API Training and AEC DevCamp Material

I am back again from a wonderful holiday in Greece! I spent one week in a retreat centre in the village of Kissos, and then a couple of days on the Banika beach north of Agios Ioannis and south of Chorefton. I was there with a friend, we had a little cooking stove and food for a couple of days, slept on our mats in the sand in a little cave, went swimming and played with the stones on the beach. One nice novel experience was building a little raft with a couple of empty bottles, sticks and string to carry a five litre canister and swim with it to the neighbouring beach to get some water to live on.

Revit API Training

Anyway, now I am back and getting up to speed again with current issues surrounding the Revit API. This summer, my colleagues and I are holding a number of Revit API trainings around the world. As always, you can see and register for them in the ADN API training schedule. Simply filter for 'Revit API' to see the following 2 day Revit API introduction courses:

I will be holding the one in Munich, the others are led by Mikako, Joe, Augusto and Saikat.

AEC DevCamp Material

The material from the AEC DevCamp conference that we held in Boston in June is now available. Here is a direct public link to Autodesk_AEC_DevCamp_2010.zip (161 MB). You can also access this link through the Developer Center training schedule archives page, filtering for 'AEC DevCamp'.