BIM Apps, Project Galileo, and Piotr's Plug-In

Here are a couple of interesting news items that cropped up in the past few days:

Introducing BIM Apps

Emile Kfouri used to lead the Revit API development team and is now the Autodesk BIM Application Development Manager. Emile started up a new blog, BIM Apps, devoted to API applications for Autodesk's BIM tools. He is starting a two month trial period to 'test the waters' and determine whether or not the BIM community would value a blog devoted to this topic. Blog traffic will be used as the primary indicator of longer term success. If you are interested and wish to contribute, please have a look at his first few posts and take the survey to help Emile better understand the potential audience.

Project Galileo

Project Galileo is a new technology preview available on Autodesk Labs, developed for 3D city modelling, conceptual design and visualization in the planning phase of city-scale infrastructure projects:

It is an easy-to-use planning tool for creating 3D city models from civil, geospatial and building data, and 3D models. It enables users to sketch conceptual infrastructure ideas within the 3D city model. It can be downloaded and used freely as a technology preview which will operate until August 15, 2011.

Just from the videos on it, it seems to me that it might be based on Revit, just like the Project Vasari that we looked at last year. The really interesting thing about that was that the full Revit API is available inside the product. Maybe that is the case for Project Galileo as well?

Piotr's Plug-In

Piotr Zurek recently described his solution to refresh the Referencing Sheet parameter. Just to completely close the topic, he has now published his own blog post about the workaround and his plug-in making use of it, my first Revit plug-in on Thanks again to Piotr for his research and sharing the results!