Wishlist Survey Reminder and New SDK Sample Overview

Here is a quick post to remind you of the Revit API wishlist survey and provide the first overview of new SDK samples added in Revit 2014.

Revit API Wishlist Survey Reminder

I recently mentioned that this year's Revit API wishlist survey is now open.

It closes end of this week, on June 15th, 2013.

Only five more days to go.

These are the relative numbers of repsonses for the various products in percent so far:

39 AutoCAD
22 Revit
19 Inventor
11 Civil 3D
7 Maya
1 3DS Max

Please put in some extra effort and show that we really care about the evolution and enhancement of the Revit API.

Let's try to surpass the number of AutoCAD API wishlist responses :-)

The survey will take less than 5 minutes to complete.

The Revit engineering team uses the results to understand your needs and help prioritize the areas of API enhancements in future planning, so is has a strong and immediate influence on the future API direction.

If you leave your email address, we will send you the final result after it is concluded. Your email address will be used solely for this purpose and not shared or used in any other way.

We look forward to receiving your feedback!

Addendum: If you have any input and suggestions for enhancements to the survey, please add those to the open ended section for wishes and comments in the wishlist survey itself.

That way, your input will become part of the survey results, be preserved and become available to the wishlist survey management team.

Thank you!

Wishlist survey

Revit 2014 SDK Sample Overview

I am preparing for the upcoming Moscow Revit DevCamp on June 25th, in just two weeks, as well as the Revit 2014 API training in Sydney, Australia, in July.

Part of this preparation is updating the ADN training material that I finally got started on.

Another step is performing my habitual comparison of the differences between the previous and the current version of the Revit SDK samples.

Here is a quick overview:

The following samples were removed:

The following samples were added:

Another exciting addition is the Structural Analysis SDK, which includes several sub-directories providing extensive documentation and the following samples covering the new code checking API and other areas:

I wish you lots of fun and excitement and many new ideas exploring all of this!