Pointless 500th Post with Candles

This post is almost pointless.

Actually it does have one point and one point only: to point out The Building Coder 500th post anniversary.


I would like to celebrate this with lots of candles:

Five hundred candles

Really it even has two points, because we are here in Gothenburg in Sweden, and today just happens to be one of the most special days in the Swedish calendar, Luciadagen, St. Lucy's Day, a celebration of light in the darkness:

I had not thought about that at all, but luckily there was both a bunch of kids singing in the hotel reception when we left in the morning, just like in the little movie above, as well as a couple of people from the neighbouring bank standing in the street outside the Autodesk office when we arrived, offering coffee and a Lussekatt to everybody passing by. Mmmhhh!