Revit Camera FOV, Forge Partner Talks and Jobs

Today we resuscitate a five-year old Revit API answer, still as fresh and useful as ever, followed by Forge and job opportunities truly fresh off the presses:

Determining the Revit Camera FOV

Many people have asked how you can retrieve the Revit camera field of view or FOV.

As Valerii Nozdrenkov points out in his comment on mapping the Revit camera settings to the Forge viewer, The Building Coder already published a solution suggested by Arnošt Löbel reading the required data from the custom exporter GetCameraInfo:

When a view is processed and run through a custom exporter context, its properties are used to populate a ViewNode instance.

One of its methods is GetCameraInfo, which provides information that ought to cover everything you need to know about the view's camera.

  public RenderNodeAction OnViewBegin(ViewNode node)
    CameraInfo cameraInfo = node.GetCameraInfo();

    var view = document.GetElement(node.ViewId);
    return RenderNodeAction.Proceed;

It seems worthwhile to reiterate this, since the question keeps popping up...

Camera angle of view

Forge Partner Talks

The virtual Forge accelerators are leading to a large number of technical webinars and zoom meetings with great attendance and participation.

It is time to also hold some 'business creation' meetings with Forge partners.

Here are some upcoming webinars in this area that might be of interest to you:

Looking forward to having you there!

Jobs at Autodesk

Finally... Would you like to work with the Forge development team?

We hope you’re all staying safe and healthy in your homes.

In spite of the current situation, Autodesk is still actively hiring.

Forge continues to search for top talent as our global workforce works remotely.

Would you be a good fit?

Here are a few roles highlighted in April and May: