ADN Training Material on GitHub and Portathon Reminder

My colleague Gopinath Taget and I completed the migration of the ADN Revit API training material in preparation for the Sydney Revit API training, even though the training actually ended up based on completely new spontaneus project ideas from the participants instead, making it more fun, challenging and creative.

Anyway, here are some steps of the migration path and pointers to more detailed information:

Gopi now proceeded with the next step, uploading the standard ADN Revit API Training Material to the RevitTrainingMaterial GitHub repository and making it available to the general public.

Portathon Reminder

Here is a reminder of the upcoming inaugural Exchange Apps Portathon event, a 48 hour virtual web based coding festival on September 13-14 at which you can earn $100 submitting an Autodesk Exchange App.

You can submit them before then as well, of course, and still be eligible for the reward. If you submit your apps by midnight on September 14, 2013 and they are accepted for publication in the store by October 31, 2013, you will receive US$ 100 per app (for up to 5 apps – US$ 500 total).

This task is greatly simplified by the Exchange App tutorial and training videos created and published by Gopi.

Here is a one and a half minute video of Jim Quanci and Stephen Preston announcing the Portathon:

In case you were not previously aware of it, the Exchange Apps store is on a run rate of 1 million visits a year and it is now the #1 way for Autodesk partners to reach customers.

Autodesk customers of all sizes and from around the globe are using Exchange Apps at a current rate of 250,000 downloads a year, and growing.

The Portathon is all about helping you get your apps into the store quickly and easily, including localised apps!

For more details please visit the official Portathon announcement page.

I am looking forward to hearing from you before or during this event, and good luck with your apps!