pyRevit Home and ApiDocs Code Sample Collection

Two exciting Revit API related news announcements from Ehsan Iran-Nejad and Gui Talarico:

New Comprehensive pyRevit Home Page

Ehsan @eirannejad Iran-Nejad unified the pyRevit online experience, creating a new pyRevit home page that takes you through all project related aspects:

pyRevit home page Code Search Sample Collection

Gui @gtalarico Talarico, the author of both the online Revit API documentation and the more general covering Grasshopper, Navisworks and Rhino as well, announced an expanded search functionality in the latter that provides code samples directly within its pages by searching a whole collection of samples hosted in the new code search sample repository.

How Does it Work? uses the GitHub Code Search API against this repo to provide Code Samples directly within pages.

Because the GitHub Code Search API is limited to a single user or repo, this repository aggregates multiple relevant repos so they can all be searchable in a single request.

How to Contribute
RevitApiDocs and ApiDocs Comparison

Question: Could the new code sample search functionality be added to both and revitapidocs? It is tricky to know when to use which...

Answer: Users can use whichever they prefer. While revitapidocs will likely continue to get new API versions, it will not get new features – the code base has not aged well and adding new features to it is no fun.