Cairo and Free .NET Books

I completed the Revit API training course hosted by Mohamad Yamani, Technical Manager of Kemet Corporation here in Cairo, Egypt. Beside the standard issues of Revit programming basics, we were also able to address a number of specific needs of the participating companies besides Kemet, i.e. Zuhair Faye Partner ZFP, Engineering Consultants Group ECG, and Dar Al-Handasah Consultants (Shair and Partners). Here are five of us (out of a total of ten) on the last afternoon:

Egyptian Revit API training

To celebrate the conclusion, Osama Sayed Ahmed of ZFP very friendlily showed me downtown Cairo at night and the wonderful typical Egyptian vegetarian meal of كشرى (kosheri):

Eating kosheri in Cairo

By the way, I just found a great online Unicode character map that I could use to convert a typed-in word in Arabic to the corresponding sequence of Unicode characters for posting.

We ended up drinking tea in the balmy air on the Nile riverside, listening to our neighbours singing and playing romantic songs on the guitar:

Drinking tea on the Nile bank

Here are some more photos.

Very many thanks to Mohamed for arranging and hosting the event, to all participants for their lively interest, and especially to Osama for his wonderful invitations to visit his family in the countryside and the evening in downtown Cairo. It really is a great pleasure to be here and learn so much!

Besides stories about my tourism, visits to the masjid, and insights into Islam, here is a snippet of programming news as well, answering a question that regularly crops up, on how to start learning .NET: seven free .NET development and architecture e-books pointed out by Kean Walmsley.