Vacation and Open Source Code Licenses, Again

Let me take leave from you for a short vacation.

Before disappearing for the next ten days, I would like to take this opportunity to revisit the topic of licenses for open source software.

I recently repeated the importance of a license when sharing source code for reuse by others and pointed to these previous discussions:

I myself use the MIT License for my samples, "a lax, permissive non-copyleft free software license. For substantial programs, it is better to use the Apache 2.0 license since it blocks patent treachery".

My samples are not substantial.

MIT seal

Just recently, after criticism of the one previosly used, Facebook changed the license on React, also switching to the MIT one. The article explains why and once again underlines the importance of this aspect and its effect on the code reuse.

If you want to explore open source licenses for your own product, GitHub created a tool to choose an open source license to help select the right one.

Bye bye, enjoy the autumn (northerners) and springtime (down under).