Room Volume glTF Generator

I travelled home last night from the Barcelona Forge accelerator and continued working on the room volume exporter.

As suggested by Michael Beale, I now implemented support for glTF, the GL Transmission Format.

As described yesterday, I generate generic model DirectShape elements to represent the room volume in the Forge viewer.

I initially generated them using solids returned by the Revit API GetClosedShell method. However, these not work properly in the Forge viewer.

Therefore, I implemented a triangulation of those solids and generate new ones from that. They work fine.

While I have the triangulation at hand, it is easy to also generate data for glTF.

That is now implemented in RoomVolumeDirectShape release 2020.0.0.8.

It still needs some final tweaks to feed it straight into a glTF viewer, e.g., magicien's GLTFQuickLook for Mac, but we're getting there.

A few more little items to wrap up the Barcelona topic:

Forge team lunch on the beach