Revit API Introduction Webcast Recording

The recording and materials of the Revit API Introduction webcast presented on May 20 2010 by Adam Nagy and Saikat Bhattacharya is available from the Autodesk Developer Network (ADN) DevTech API Training & Consulting page, following the webcast archive link and filtering for 'Revit API' and 'English'. Select the download link to obtain the archive file containing the following four files:

They obviously contain the presentation, recording, questions and answers, and samples, respectively.

The topics covered include:

The labs used to explain the basics of the Revit API have been rewritten from scratch, and the introduction is much more effective and easier to follow now than the one we used in previous versions.

The presentation is also completely new and very didactically designed, so it should provide a good starting point for anyone wishing to get into the Revit API, regardless of whether you have had a look at it in previous versions of the product or not.