Дополнения для Ревит – Add-ins for Revit

If you can read Russian, you may be interested in Arthur Kurakov's blog. Arthur presents several Revit add-ins useful for the Russian market, and some are certainly useful for other countries as well. Superfilter суперфильтр is better than the basic Revit filter:

The standard Revit filter filters by element category, whereas Superfilter filters by family and type instead. It is easier to filter room tags, for instance. One is square and the other is the mark of this room. This is useful for Russian architects.

Another of Arthur's utilities is Rename, Переименовка:

It is a string generator, generating string parameters using other element instance parameters. For instance, you might one to populate a string parameter that contains the element height and width with and 'X' symbol between them. This tool can be very useful for generating entries in a Revit schedule view.

This tool can do much more, actually: for a family instance, it can change the type based on different combination of parameter values, for instance height, width, mark, etc. This means that you can change the type by modifying certain parameter values.

I hope this has raised your curiosity and you will be interested in checking out Arthur's blog.