Write Revit Add-ins No Coding Experience Required

Adam Sheather of YTL Corporation created and presented a complete and in-depth Revit API introduction titled Learn to Write Add-ons No Coding Exp Required! for RTC, the Revit Technology Conference 2014, held in Australia, Europe and North America.

He describes it like this: This course is for expert users of Revit who wish to learn how to code. This will cut a lot of non essential information from standard and other coding classes to get users quickly up to speed writing basic add-ons and give people tools to discover and develop tools independently.

Adam very kindly provided all the class handouts and sample material in the Gytaco RevitAPI repository on GitHub.

For a first quick impression of the layout, here is the overall lesson plan:

For a slightly deeper preview, here are direct links to local copies of his class handouts and two useful C# and Revit API cheat sheets:

Please go to the GitHub Gytaco RevitAPI repository to download the originals, though, if you want to take a deeper look.

Many thanks to Adam for all his work creating and sharing this material!