Basel.js Meetup View and Data API Demo

I am busy right now answering Revit API cases as usual, and preparing my Basel.js meetup View and Data API presentation for tomorrow evening.

One of the cases caused me to add yet another iteration to last Friday's note on how to empower yourself to search for an answer on the Internet.

Also, before I get to the technical stuff, let me mention that I went climbing again last weekend, after a long break, and in spite of the rather dubious weather situation.

I stayed in the Wiwanni hut in the Canton of Valais with two friends and my son Cornelius, who returned from his studies of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Guangzhou, China, for a one-month visit in Europe.

We warmed up on the Salamander route to the summit of the Klein Augstkummenhorn (2880 m), then climbed the classical Steinadler route on the south face of the Wiwannihorn (3001 m), scrambling down the normal route to return to the hut and back home.


We skipped the final two or three easier rope lengths to the summit, though, due to the uncertain weather conditions.

Autodesk View and Data API Presentation

I am presenting the Autodesk View and Data API at the Basel.js meetup hosted by Magnolia International in St. Johanns-Vorstadt 38, Basel, Switzerland, tomorrow evening at 19:00 CET and Swiss time.

It would be really great to see you there!

In case you want to read up a bit on it beforehand, here are all the important resources:

Please note that the View and Data API is still in pilot program mode, so you cannot yet apply for an API key... or rather, you can apply as much as you want, but you won't receive one quite yet. That is coming real soon, now, though.