Quo Vadis Revit

An exciting announcement was made today; I add pointers to two preceding recent news items that may or may not be related:

Autodesk Joins Open Design Alliance

Amy Bunszel announced that Autodesk joins Open Design Alliance to fast track improvements to interoperability.

Martyn Day on the Past and Future of Revit

Just one day earlier, Martyn Day discussed the future of Revit, explaining various aspects that may or may not have prompted this surprising move.

Håvard Vasshaug on the Open Letter

Much earlier, a month before that, Håvard @vasshaug Vasshaug, Co-founder at Bad Monkeys, tweeted his thoughts on the BIM customers’ open letter on Revit:

It's been interesting to follow the Autodesk and Architects dynamics this summer. My thoughts are:

  1. The Autodesk Board of Directors is at fault for developing sales and acquisition strategies and not products. Watch this two-and-a-half-minute excerpt of an interview with Steve Jobs on the role of product and marketing.
  2. If you as an architect are locked in by Autodesk, you have locked yourself in. No one is forcing you to buy Revit. If you did it old school and trained your entire staff in just one platform, you painted yourself into a corner with help from the Autodesk sales force.
  3. Unlike 15 years ago, there’s now a massive amount of AEC startups that solve both small and large issues on a multitude of platforms. I’m excited about what this can lead to long term. Kudos to the Dynamo and Grasshopper founders and communities for contributing to this change.

Open Design Alliance