Copy Local False and IFC Utils for Wall Openings

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Here are two from the current crop:

IFC Helper Returns Outer CurveLoop of Door or Window

Jan Grenov raised and solved his GetInstanceCutoutFromWall problem using the ExporterIFCUtils method GetInstanceCutoutFromWall to determine the outer CurveLoop of a window or a door.

The Revit API documentation states that it:

Gets the curve loop corresponding to the hole in the wall made by the instance.

Jan determined that each opening must have an OpeningCut object. If not, GetInstanceCutoutFromWall will fail!

Here is Jan's full explanation in all its gory detail:

Question: I find that the ExporterIFCUtils GetInstanceCutoutFromWall is a fine way to get the outer CurveLoop of a window or a door, but sometimes for some strange reason it does not work, and no helpful error message is supplied.

I attached:

I hope someone can explain why GetInstanceCutoutFromWall works on one window but not on the other.

Answer: Now I determined when the error occurs!

It happens whenever an opening family (door or window) is defined without an opening cut.

Openings must have an OpeningCut object. If not, GetInstanceCutoutFromWall will fail!

This helps explain some issues people had with this method in the past, and also fits into several existing topic groups, such as use of the frequently overlooked Revit API utility classes on one hand, determining wall openings in general, gross versus net areas and volumes in particular, on the other:

Setting Copy Local to False Resolves AddIn Manager Issue

Yet another solution provided by Fair59 who suggested setting the Copy Local flag to false to resolve an issue with the AddIn Manager: How to disable copy dialog?:

Question: Anytime I run a command from the AddIn Manager, a copy dialog shows up.

AddIn Manager copy dialogue

How to disable it, please?

Answer: I've had that message a few times, when I forgot to set the RevitAPI and RevitAPIUI references' Local copy flag to false:

Set Copy Local flag to false

Many thanks to Fair59 for this solution and important note in general.

We have in fact pointed out the need to set Copy Local to false numerous times in the past...