AU Registration and ADN Open

Preparations for Autodesk University 2012 on November 27-29 at the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas are moving along as usual. Registration is now open, and, following Kean's suit, I just registered as well. I already mentioned the classes I will be presenting. More details on these have emerged, since the time plan has been settled and the AU class catalogue is now available:

Before the beginning of the conference proper, I will obviously be attending the ADN conference at AU (6302) on Monday with its AEC breakout session in the afternoon, and happily the late afternoon round table timing on Tuesday will also allow me to spend almost all that day at the DevLab, which is always one of the very most interesting chances to interact directly with developers and their issues.

Autodesk Developer Network Open

Something else that just opened up wide, besides the AU registration, is the Autodesk Developer Network ADN.

In the past, this was reserved for members only, to a certain extent.

As you probably noticed, we recently opened up significantly by launching numerous ADN DevBlogs publishing programming and customisation solutions.

Certain members-only areas remain, such as free access to Autodesk software, preview releases, and direct support.

We are making a large effort to simplify access to the basic knowledgebase content, though, and to support discussion forums.

One goal is that a simple Google search should bring up all available information on Autodesk API questions, and to strongly encourage peer-to-peer support in discussion groups.

Stephen Preston published an announcement introducing ADN Open describing the whole scenario in full, and Kean Walmsley's description adds additional background.

Last and definititely not least, if you just want to jump straight in to the real thing with no further ado, here is the official link to Autodesk Developer Network Open: