IFC 21.1 and AEC Hackathon Presentations

More on Revit 2021.1, IFC 21.1, and nearing the end of the AEC Hackathon:

Revit 2021.1 Questions

Yesterday, I mentioned the Revit 2021.1 update.

Two questions arose on that:

Vincent Cadoret @vincentcadoret asks:

Q: Any changes in the Revit API in this 2021.1 update vs 2021.0?

A: Please read the Revit 2021.1 release notes and let us know what you find out – I see some API enhancements and fixes, so there is a slight change, indeed.

E B @truevis asks:

Q: Any API access to Shared Views available?

A: Again, check out the release notes and let us know what you find out. For example, I do see an entry saying, Shared View: Provided an easy way to share 3D views in Revit.

IFC 21.1 Released

Also on Twitter, Angel Velez @avelezsosa announced that IFC 21.1 came out:

#Autodesk #Revit #IFC v21.1 is now available in the Autodesk App Store

Working on getting v20.2 and v19.4 out next.

Also works with #Navisworks!

AEC Hackathon Final Presentations

The AEC Hackathon online is in full swing, nearing its final stages now

The dreaded hacking deadline is looming near, however: hacking ends today, July 24, at 23:59 EST (UTC-4).

Some presentations are already live:

AEC Hackathon

AEC Hackathon

Here is the Deep Dive Challenge with Jim and Jaime

AEC Hackathon

The final presentations are taking place tomorrow, Saturday, July 25th, 13:00 EST (UTC-4), 19:00 CET.

The judges are:

Good luck in the end spurt and much success completing and presenting!

Or, in case you are not actively participating yourself, take a look, enjoy, and prepare for being astounded seeing what the hackers created in this short space of time.

There is a lot to learn and profit from here.