AEC Hackathon, DevGuide URL and AppStore Webinar

As mentioned, I registered for the upcoming AEC Symposium and Hackathon in New York this coming weekend, May 16-18.

You can learn more about both at, and especially check out the interesting projects proposed for the AEC Hackathon.

I'm looking forward very much to that and would be happy to meet you there!

Revit API Developer Guide Shortcut URL

The Revit API Developer Guide shortcut URL has changed and is now

To my utter shock and chagrin, the previous one – – has "expired" and no longer works.

Very sorry about that, out of my hands!

I have fixed the old blog posts using that URL:

I wonder who else in the world will do the same?

Autodesk Exchange Apps Webinar May 22nd

Learn about exciting new features that bring new opportunities

Without a doubt, Autodesk Exchange Apps is now the best and easiest way for developers to reach Autodesk customers. With over 1,860,000 visitors and over 620,000 downloads, customers continue to demonstrate how much they have come to rely upon Autodesk Exchange Apps to find the tools that help increase their productivity.

With 18 Autodesk Exchange Apps stores now up and riunning and our recent and upcoming enhancements, there is opportunity for any type – and price – of app. Exchange Apps now offers multiple ways of delivering apps to customers:

If you develop apps but haven't yet put your toe in the water with Exchange Apps, the Autodesk Developer Network (ADN) team is ready to help you.

You're invited to attend a webinar on May 22nd, hosted by Jim Quanci and Stephen Preston.

As they present and demo the latest trends and features, you'll learn how you can leverage this growing platform, publisher and customer community. You'll learn the tricks of the trade when publishing on Exchange Apps, get ideas on how to be successful and learn about the ability to expand your geographic reach by publishing localised apps in addition to English language ones.

Here's what you need to know:

Webinar details:

Registration: Reserve your place by May 20th by sending an email to with 'Exchange Apps webinar' as the subject. Make sure you include:

If you are interested in the webinar but time zones or work commitments prevent you from attending, we invite you to register anyway, so that we can send you the link to the recording after the event.

Note: If you want a head start in learning how to publish apps, visit If you have any questions, send an email to