Creating a Viewport

Here is another short and simple question and answer session from a dialogue between Greg Wesner and Harry Mattison, both of Autodesk.

Question: Iím wondering if there is a way to create a new viewport on a sheet. I would like to automate the process of updating standard details.

I can see where I can create a sheet and I can create a view, but I do not see the ability to create a viewport on a sheet. I need to be able to create a sheet, and then create a viewport on the sheet that references a drafting view, just like you would do in the user interface by dragging a drafting view onto the sheet. Am I missing something or has this just not made it into the API yet?

Answer: You are probably looking for the ViewSheet.AddView method. An example of using this method is provided by the Revit SDK sample AllViews, which generates a new sheet including a certain list of interactively selected views.