Ritchie's Revit API Introduction

We have already seen a couple of interesting contributions by Ritchie Jackson of the Adaptive Architecture and Computation programme at UCL, the University College London:

Here is another topic, an introduction to the Revit API for programming novices for the London Revit User Group LRUG. Knowing Ritchie, it includes a couple of novel aspects:

The source code snippets cover the generation of some extremely simple shapes whilst the sample projects Ritchie presents feature the API workflow in more advanced examples:

A box with a cut-out
Roller-coaster reception
Curved truss

The presentation includes more details on all of these items, obviously, descriptions of the workflows, and a detailed quick start guide for creating VSTA macros. Some of these samples were also mentioned in Ritchie's previous contributions.

Here is Ritchie's complete Revit API Introduction Presentation with the accompanying Notes and Source Code samples. Very many thanks to Ritchie for sharing this with us!