DevDays 2010 Online with Revit 2012 API News

Back in December, I mentioned some of the stations of our yearly world-wide Developer Days or DevDays conference tour.

Now the recordings of the final updated contents of these presentations are available to the general public. They can be obtained from the Autodesk Developer Network (ADN) DevTech API Training & Consulting page, following the link to the webcast archives.

To find the recording of the new features of the Revit 2012 API, created by my colleague Saikat Bhattacharya, please filter for 'Developer Days Online: Revit' and 'English' and select the download link to obtain the archive file 'DevDays Online - Revit 2012 What's' containing the following:


The presentation briefly discusses the new Revit 2012 product features before diving into the "rice" and "wine" of the API update.

The product features are related to the following Revit 2012 themes:

Here is a link to more detailed and in-depth Revit 2012 product feature demos.

Rice and Wine

As in the past, we separated the API enhancements into the rice and wine: the rice has to do with making sure that your existing application runs in the updated environment, and the wine covers the opportunities to add value and make use of new features and APIs to increase the value of your and our products.

This part pretty closely matches the overview of the Revit 2012 API features that I already provided.

Note that we already had a slightly closer look at some of the topics.

Revit 2012 API Samples

The samples include the following five Visual Studio solutions:

The samples alone include lots of interesting material for us to take a closer look at in the near future.

Meanwhile, I wish you lots of fun and many exciting ideas for new application possibilities while exploring the Revit 2012 API.