Lookup Family Types and Parameter Definition Names

Today, we present yet another RevitLookup enhancement, a note on an undocumented built-in paramter change and a neat Forge Design Autoation for Revit sample app:

RevitLookup Family Types and Parameter Definition Names

Alexander @aignatovich @CADBIMDeveloper Ignatovich, aka Александр Игнатович, submitted yet another useful RevitLookup enhancement in pull request #53 – available values for parameters (ParameterType.FamilyType) and FamilyParameter titles.

In his own words:

I added 2 improvements to the RevitLookup tool.

The first is about available parameters values for parameters with ParameterType == ParameterType.FamilyType:

RevitLookup lists family types

We can retrieve these values using the Family.GetFamilyTypeParameterValues method. The elements are either of class ElementType or NestedFamilyTypeReference:

RevitLookup lists family types

The second is very simple: Now the tool shows FamilyParameter definition names in the left pane:

RevitLookup lists family types

Yet again many thanks to Alexander for his numerous invaluable contributions!

This enhancement is captured in RevitLookup release 2020.0.0.2.

Bitmap Aspect Ratio Built-in Parameter Renamed

Rudolf @Revitalizer Honke and I completed a quick 20-km hilly run together yesterday.

This morning he pointed out an irritating change between the Revit 2019 and Revit 2020 APIs, an undocumented modification of the name of a built-in parameters defining the locked aspect ratio of a bitmap image, or Seitenverhältnis sperren von eingefügten Rasterbildern in German:

Useful to know, just in case you happen to run into this yourself.

DA4R SketchIt Demo Generates Walls

I just noticed a neat Forge Design Automation for Revit or DA4R sample application created by my colleague Jaime @afrojme Rosales, Forge Partner Development:

SketchIt is a web application that enables the user to skatch out walls and floors in a SVG Canvas to later create and visualise them in an automatically generated RVT BIM model:

SketchIt demo

You can try it out live yourself in the demo web page.

This is a node.js app demonstrating an end to end use case for external developers using Design Automation for Revit. In addition to using Design Automation for Revit REST APIs, this app also leverages other Autodesk Forge services like Data Management API (OSS), the Viewer API and Model Derivative services.

The sketcher is built using Redux with React and makes extensive use of Flux architecture.

Main Parts