Kids@Work and AEC Technology Symposium Videos

I am busy preparing my presentations for Autodesk University.

Kids at Work at Autodesk Neuchâtel

In spite of that, I spent the day yesterday taking my SON (significant other's nephew :-)   Ben to the Kids at Work event in the Autodesk Neuchâtel offices:

Kids at Work

We hosted a bunch of about 16 kids, showed them around the quite large office building and various departments, with explanations and chitchat in both French and English.

The activities included the tour of the facilities, product demos, a visit to the maker lab with 3D printing and laser cutting, hand-on assembly of some laser-cut cardboard components, and of course food and drink.

Ben was especially happy and grateful to Filippo of the IT department for fixing an irritating Windows 10 issue on his laptop – he definitely wants to return again next time   :-)

A very worthwhile outing.

Now it's high time to buckle down again.

Here is something interesting to keep all you enthusiastic AEC BIM developers happy in the meantime:

AEC Technology Symposium Videos

I loved the AEC Hackathon in New York that I participated in last summer.

Unfortunately, I was unable to make it to the AEC Technology Symposium and Hackathon 2015, so I am glad that the symposium videos have been published now:

Here is the complete AEC Technology Symposium 2015 YouTube playlist.

You can also check out hackathon submissions on the AEC Technology Hackathon 2015 DevPost.