That BIM Girl and AskNow

I ate a dubious mushroom Saturday evening with dire consequences.

In spite of that, I managed the trip to Rome Sunday afternoon and am now happy to be here at the Forge accelerator together with my Autodesk colleagues and the other attending companies.

Before diving in further into the accelerator, I would like to point out the new inspiring AEC resources shared by That Bim Girl, and also post some notes to self on Q4R4:

That BIM Girl

No need for many words from me to present That BIM Girl, aka Jacqueline Rohrmann, student at the Technical University of Munich, TUM since she does a perfect job of it herself, e.g., in this 43-second trailer on coding for AEC, #CfAEC:

Here are some other resources, above all her main YouTube channel:

Specifically, here are the first two episodes on getting started writing a Revit add-in:

Coding for AEC Revit add-in

Notes to Self on AskNow for Q4R4

My Q4R4 project has been dormant for quite a while.

However, I just noticed a research project that seems as if it could cover all that I need and more, AskNowQA:

The Smart Data Analytics group announced AskNow 0.1, an initial release of Question Answering Components and Tools over RDF Knowledge Graphs:

The following components with corresponding features are currently supported by AskNow: