Revit API Training Material

The Revit 2012 API training material that we use for our ADN trainings is now available online to the general public from the Revit Developer Center. Here is a direct link to it, with no guarantee that it will remain valid in future.

It includes three subfolders:

These are the Powerpoint presentations used for the training:

The labs parallel the three main presentations:

Each of the three labs are provided in both C# and VB, and each also includes a set of documentation, exercise instructions, source code and Visual Studio solutions in the following subfolders:

The labs in the basic 1_Revit_API_Intro cover the Revit API fundamentals:

These topics are split up into the following exercises:

The topics covered by 2_Revit_UI_API include:

Finally, 3_Revit_Family_API follows the same structure as we already presented when discussing the Revit Family API and the family creation API labs.