Autodesk University 2010 Class Materials

I submitted the materials for my three Autodesk University classes yesterday. I checked the enrollment numbers at the same time and was a bit surprised:

I had already been notified by the AU management that the unconference on the Revit MEP API was full, so I guess we hit the limit of the capacity of the room there. Furthermore, that session is intended to be an open discussion among all participants, so more than thirty would become a bit unwieldy.

I had no idea until now that the other two sessions on the Revit API in general were so popular, though. Those will be the biggest sessions I ever held at AU so far. Very exciting!

Anyway, the session materials have now been uploaded to the AU site, so registered class participants can look at them there.

Actually, there is no reason why non-participants should not have access to this information as well, so here they are, free for all:

If you have any constructive feedback on any of the material, I will be more than pleased to hear it. Thank you!