AU Day Two

Kean pointed out a few of the things going on here at AU, many of which directly affect me well.

It is so exciting to meet all these people here doing impressive things and with innovative empowering projects, and also simply wonderful to catch up with colleagues that I have so much close virtual interaction with and otherwise seldom get to see face to face.

And lots and lots of enthusiastic blog readers!

Thank you

for all your appreciation and support!

I held my extensible storage class yesterday, and today I am conducting the associated hands-on lab, CP6760-L Autodesk Revit 2012 API Extensible Storage, at 13:15 in San Polo 3403.

I will have the world's best team of assistants supporting me!

After that, I plan to go to Scott Conover's session on geometry, CP4011 Geometric Progression, in Delfino 4001B at 15:15.

Finally, just like Kean, in case anyone at AU happens to be reading this and wants to say Hi, Ill be staffing the Global Services booth in the Exhibit Hall this afternoon sometime between six and seven pm and would love to see you there.

Happy AUing, either live or virtual, and looking forward to seeing you!