Boost Your BIM and Dance with an Elephant

Advent, advent! Yet another Revit API focused blog is born!

Harry Mattison, ex Revit API development team, has initiated Boost Your BIM and kicked it off with a series on using the built-in SharpDevelop development environment Revit macros to resolve duplicate tags:

  1. Finding elements
  2. Finding only family instances
  3. Get & set parameter values
  4. Transactions and wrapping up

Thank you, Harry, and the best of luck to you and your new blog!

Dances with Elephants

Also, for a more high-level strategic vision of things, don't forget to take a look now and then at Jim Quanci's Dances with Elephants.

Jim analyses how small companies can leverage big ones to help build their business, useful tactics eminently applicable to many Revit add-in developers.

He recently posted a number of exciting new essays, so I encourage you to go take a gander.