Bridges, Regeneration and Modeless RevitLookup

I am glad and proud to announce the most exciting RevitLookup enhancement in its entire history so far, yet another need for regeneration and a great new option for your personal safety:

Modeless RevitLookup

Jmcouffin raised a cool request for a RevitLookup enhancement in issue #92 – modeless window for lookup tools:

... while not able to code it myself, especially not in C#, a nice feature would be to get the windows of the tool in modeless mode. Allowing us to interact with the model directly.

NeVeSpl very kindly picked this up and heroically implemented and tested it in a whole series of pull requests:

Here is a sample screen snapshot showing the result, snooping a level and two different walls, simultaneously running the Revit command to create yet more new walls:

Modeless RevitLookup

Summary by Jmcouffin:

It works much better than I even thought possible. You can now open multiple instances of RevitLookup tool and have each grab its own set of elements and data and dig through it! I tried all the functionalities without hitting a wall so far. I will keep on using it this week and let you know if anything arises. Great job @NeVeSpl!

Ever so many thanks to NeVeSpl from me too for the careful and efficient implementation and thorough testing!

Need for Regen for Read-Only Parameter

A surprising new context to add to our list of situations with a need for regeneration came up in the Revit API discussion forum thread on being unable to get parameter AsString value when the parameter is read-only:

Question: I've been struggling with this weird problem for a few hours now.

I have some elements that has a parameter called PANEL ID. Sometimes, this parameter is in read-only mode.

When I'm accessing the element directly, I can get the parameter value perfectly fine.

When accessing the same kinds of elements as part of any collection, the value is an empty string "".

Answer: Seems like my problem was not using doc.Regenerate().

My read-only params were updated from other elements, that changed those parameter values. But I couldn't see it in the API until I used doc.Regenerate().

Here are some other previous examples that I also already earmarked for inclusion in the 'need to regenerate' list:

Structural Bridge Design

Question: A question came up on accessing Structural Bridge Design from an external app.

Answer: There is no API, but there is a command line that you can use:

From the 2020 release on, we have command led automation for the design section and design beam creation and analysis. All data and commands are written to a json file which drives the automation. For more details, please refer to the ASBD Automation Overview.

Outdoor Seatbelt

If you learned to enjoy wearing a mask when alone, you might also feel safer with an outdoor seatbelt:

Outdoor seatbelt