Getting Started with the Revit 2010 API

I am back again from a great vacation in Italy which I mostly spent outdoors camping, swimming, cooking, and drinking cappuchino. Yesterday was the Jeûne Fédéral holiday (French) in Neuchâtel. I used that to make a first pass through my overfull email inbox.

Meanwhile, here is a quick summary and overview of the material we have put together so far for getting started with the Revit 2010 API.

Question: Do you have any updated information similar to the getting started material for Revit 2009? I would like to hear about the news and differences between the Revit 2010 and 2009 APIs.

Answer: First of all, for completeness sake, here is the back pointer to the final wrap-up overview of the getting started material for the Revit 2009 API:

A large part of the material listed there applies to the Revit 2010 API as well.

Additional specific topics related to the Revit 2010 API are covered in subsequent posts:

There is an entire blog category appropriately named '2010' which includes all of these and more:

As said, most of the additional resources listed in the discussion on getting started with the Revit 2009 API are also still valid and accessible.