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Forge Webinar Series and Roomedit Starting Points

I am still in the initial steps of preparing for my upcoming presentations on connecting the desktop and the cloud and exploring more Forge sample starting points.

At the same time, we are in the midst of the Forge and AppStore online hackathon webinars that I mentioned last week, with one down and nine more to come:

More Roomedit3dv3 Starting Points

I mentioned Augusto's two nice up-to-date samples as potential starting points for my planned roomedit3dv3 renovation of the ancient 2D roomedit and the initial Forge-based roomedit3d samples last week, discussing:

Philippe also pointed out his more complete series of up-to-date Forge boilerplate templates.

In Philippe's own words:

I'm polishing a new set of forge samples, which I also designed to be used as boilers that range from low to medium complexity.

Multiple projects can be deployed independently to Heroku:

  1. viewer-offline
  2. viewer-barebone
  3. viewer+server
  4. viewer+server+oss
  5. viewer+server+oss+derivatives
  6. viewer+server+data-mng+derivatives

You can also run the samples locally, just take care about matching the callback url that you specify for your forge app in the portal.

For example, I created an App called "Forge DEV" intended to test my local set up.

Callback URL: http://localhost:3000/api/forge/callback/oauth.

This should work as-is when you run the sample locally.

For Heroku deployment I created another forge App with callback URL

When deploying to Heroku, I use HOST_URL =

You can test the app at

Forge Webinar Series

Jim Quanci himself already presented the first webinar session two days ago, with full documentation and recording already up and published live for your future reference and enjoyment:

Here are the rest of the series, starting later today and continuing during the remainder of the Autodesk App Store Forge and Fusion 360 Hackathon running until the end of October:

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