Autodesk University Extension

As already mentioned, I submitted the material for my AU sessions last week, and one of them is a virtual class which will be broadcast live worldwide for those who cannot attend AU in Las Vegas in person. Another option for people not travelling to Las Vegas besides getting the $99 Premier Pass to AU Virtual is provided by the Autodesk University Extension, which is a collection of over 100 completely free training events, held in 35 countries and hosted by over 90 Authorized Training Center sites. Here is a comparison grid showing the difference between AU Extension and AU Virtual.

Now I need to practice my sessions a bit and prepare for a dry run to ensure that I have everything down pat. And also recuperate from the severe cold and bad throat that I have been suffering through for the past week. But better go through it now than later, of course, when I am travelling and presenting!

If you are interested in AutoCAD as well as Revit, Kean just published a list of the AutoCAD-related AU classes held by the DevTech team, both physical and virtual.