MultiReferenceAnnotation Example

Miguel Angel Alanis asked on the Autodesk Revit API discussion forum for an example of making use of the new MultiReferenceAnnotation.

I put together this blog post to make sure the solution is easily found.

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MultiReferenceAnnotation Creation Sample Code

Back to the main topic:

Question: Is it possible to get an example to create a multi-rebar annotation?

I searched the Revit SDK and found I have to use the MultiReferenceAnnotation class, but I can't build an example with the current information.

I use the Autodesk.Revit.Creation.Document.Create.NewTag method to create a normal rebar tag, and I notice the independent tag has a property named MultiReferenceAnnotationId.

Answer: Please note the MultiReferenceAnnotation.Create method taking a MultiReferenceAnnotationOptions argument.

The minimum options are probably the type and ElementsToDimension.

Here is an excerpt from an internal test suite. It refers to a couple of hardcoded element ids. Use the documentation to figure out their use:

  var view = GetElement<View>( 124186 );
  var rebarList = GetElements<Element>(
    doc, new[] { 280427 } ).ToList();
  Assert.IsTrue( rebarList.Count > 0,
    "There are no rebars in the document!" );
  IList<ElementId> elementIds
    = new List<ElementId>();
  foreach( Element rebar in rebarList )
    elementIds.Add( rebar.Id );
  MultiReferenceAnnotationType type
    = GetElement<MultiReferenceAnnotationType>(
      doc, 260544 );
  Assert.IsNotNull( type,
    "the MultiReferenceAnnotationType does not exist!" );
  MultiReferenceAnnotationOptions options
    = new MultiReferenceAnnotationOptions( type );
  options.TagHeadPosition = new XYZ( 0, 100, 0 );
  options.DimensionLineOrigin = new XYZ( 5, 5, 1 );
  options.DimensionLineDirection = new XYZ( 0, 1, 0 );
  options.DimensionPlaneNormal = view.ViewDirection;
  options.SetElementsToDimension( elementIds );
  using( Transaction tran = new Transaction( doc ) )
    tran.Start( "Create_Rebar_Vertical" );
    var mra = MultiReferenceAnnotation.Create(
      doc, view.Id, options );
    var dimension = GetElement<Dimension>(
      doc, mra.DimensionId );

Many thanks to Miguel Angel for raising this issue.

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