Striving for Personal Peace Continued

Yesterday, I spent a day with a group of seven friends to talk and share our everyday issues based on the principles of non-violent communication, sharing and council.

Now, after almost two years of meeting regularly like this, we have grown pretty close and know each other quite well, causing inter-personal conflicts at new and more subtle levels.

We spontaneously created and shared a healing ritual based on the Hawaiian Ho'oponopono practice of reconciliation and forgiveness.

This provides a very nice and personal continuation on my reflections last Friday on letting go of suffering and striving for peace.

Es tut mir leid
Bitte vergib mir
Ich danke dir
Ich liebe dich

I am sorry
Please forgive me
I thank you
I love you

We sang this chant together for an extended period of time, beginning with eyes closed, gradually opening them and looking into each other's eyes.

We were all surprised about the deep, touching and powerful healing feelings and connection that ensued.

It does indeed feel as if we are furthering peace in the world.

I wish you a happy, connected and peaceful Sunday.