More Snow Woe

I thought we were very lucky in our travels around Europe so far, especially after hearing that one of the participants in the Munich DevLab had less luck. He left the workshop, went to the airport, boarded, flew to Cologne, and was unable to land due to snow. After nine hours of travelling he returned back to the starting point, to try it again from scratch another day.

I mentioned our luck to my manager Gary Wassell, who responded that he put in an early request to the luck team for some extra luck for DevTech EMEA this year. Well, unfortunately, it ran out. I spent most of the day Saturday in the Milano Malpensa airport trying to fly to London Heathrow. The first flight was cancelled due to snow. I was asked to wait for the second, and finally that was cancelled as well, so I packed up and took the train back in to town. At least I did not have to fly there to find out and be sent back again!

I rejoined my colleagues, Karl, Partha and Brian, who were scheduled to fly out on Sunday, and rescheduled my flight for Sunday morning. Later in the evening we discovered that that Sunday morning flight was cancelled as well, and I rescheduled it again for the afternoon. After hanging around all weekend waiting, it finally turns out now that there are no flights at all landing in England anymore, so we have been forced to cancel our part of the event.

Luckily some of our UK colleagues will be able to take over the most important parts. And I can finally return home tomorrow. By train :-)