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Good news on BIM 360 itself, Docs, Issues, and high time to prepare for the DevDay conference and accelerator next week:

BIM 360 and C4R Success Story

BIM 360 had its best quarter ever.

It has come a long way in connecting the office to the field. It is a smash hit with construction companies around the world and remains the fastest growing product in Autodesk history.

It scored a big win at JE Dunn Construction and several other important sites.

At the same time, Collaboration for Revit (C4R) is bringing collaboration to the design and engineering office and connecting BIM teams around the world.

We continue to see enterprise wide adoption of C4R with customer quotes saying things like, 'C4R has connected our design offices like no other tool has before. It has transformed how we workshare, for the better'.

Autodesk is working on bringing these two technologies together to form a common data environment that spans the entire project from concept to commissioning to building operations and beyond.

The common data environment can be programmatically accessed and driven through the Forge web services.

Forge Web Services

Here are the main groups Forge web service endpoints as of today – please always refer to for the most up-to-date list:

BIM 360 Docs

BIM 360 Docs provides real-time access to the most recent versions of digital plans and documents, so contractors, foremen, document managers, architects, and other key personnel can spend less time struggling with files and more time building. From concept to completion, BIM 360 software helps the entire team stay on-schedule.

The Forge Issues Service API

Mikako Harada and Galia Traub presented a session on extending BIM 360 Docs with the Issues Service API at Forge DevCon 2016:

This session introduces the Issues Service, one of the first BIM 360 APIs to be made available in Forge. It allows users to create issues related to documents that are stored either in BIM 360 Docs, or more broadly within the Forge ecosystem. It walks you step-by-step through using the Issues API and showing what is possible through a series of demonstrations of practical examples.

The article on the enhanced commenting experience with in-canvas comments shows what use the A360 development team have made of the issues API.

One really good aspect of the collection of Forge web services is that the Autodesk development teams and external developers have the exact same glueing and connecting tools at hand. In other words, so do you!

Mikako also presented an introduction to BIM360 as part of the Forge Hackathon webinar series, cf. below:

If you are interested in more API related BIM 360 information, please refer to Mikako's blog, The Field of View – BIM 360 API & cloud-based technologies for the AEC industry.

24 Forge DevCon Presentation Recordings

Mikako's presentation is just one of a collection of 24 DevCon presentation recordings is available on SlideShare.

For your convenience, here is a table of contents:

Forge Hackathon Webinar Series Recordings

If you are interested in the above, you should also check out the more recent Forge webinar series held during the Autodesk App Store Forge and Fusion 360 Hackathon in September and October 2016.

The recordings and documentation pointers provide a full introduction to all important aspects of Forge programming as of today:

For API keys to get started programming Forge, go to

For code samples on any of the topics above, please refer to the Forge Platform samples on GitHub at Developer-Autodesk and Autodesk-Forge, optionally adding a filter, e.g., like this for Design.automation: ...Developer-Autodesk?query=Design.automation.

DevDay Europe and Forge Accelerator in Munich

My next upcoming Forge related event is the DevDay conference and Forge accelerator in Munich next week.

High time to start getting ready for that...

It would be great to see you there!

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