheet from View and Select All on Level   ^  2022, Data Access, Dynamo, Element Relationships, Filters, Migration, Python, RME, RST, SDK Samples, Update, View
19182021-09-15Kfpopeye Open Source, AVF and Other Cleanup   ^  Analysis, AVF, Open Source, Utilities
19192021-09-24Snooping Parts, C# Templates and Python Topics   ^  .NET, Deployment, Dynamo, Installation, Python, RevitLookup, Wizard
19202021-10-01Localised Forge Intros and Apply Code Changes   ^  .NET, Accelerator, AU, Debugging, Forge, Getting Started, Hackathon, Mac
19212021-10-04Hiding Edges, AU, Roadmaps and Vasa   ^  AU, Dynamo, Geometry, Roadmap, RST
19222021-10-12DLL as Resource and Multi-Version Add-Ins   ^  Deployment, Getting Started, Installation, Mac, Template, Utilities, Wizard
19232021-10-14Sci-Fi, Languages and Pipe Insulation Retrieval   ^  .NET, AI, Algorithm, F#, Getting Started, Performance, Philosophy, Python, RME
19242021-10-26Bridges, Regeneration and Modeless RevitLookup   ^  Fun, Modeless, Parameters, Regen, RevitLookup, Transaction
19252021-11-02Revit 2022.1 SDK, RevitLookup Build and Install   ^  .NET, 2022, Deployment, Installation, Migration, RevitLookup, SDK Samples, Update
19262021-11-08What's New in the Revit 2022.1 API   ^  2022, Migration, SDK Samples, Update
19272021-11-10WallCrossSection Renaming in the Revit 2022.1 API   ^  .NET, 2022, Migration, Update
19282021-11-11New Analytical Model API   ^  .NET, 2022, JavaScript, Modeless, RevitLookup, RST, Storage
19292021-11-19Installer Asset, FormIt and Quaterions   ^  .NET, Geometry, Git, Installation, JavaScript, Plugin, RevitLookup
19302021-11-25Revit Server and View Filter Alert   ^  Filters, Getting Started, Properties, Server, User Interface, View, Win32
19312021-12-07Logging and Monitoring Deleted Data   ^  Deletion, Fun, HTML, Logging, News
19322021-12-17Symbol, Instance, Material, Data, Journal, Break   ^  Algorithm, Batch, Data Access, Element Relationships, Family, Geometry, Journal, Material, News, Storage
19332021-12-21RevitTemplates Update 1.7.0   ^  Getting Started, Installation, Template, Wizard
19342022-01-04Happy New Year with RevitExtensions   ^  .NET, 2022, Climbing, Utilities
19352022-01-19Detailed 2D Text and Other Element Geometry   ^  2016, Export, Geometry, VB
19362022-01-26Add-In Manager, FormulaManager and Tiger Year   ^  .NET, Debugging, Getting Started, Macro, VB, WPF
19372022-02-02Getting Started Once Again   ^  Dynamo, Fun, Getting Started, Plugin, Python
19382022-02-10Utility Classes and Constraining Stirrups   ^  Algorithm, Filters, Fun, Parameters, Rebar, RST, Utilities
19392022-02-15Purge Unused and eTransmit for DA4R   ^  AI, Algorithm, DA4R, Export, Forge, IFC, Performance
19402022-02-22ACC Summit, Model Properties, Copy Relationships   ^  360, ACC, BIM, Element Relationships, Forge, Open Source, Photo
19412022-03-10Drilling Holes in Beams and Other Projects   ^  Data Access, Export, Family, Parameters, Properties, Utilities
19422022-03-23RevitLookup, WPF, Preventing Modification   ^  Data Access, Modeless, RevitLookup, Selection, Update, WPF
19432022-03-30Purge Unused and the Autodesk Camel   ^  Fun, JavaScript, Node, Purge
19442022-04-01Revit Macro User Survey   ^  Macro
19452022-04-05Revit 2023 and RevitLookup 2023   ^  2023, RevitLookup, SDK Samples, Update
19462022-04-07Compiling the Revit 2023 SDK Samples   ^  2023, Installation, Migration, SDK Samples, Update
19472022-04-13What's New in the Revit 2023 API   ^  2023, Migration, SDK Samples, Update
19482022-04-26TBC Samples 2023 and the New Structural API   ^  2023, Analysis, Migration, RST, SDK Samples, Update
19492022-04-29Unique Id and IFC GUID Parameter   ^  Data Access, Element Relationships, Export, IFC
19502022-05-03Forge Data Days and JoinGeometryUtils   ^  2023, DataDays, Events, Forge, Geometry, Utilities
19512022-05-09Revit 2023 API Docs and Disabling an Error Failure   ^  2023, Deletion, Docs, Failure, Migration, Transaction
19522022-05-11Analysis of Macros, Journals and Add-In Manager   ^  .NET, Analysis, Data Access, Debugging, Dynamo, Events, Logging, Macro, WPF
19532022-05-19Structural Questions and the Future of REX   ^  Rebar, REX, RST
19542022-06-07Parameters, Snippets, Batch Mode and Self-Signing   ^  2023, Batch, Cloud, Git, Journal, Logging, Open Source, Parameters, Security, Server
19552022-06-15Corridor Skeleton, Copy and Paste API   ^  Algorithm, Geometry, News, Roadmap
19562022-06-29Outer Walls, Lookup Update and Filtering   ^  Element Relationships, Filters, Geometry, JavaScript, Node, Python, RevitLookup, Update
19572022-07-07MEP API Intro and RevitPythonShell Lookup Nuptials   ^  Debugging, Getting Started, Python, RevitLookup, RME, Update, Utilities
19582022-07-12Tag Extents and Lazy Detail Components   ^  Element Creation, Geometry, Open Source, Utilities
19592022-07-22Immutable UniqueId and Revit Database Explorer   ^  Element Relationships, Filters, RevitLookup, WPF
19602022-08-17IFC Property Set, Bulk Instances and Vary by Group   ^  AI, Element Creation, Family, Forge, Hackathon, Parameters, Performance
19612022-08-24Instances in Room and Need for Fuzz   ^  Element Relationships, Filters, Geometry, PDF
19622022-08-26Home Planet and to Dy or Not to Dy   ^  .NET, Dynamo, Getting Started, News, Philosophy, Python
19632022-09-02Point Clouds, Coloured Triangles and Faces   ^  Cloud, Data Access, Geometry, Material, Python, User Interface, VB
19642022-09-08Deleting Storage and Picking a Symbol   ^  Book, Deletion, IFC, Job, Philosophy, Selection, Storage, User Interface
19652022-09-26Aligning Connectors   ^  Book, C++, Cloud, Geometry, RME
19662022-09-28APS, AU, and Miter Wall Join for Full Face   ^  APS, AU, Element Relationships, Forge, Forma, Fusion, Geometry, News, View
19672022-10-06BIM360 Links and Programming Add-Ins   ^  .NET, 360, AppStore, BIM, Getting Started, Git, Mac, Material, Template, Wizard
19682022-10-12Element Level and IFC Properties   ^  Element Creation, Family, Getting Started, IFC, NavisWorks, Parameters, Properties
19692022-10-21Can You Avoid Chaining Idling?   ^  .NET, Deployment, Dynamo, Events, External, Family, Idling
19702022-10-27WebView2, LandXML, RefPlane and Revision   ^  .NET, Data Access, Deletion, External
19712022-11-04Unit Test Your Revit Add-In   ^  Accelerator, AI, APS, AU, Data Access, Events, Getting Started, Git, Material, News, Testing, Utilities
19722022-11-11APS Accelerator and Reloading a Purged Family   ^  APS, Cloud, Family, Purge
19732022-11-26Extensible Storage Schema Deletion   ^  .NET, News, Purge, Storage, Update, User Interface, WPF
19742022-11-2964-Bit Element Ids, Maybe?   ^  Cloud, CSS, Data Access, JavaScript, News, Philosophy
19752022-12-07APS, Nairobi and NetTopologySuite   ^  .NET, APS, DA4R, Forge, Geometry, Mac, News, Travel
19762022-12-13Exploring ARM, ChatGPT, Nairobi and the TSP   ^  AI, Debugging, Installation, Mac, News, Photo, Travel
19772023-01-03CultureInfoChanger and IronPython3   ^  .NET, Batch, Family, Journal, Python, RME
19782023-01-11SDK, Add-In Wizard and TrackChanges Updates   ^  Journal, SDK Samples, Template, Update, Wizard
19792023-01-18New Roadmaps, Dark Theme Possibility Looming   ^  News, Ribbon, Roadmap, User Interface
19802023-01-24Roadmap AmAs and Handling Multiple Updaters   ^  DMU, News, Parameters, Roadmap, Update
19812023-02-08Back to Basics and ChatGPT   ^  AI, ChatGPT, Filters, Geometry, News, Philosophy
19822023-02-14Pyramid Builder, CommandLoader, et al   ^  .NET, Element Creation, Filters, Geometry, Mac, Material, Units, VB
19832023-02-24Geometry Options and Clean Simple Curves   ^  .NET, Algorithm, Geometry, RME, Settings, User Interface, Utilities, VB, Win32
19842023-03-07Lookup Ideas, Jigs and ACC Docs Access   ^  360, ACC, AI, APS, Audio, BIM, Docs, News, Photo, Regen, RevitLookup, User Interface
19852023-03-14IFC, Dimension and Reference Intersector with Links   ^  AI, Algorithm, APS, DA4R, Export, Filters, Fun, Geometry, IFC
19862023-03-23.NET Assembly and DirectShape Libraries   ^  .NET, Geometry, Installation, Library, SVG
19872023-03-31UV, Emergence, Fuzz and the get_ Prefix   ^  .NET, AI, ChatGPT, Dynamo, Geometry, I18n, Python
19882023-04-08Revit 2024 and RevitLookup 2024   ^  2024, RevitLookup, Update
19892023-04-11What's New in the Revit 2024 API   ^  2024, Migration, SDK Samples, Update
19902023-04-20News Reel, Roadmap and RevitLookup Updates   ^  2024, AI, Book, Docs, RevitLookup, Roadmap, Training, Update
19912023-04-26Nice Accelerator and Compiling the Revit 2024 SDK   ^  2024, Accelerator, APS, Cloud, RevitLookup, Update
19922023-04-28Configuring RvtSamples 2024 and Big Numbers   ^  2024, Element Relationships, Migration, SDK Samples, Update
19932023-05-10Dark Icons, NewFamilyInstance and AI News   ^  .NET, 2024, AI, ChatGPT, Migration, Philosophy, Ribbon, Update, User Interface
19942023-05-16Aligning Elements, Finding and Visualising Wires   ^  Algorithm, Element Relationships, Geometry, RME
19952023-05-2364 Bit Ids, Revit and RevitLookup Updates   ^  2024, Cloud, Migration, RevitLookup, Update
19962023-06-01Sustainability, Lookup, Sub-Elements and Wall Types   ^  Forma, RevitLookup, Sustainability, Update, User Interface
19972023-06-13BRepBuilder and Toposurface Interior   ^  AI, Algorithm, Element Creation, Geometry, View, Workset
19982023-06-20Unit Testing and Arc Dimensioning   ^  Debugging, Docs, Element Creation, Geometry, SDK Samples, Utilities
19992023-07-07Docs, Lookup, MEP Calculation and APS DevCon   ^  2024, Algorithm, Analysis, APS, Docs, Forma, Fun, Migration, RevitLookup, RME, Update
20002023-07-11RBP, Materials, Their Assets and the Visual API   ^  Analysis, Batch, Data Access, Filters, Material, Utilities
20012023-07-18Bounding Boxes Axis Alignment and Transformation   ^  AI, Algorithm, ChatGPT, Geometry, HTML
20022023-07-27Export, gbXML and Python Tips   ^  Analysis, Export, FBX, gbXML, MongoDB, Python, Win32
20032023-08-04Resx Language Management and APS DevCons   ^  .NET, APS, DevCon, I18n, Ribbon, User Interface
20042023-08-17GasTools, Cmd Ids, Key Schedule et al   ^  AI, User Interface, Utilities
20052023-08-2315 Years, Polygon Areas and .NET Core   ^  AI, Algorithm, Geometry, News, Sustainability
20062023-09-01Add-In Threads and Geometry Comparison   ^  .NET, Data Access, External, Fun, Geometry, Performance
20072023-09-13System Family Predicate and Python Section Creation   ^  Data Access, Family, Parameters, Properties, Python, Template, View
20082023-09-19Element Diff Compare, Shapely and RDBE   ^  Analysis, gbXML, Geometry, Python, Utilities
20092023-09-25OptionsBar and Bye Bye to DA4R 2018   ^  .NET, APS, DA4R, Open Source, User Interface, Utilities, WPF
20102023-10-03No Geometry, Touching Geometry and Cut Geometry   ^  AI, BIM, ChatGPT, Element Relationships, Geometry, IFC, Python
20112023-10-20Xgbxml Fixes Building Geometry Gaps   ^  AI, Algorithm, Analysis, gbXML, Geometry, Python
20122023-10-25DLL Paradise and a Fall   ^  .NET, AI, APS, IPC, Open Source
20132023-10-28Pernickety Blogging   ^  Docs, HTML, Markdown, Philosophy
20142023-11-02Contour Lines, Batch Processor and Dynamo Shapely   ^  Analysis, Batch, Dynamo, Geometry, Python, Utilities
20152023-11-11Revit 2024.2 Update with UDA Preview   ^  2024, Data Access, Dynamo, Geometry, Storage, Update
20162023-11-14Journal Magic, Adjacent Rooms and Room Boundary   ^  .NET, AI, Analysis, Forge, Geometry, Journal, Parameters, VB
20172023-11-24.NET Core Preview and Open Source Add-In Projects   ^  .NET, AI, Dynamo, Migration, Open Source, Purge, Python, RevitLookup, SDK Samples, Update, User Interface
20182023-11-29Camera Target and Toposolid Subdivision Material   ^  Parameters, Topo, User Interface, View, WPF
20192023-12-123D View, Curved Section and Browser Round-Trip   ^  .NET, AI, Dynamo, Geometry, Getting Started, HTML, JavaScript, RevitLookup, RST, User Interface, View, WPF
20202023-12-21Parameters and .NET Core Webinar   ^  .NET, Cloud, Parameters
20212024-01-05Dependency Injection and Model Checker API   ^  AI, AU, BIM, ChatGPT, News, Philosophy, RevitLookup
20222024-01-12Journals, Logging, Progress Bar, AEC, AI and CO2   ^  AI, BIM, Data Access, Journal, Logging, News, Sustainability, WPF
20232024-01-19DirectContext3D, Ids and Linked Section Elements   ^  Element Relationships, Geometry, User Interface, View
20242024-01-26Valid Revit API Context, LLM and LTG   ^  AI, APS, Climate, Data Access, Storage, Sustainability
20252024-02-02Retrieve Rooms, Build a Schema, Sort and Animate   ^  Element Relationships, Geometry, Ribbon, Storage, User Interface, Utilities
20262024-02-08.NET Core, C4R Views and Interactive Hot Reloading   ^  .NET, AI, APS, ChatGPT, Cloud, Debugging, Dynamo, Migration, News, Parameters, Viewer
20272024-02-18Refresh Graphics, Start View and Excel   ^  AI, Book, Climate, Data Access, Export, Philosophy, Regen, Selection, Update, User Interface, View
20282024-02-22Interactive BIM Notebook, Temporary Graphics and AI   ^  AI, Algorithm, Filters, JavaScript, Philosophy, User Interface
20292024-03-11API Context, APS Toolkit and DA4R Debugging   ^  AI, Algorithm, APS, C++, DA4R, Data Access, User Interface
20302024-03-19Camera Settings, Doors Traversed, Script on the Fly   ^  .NET, AI, Geometry, Sustainability, Travel, View, Viewer
20312024-03-29Change Pipe Level and PreviewControl Border   ^  .NET, Element Relationships, RME, User Interface, WPF
20322024-04-05Revit 2025 and RevitLookup 2025   ^  .NET, 2025, Macro, News, RevitLookup, Update
20332024-04-08The Building Coder Samples 2025   ^  .NET, 2025, Migration, SDK Samples, Update
20342024-04-15RevitLookup Hotfix and The Revit 2025 SDK   ^  2025, RevitLookup, SDK Samples, Update
20352024-04-17Migrating from .NET 4.8 to .NET Core 8   ^  .NET, 2025, Migration, Training, Update
20362024-04-22What's New in the Revit 2025 API   ^  2025, Migration, SDK Samples, Update
20372024-05-09Migrating VB to .NET Core 8 and AI News   ^  .NET, 2025, AI, ChatGPT, Fun, Migration, News, Update, VB
20382024-05-13Lengthen Ducts and Highlight Links   ^  Events, Links, RME, Selection, User Interface
20392024-05-21RevitLookup Updates, Bounding Boxes and Podcast   ^  360, ACC, BIM, Links, Philosophy, RevitLookup
20402024-05-28Revit 2025.1 and Handling Lack of UI in DA   ^  AI, Algorithm, DA4R, Element Creation, Update, User Interface
20412024-06-05Revit 2025 API Video and Hiding Linked Elements   ^  .NET, 2025, Links, Migration, Update
20422024-06-10Removing Docs Zip Files, Panels and Buttons   ^  .NET, AI, Algorithm, BIM, Docs, News, Open Source, Ribbon, Sustainability, User Interface
20432024-06-13RevitLookup Geometry Visualisation   ^  .NET, Analysis, Data Access, Geometry, RevitLookup, Update
20442024-06-20Entitlement API for Revit, Licensing for Add-Ins   ^  AppStore, Deployment, Installation, Security
20452024-06-27Length Query and RevitLookup Heralds DLL Paradise   ^  .NET, Deployment, Geometry, Installation, Precision, RevitLookup
20462024-07-03Material Assets, Chromium and Sorting Schedules   ^  .NET, AI, Element Creation, Material, News, Properties, Schedule, User Interface
20472024-07-12APS Accelerator and Q4R4 Chunking with Claude   ^  Accelerator, AI, HTML, Markdown, Python, Q4R4, Travel

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