Visual Studio 2019 Revit Add-in Template Tags

A small enhancement to the Visual Studio Revit Add-in Template, and another interesting little AI surprise:

Template Tags for Visual Studio 2019

WinterXMQ submitted pull request #10 – Add template tag for Visual Studio 2019 to the Visual Studio Revit Add-In Wizards, saying:

Support for Visual Studio 2019, but not tested in the other versions of Visual Studio.

Template Tags for Visual Studio 2019

I integrated the request in release 2020.0.0.3.

Many thanks to WinterXMQ for this enhancement!

My Wizard Works Again

That prompted me to finally get my wizard working again on my new PC. It previously was not, and I had no idea why. The StackOverflow answer on no templates in Visual Studio 2017 prompted me to check my VS settings in Options > Projects and Solutions > Locations. Lo and behold, the content was messed up (by Parallels?). Resetting it to the default C:\Users\jta\Documents\Visual Studio 2017\Templates\ProjectTemplates fixed everything, and I was able to verify that the wizard still works for Visual Studio 2017 after the addition of WinterXMQ's new tags.

OpenAI Plays Hide and Seek and Breaks the Game

Another amusing and fascinating example of AI coming up with unexpected innovative solutions is described by the three-minute video on multi-agent hide and seek:

We’ve observed agents discovering progressively more complex tool use while playing a simple game of hide-and-seek. Through training in our new simulated hide-and-seek environment, agents build a series of six distinct strategies and counterstrategies, some of which we did not know our environment supported. The self-supervised emergent complexity in this simple environment further suggests that multi-agent co-adaptation may one day produce extremely complex and intelligent behaviour.

More detail is provided in the corresponding article on emergent tool use from multi-agent interaction.