Earn $100 Submitting an Autodesk Exchange App

I arrived safe and sound in Australia and will write about the Sydney Revit API training soon.

Before getting to that, here is a short note to highlight the exciting possibility of earning a cool $100 by submitting an app to the Autodesk Exchange store, and the Portathon that we are hosting on September 13-14 to support this effort.

Exchange App Portathon

You cannot find the time to publish your app on the Autodesk Exchange Apps store?

Good news for you: the Autodesk Developer Network team is giving you some of theirs to help get the job done.

You are invited to join the inaugural Autodesk Exchange Apps Portathon, a 48 hour virtual web based coding 'festival' that will run from Friday, September 13 through September 14.

The Exchange Apps Portathon is a community event providing you the opportunity to work closely with Autodesk engineers in real time and learn from the questions asked by Autodesk software partners from around the world.

It is designed to help you get your apps ready and published on Autodesk Exchange Apps.

Note: the event is for 'new' apps – whether you are a first-time publisher or an existing publisher with ideas for additional apps.

For registrations and details, please visit the Autodesk Exchange Apps Portathon event page.

For full and complete clarification of all details, here is a pretty exhaustive list of questions and answers on this event:

Exchange App Portathon Questions and Answers

1. What is the Autodesk Exchange Apps Portathon?

Answer: The Autodesk Exchange Apps Portathon is a 48 hour event starting at 12:00 a.m. U.S. Pacific Time (PT) on Friday, September 13, 2013 and finishing by 11:59 p.m. PT on September 14. During the event, publishers will have the opportunity to receive help in real-time from the Autodesk Developer Network DevTech team.

2. Why is Autodesk hosting an App Portathon?

Answer: Many developers tell us that they 'intend' to submit apps to Autodesk Exchange Apps but due to other time commitments do not take the steps to publish their apps. This event is designed to offer both resources and an incentive to move apps from the drawing board and into the store. It will make taking action simple and feasible.

3. Who can participate in the App Portathon?

Answer: Any developer with Autodesk software development expertise for one or more of the Autodesk products that Autodesk Exchange Apps supports can participate. See the list at apps.exchange.autodesk.com.

4. Is there a fee to participate in the App Portathon?

Answer: No. There is no fee.

5. What happens during the App Portathon?

Answer: The benefit of registering is for you to get the help you may need to get your apps done. It gives you a goal post to aim for and gives you the opportunity to actively engage with the Exchange Apps team. There will be dedicated staff ready to answer your questions and give you a helping hand across the finish line. Although you may be arriving late to submitting apps, we don't want you to miss the party. The event will be helpful and social – a mix of chat sessions, live Q&A sessions, you might even have private, one-on-one meetings with our specialists. You'll meet other publishers 'virtually' and learn from their questions too. We'll also have presentations on specific topics and videos. So, even if you complete your apps before the Portathon event you can still benefit by learning how to make additional app submissions easier – and get to know the Exchange Apps team!

6. What is the incentive to participate in the App Portathon?

Answer: For all new apps submitted to the Autodesk Exchange Apps store by the Deadline and accepted for publication in the store by 11:59 p.m. PT on October 31, 2013, publishers of such accepted apps will receive US$100 per app up to 5 apps.

The actual amount of money received by an entrant for apps published may be less than U.S. $100 per app due to the transactional fees or costs or taxes such an entrant agrees to pay in order to receive the money reward.

7. How many apps can a publisher submit?

Answer: To receive US$100 per app there is a limit of 5 apps per publisher (US $500 total). A publisher may submit more than 5 apps but they will not be eligible for any additional US$100.

8. How do I get paid?

Answer: Autodesk has designated a third party payment processor. Payment will be made to your PayPal email address. A PayPal email address is required.

9. I already have apps published on Exchange Apps – do they qualify for $100?

Answer: No. US $100 per app is only for new apps submitted. Existing publishers may however submit new, unique apps as long as they meet the requirements – i.e. they may not be a different 'flavor' of an existing app. This event is for brand new apps only.

10. If I submit new apps before September 13/14 am I eligible to receive US$100 per app?

Answer: Yes. You do not need to wait for the Portathon event.

11. Do I need to register for the event to receive US $100 per app?

Answer: Although registration is not required, it is encouraged so that you can receive important communications.

12. Is the App Portathon only for paid apps or can I also submit free and trial apps?

Answer: You can submit any type of app. We strongly recommend that if you are submitting more than one app you offer a mix of paid, free and trial where appropriate. That way you can benefit from both the marketing opportunity and the revenue opportunity of Exchange Apps.

13. Am I eligible for US $100 if I submit my app after September 14, 2013?

Answer: No. Apps must be submitted on or before September 14, 2013.

14. Where might US $100 not apply for apps?

Answer: Apps must be 'unique'. Where an app has different flavors we will consider the submission as only one app. Some examples of the one App rule include:

15. What is the criteria to receive US $100 $ per app?

Answer: Publishers must submit their apps before or during the event and the submitted apps must meet the following criteria:

All apps must meet the full requirements posted at www.autodesk.com/developapps.

Registration and participation in the App Portathon is governed by the Autodesk Exchange Apps Portathon Official Rules.

16. What if my app doesn’t get published by Oct 31?

Answer: You will not receive US $100 for your app if your app does not get published in Autodesk Exchange Apps by Oct 31, 2013. However, we will continue to test and process your app so that it can be published at a later date.