ADN Revit API Training Material Update and Vacation

After cleaning up the usage of deprecated Revit API calls in The Building Coder samples, I decided to clean up the ADN training material as well.

My original plan was to remove all warnings about deprecated API usage, only I quickly discovered there were none to remove :-)

In the MEP sample application AdnRme, I just updated the year listed in the copyright message to 2013 and produced AdnRme version 2013.0.2.0.

I then did the same for the ADN Revit API Training labs and the Revit Structure API samples.

Here is the result of that,, containing the following solutions and projects:

Vacation Time

This is the last post before my vacation. Well, actually, this is already during my vacation.

I am hopping on a train in a minute and departing for Italy with unknown itinerary and goals. A possible candidate is Lecce, in the far south.

I'll be back in two and a half week's time, and keep you posted, maybe.