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BIM@TuDa, DevDays, Forge News and More Events

I am in Darmstadt preparing the Forge and BIM presentation and hands-on workshop at Technische Universität Darmstadt, Institut für Numerische Methoden und Informatik im Bauwesen, the institute for numerical methods and computer science in the construction industry at the technical university here.

Many other larger events are coming up after this:

BIM@TuDa Agenda

The agenda here consists of two parts, a 90-minute presentation and a 4-hour hands-on workshop:

Since some participants are probably not well versed in the Autodesk biosphere, we'll try to cram in some supplementary information, resulting in the following agenda:

Some last-minute coordination on this with Philipp Mueller is still outstanding...

Technische Universität Darmstadt

Getting Started with Dynamo

Since I am not a Dynamo expert myself, and other people recently also asked me how to get started with it efficiently, here are some more or less random notes on that topic, in case that is of interest to our participants:

Before looking forward to further upcoming events and learning opportunities, a quick look at the breaking news on Forge.

Forge News

Forge Resources

Recordings of the six recent technical webinars on Forge APIs are now available, covering workflows, platform use cases, and code samples.

Forge Events and Community

Loads of events are coming up! Check out the complete list of upcoming events with full descriptions. Here are the highlights:

Questions? Suggestions? Let us know at @ForgePlatform or check out our tips on finding answers on StackOverflow.

DevDays – Developer Day Conferences and Accelerators

Partially covering Forge and also addressing the desktop products, the main traditional Autodesk developer events of year are coming: the annual, worldwide Developer Day Conferences and Accelerator workshops.

Free of charge, they kick off in two weeks' time, starting in Las Vegas, Nevada, then moving on to Europe and Asia.

Attending DevDays is the best way for you to learn about the latest and upcoming Autodesk application development technologies. You can learn about the Autodesk Cloud Platform Forge, as well as network with Autodesk engineers and other developers working with Autodesk APIs.

Personally, I am attending the following sessions in USA and Europe:

If you have already registered to attend one of the events – congratulations, me and my colleagues look forward to seeing you soon!

If not, read on.

Registration for DevDays Las Vegas is via the Autodesk University website. Register and choose your sessions here.

If you are attending another Monday conference at AU and therefore cannot register for DevDays but would like to drop in at one or more DevDay sessions, please let us know so that we can add you to a list for special access. Just send us an email to with your name and company name and we’ll take care of it.

Registration for Asia and Europe is easy. Simply visit the event website at for full information and click on the Register button.