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Here is today's bunch of exciting topics:

Completely lacking hardcore API stuff, for a change.

Revit API Wishlist Survey Results

The results of the Revit API wishlist survey are in.

Most participants:

Blogging Tips and Tricks

Here are some basic tips and tricks that I consider essential for taking the first steps striving towards ultimate perfection in blogging:

Smartgeometry 2014 Conference

Autodesk is sponsoring the smartgeometry.org 2014 conference in Hong Kong and will play a key role in the BIM workshops there with a special focus on significant advancements in the open source Dynamo technology.

For more details on this, please refer to the official Autodesk press release on sponsoring Smartgeometry 2014 and advancements for Dynamo.

Dynamo Enhancements

Dynamo provides a visual programming environment accessible to designers, allowing them to visually create logic that drives the geometry and behaviour of elements and data created within Autodesk Revit. A dedicated team at Autodesk actively participates in the Dynamo open source community.

Visual programming tools like Dynamo can be used to script and quantify anything from furniture to buildings and bridges.

New enhancements for Dynamo include:

Again, for more details, please refer to the official Autodesk press release on sponsoring Smartgeometry 2014 and advancements for Dynamo.

Dynamo and FormIt Win Best in Show at AIA 2014

The Autodesk conceptual design team responsible for Dynamo also works on FormIt.

Both of these applications won the Architosh's 'Best in Show' award for desktop and mobile respectively at the AIA convention 2014 in Chicago.

Architosh desktop award

'Dynamo continues to evolve into an exciting option for visual programming with 3D geometry components and this latest release in alpha runs in stand-alone mode no longer requiring Revit,' says Anthony Frausto-Robledo, LEED AP. 'Dynamo .07 alpha also runs on the Autodesk Shape Manager (ASM) geometry modelling kernel and contains a new scripting interface. Visual scripting and parametric modelling platforms like Dynamo will increasingly serve the field of architecture,' adds Frausto-Robledo, 'as more analytics service the iterative architectural design process and building design in general becomes more performance-based.'

Architosh mobile award

'Autodesk FormIt won BEST of SHOW last year in this category and since that release has continued to improve nicely,' remarks Frausto-Robledo, AIA LEED AP. 'It remains an exemplar of the combined power of mobile and the cloud with its integrated Autodesk 360 cloud connections and utilization of Google's maps technology to locate and use project sites. In the latest release it also contains early stage building performance capabilities tapping into local climate station data. This is quite exciting to see front-ended analytics right at the site, it is a tremendous example of the power of tablets connected to the cloud.'