RevitLookup and SDK for Revit 2020

Happy Easter!

I've been too busy in the Revit API discussion forum lately to blog properly.

The post on What's New in the Revit 2020 API is overdue... for the time being, of course, you can refer to the documentation included with the Revit 2020 SDK, either Revit Platform API Changes and Additions.docx or the corresponding section in the help file RevitAPI.chm.

I promise you there is some really juicy stuff in there!

Here are some other quick notes anyway as an Easter present for you:

Easter tulips

RevitLookup for Revit 2020

I migrated RevitLookup to Revit 2020.

No source code changes at all were required; I just updated the Revit API DLL assembly references and edited the readme file to create RevitLookup release 2020.0.0.0.

In addition, Harry Mattison of Boost your BIM very kindly provided a ready-built new installer in his post on RevitLookup for Revit 2020, saying:

I’ve added some conditional compilation and multiple configurations so that the single solution can be used to build against any version of Revit 2017-2020.

For manual installation, all releases are also provided as pre-built versions generated by CI at

Revit 2020 SDK posted

Last week, I described how I installed the Revit 2020 SDK from the Revit 2020 installation Setup.exe and set up RvtSamples for it.

Now, in addition, the Revit 2020 SDK has also been posted to the Revit developer centre public web page, so you can access it from there independently of the Revit product installation.

Generative Design with Philippe Starck

Autodesk announced a joint collaboration of an algorithm with star designer Philippe Starck to create the first commercial product made using generative design, a chair that will soon go on sale:

Generative design of a chair