Revit API Introduction Webcast

I mentioned yesterday that the recording and materials of the Revit API Introduction webcast held last week on Wednesday April 29th is now available from the Autodesk Developer Network (ADN) DevTech API training schedule site. Filter for Revit API, English, Webcast and click on the download link to obtain the 45 MB zip file Besides the recording, it also includes the Powerpoint presentation, online questions and answers, the Revit API Introduction labs for both Visual Studio 2005 and 2008, and the current version of RvtMgdDbg:

Since the recording is rather lengthy and covers a number of topics, here is an overview and some additional information. The main topics addressed include:

Here is the detailed agenda as originally planned:

Due a technical issue, we rearranged the order on the fly. My phone failed, so we moved the form creation, conceptual design, and MEP API ahead a bit in between the events and VSTA topics. I ended up borrowing a second phone from my neighbour and hooking it up in parallel to my own with a screwdriver, holding various wires together with my fingers to find out which ones to use, while Saikat was presenting his part of the webcast. I did end up reconnecting successfully. Quite an adventure for all of us.