Revit 2013 Update Release 2

Revit 2013 Update Release 2 is now available.

I found a path to the Revit Architecture update via Autodesk Revit Products > Services & Support > Service Packs & Downloads > Autodesk Revit Architecture > Updates > Revit Architecture 2013 Update Release 2.

Phew. That was rather hard.

A much easier way to reach the exact download I am after is to enter the appropriate string in Google. That takes me directly to the download page with no need to manually traverse any convoluted paths.

Here is a list of the Google search strings I entered and the resulting URLs:

Here are the enhancements listed for this update. API enhancements are not included this time, unfortunately, but there are some of those in there as well:

Revit Architecture

Revit Structure

Revit MEP

Revit Platform

The build identifier is 20121003_2115 Update Release 2.