Change Element Colour

We once looked at changing the colour of model or detail curves by setting their category line style.

Here is another simple little question, on setting the colour of an element, with a clear and simple answer, also by Joe Ye:

Question: How can I programmatically change the colour of an annotation symbol, e.g. a tag, in a Revit project?

Answer: You can change the colour of individual elements in a specified view using the View class ProjColorOverrideByElement property. It takes a collection of elements as an argument and overrides their projection lines' colour in the given view.

Here is a VSTA code snippet showing how it can be used:

public void ChangeElementColor()
  Application app = this.ActiveUIDocument
  UIDocument uidoc = this.ActiveUIDocument;
  Document doc = uidoc.Document;
  Color color = app.Create.NewColor();
  color.Blue = ( byte ) 150;
  color.Red = ( byte ) 200;
  color.Green = ( byte ) 200;
  Selection sel = uidoc.Selection;
  Reference ref1 = sel.PickObject( 
    "Pick element to change its colour" );
  Element elem = ref1.Element;
  List<ElementId> ids = new List<ElementId>( 1 );
  ids.Add( elem.Id );
  Transaction trans = new Transaction( doc );
  trans.Start( "ChangeColor" );
    ids, color );

Many thanks to Joe for providing this solution!