The Revit API Track at AU 2010

I finished my three Revit API classes at Autodesk University and am heading off to the airport to return to Europe and on to further conferences starting in Tel Aviv.

There is such a huge amount of really important and valuable information here, and such a shame that it is rather hard to get at it efficiently. You can obviously search the AU class catalogue, but it is hard to filter out all of the interesting Revit API topics.

For your and my own convenience, I put together the following list of links to the Revit API track at AU 2010. Would you like a total information overload? Simply go to each of these and download the class description, handout, presentation and materials for each. Not all of them have been made available yet, unfortunately. I already posted my materials on the blog as well as on the AU site.

Actually, I went ahead and added local links to some of the materials of these classes and marked them D, H, P and M for description, handout, presentation and materials in the following list:

If you are aware of any classes dealing with the Revit API not included in this list, please let me know and I will update it. Thank you!