AutoCAD Architecture 2019 API Documentation

Let's share a snippet of AutoCAD Architecture information here as well for a change, kindly provided by Mikako Harada, AEC technical lead in the Forge Platform Development group, home of ADN, the Autodesk Developer Network.

Question: Nous avons besoin de basculer nos outils spécifiques sur AutoCAD Architecture 2019.

Nous ne trouvons pas la documentation sur la nouvelle API qui a visiblement été modifiée.

Pouvez-vous nous indiquer un lien?

Pour Revit nous utilisons, mais nous ne trouvons pas l'équivalent pour AutoCAD Architecture 2019.

We need to migrate our tools to AutoCAD Architecture 2019. I see no information on the new API, although it has obviously been modified. Can you share a link? For Revit, we use, but I cannot find anything equivalent for AutoCAD Architecture 2019.

Answer: The AutoCAD Architecture .NET reference guide in included in the product install, as explained in the AutoCAD Architecture and MEP Developer Centre:

Because AutoCAD Architecture is based on AutoCAD, you can take advantage of all the AutoCAD source code samples for .NET that are included with the installation of AutoCAD Architecture software in the Samples directory. There are also additional AutoCAD Architecture specific samples included in the installation.

The developer centre also points to the relevant blogs and discussion groups for discussing news and raising questions.

Finally, the API webcast archive provides a host of further slightly dated information in different languages – English, Chinese and Japanese.

AutoCAD Architecture 2019