Revit 2012 API Features

Revit 2012 and the other Autodesk 2012 products have been announced, and already there is abundant information on it on the web. David Light discusses quite a few of the user interface and product features.

A detailed exploration of some of the following items could fill volumes, but I'll try to briefly give you an idea of what each feature is about, at least. First, here is simply an overview of the highlights of the Revit 2012 API features. See below for a brief explanation of each item:

Modifications and Updates Overview

These are the rather mundane but important issues which affect existing applications:

New Features Overview

This is the really exciting and in some cases radical new stuff:

Modifications and Updates Explanation

Many of the modifications have to do with cleaning up the separation between the user interface and the API, completing the database/user interface split that was introduced in the Revit 2011 API. Many changes are also due to improved automatic API code generation procedures that align the API much better with the internal Revit code and functionality.

New Features Explanation

Some of the new features are longstanding and frequently requested wish list items, other are unexpected and exciting completely new areas:

Sound exciting?

I promise you, it is!